Wassup Wit Dat!

Sucked It Up

January 11th, 2016

Da Keiki had a birthday pah-tay dis past weekend and since I'm da designated pah-tay parent on those occassions wea only one parent can attend, I 'happily' obliged. As with most keiki birthdays, you don't know - if any - much of da oddah parents and even then it's mostly da Mom's who go so being da "Dad", logically it's a few hours of boredom to suck up, check emails and play Boom Beach.

Definitely not knowing who da host invited, it was pretty much like a blind date - you don't know much about each oddah but know wat each oddah looks like. While I'm not one to just sit around and do nothing, I was glad dat some genius invented smart phones.... only to have dis lolo being da not so smart person dat he is....... and leave it at home.

Wassup Wit Dat!

We amazingly got to da pah-tay on time, no, not Hawaiian time, so I contemplated pretty heavily whether I should go back.

BL: Ai-yah, I fo'got my phone.
Da Keiki: (kinda sad look on her face and with DAT voice) So we have to go back home?
BL: (suck it up big guy) No...... I'll just go back aftah I drop you off ok?

Da Keiki was pretty excited so I didn't want to disappoint her. We walked to 808 Bounce inside Pearlridge and all it was was an entire room filled with inflatable bouncers which naturally a five year would go nuts ovah. Aftah checking in, I contemplated going back but I asked myself one question..... "wat did people do before phones?"

I sat there watching Da Keiki run amock coming back to drink watah every fifteen minutes. Some oddah parents had oddah siblings watch da little one(s), some had little one(s) to watch themselves, some parents went shopping (no comment on dat one.... for now) and of course, da majority whipped out their phones to occupy their time.

While sitting there with literally nothing in my hands but a bottle of watah and wondering who was going to sit next to/around me as they approached da tables and scanning wea to sit, it was just like any social event wea you don't know anybody...... and without a phone.

It didn't turn out so bad - it nevah does - as I attended a birthday pah-tay last week and half da people were there and one of da parents sat across me and when she wasn't out making surah her keiki's were ok, we talked about da future of our keiki's. Then anoddah parent came by and we had "normal" adult conversations.

How ironic is it dat as parents we constantly preach/teach our keiki to go out and meet people, talk, be social but wen da roles are reversed especially as adults, we clam up like an unshuckable oyster and clueless about da art of conversation?

I imagined dis was how it was about 20 years ago no? Boys on one side, girls on da oddah. 😆 Evah striked up one of those conversation thingy's? Or you just play Tsum Tsum working on level ????

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6 Responses to “Sucked It Up”

  1. cojef:

    Like your comparison of the ole days and now. Hi-tech is okay but cannot get real face-to-face conversation going. i-phone conversation can get very impersonal but who am I am to say anything, I own only a makule cell-phone for gabbing only, not for surfing. Glad to see you engaged with baby-stuff, truly a great DAD!

  2. Ynaku:

    Good daddy. Stay with your baby cause you never know what might happen if you leave. But life would have been tolerable of you had your phone or tablet.

  3. Ynaku:

    Good daddy. Stay with your baby cause you never know what might happen if you leave. But life would have been tolerable if you had your phone or tablet.

  4. Ynaku:

    Eh wat happened hea? 😆

  5. M:

    Howzit BL,
    Good job staying with your keiki. When my kids was small I never just dropped them off and leave unless the host says it's okay. No smart phones back then too.

  6. Sally:

    Back then when it was my time (only lucky and rich had flip phones) we had no choice but to make friends with the other parents. Made a lot of friends doing that.

    I wonder if anyone thought of having parents' activities during these parties?

    Meanwhile... A+ for Daddy!

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