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Naked Eater

January 13th, 2016

I have to admit, I'm a pretty "clean" eater.

If it's something messy like crab, I don't like da juices running between my fingers or down my forearm and I'll wipe them up as quick as they drip. Shave ice is eaten like I got da Holy Ghost between me and da cup. I'll wipe my mouth da very instant it "feels" dirty or if there are any sauces left on da sides like a clown's mouth.

No even get me started if I splash something on my shirt. 😆

Maybe it's cause I still remembah small kid dayz wen my mom used to cut up my food into symmetrical sizes and how she used to wrap my Big Mac in a napkin so "cleanly" like one burrito dat da Big Mac nevah fell apart and nevah have too much stuff falling out. Maybe cause I remembah trying not to have my parents feeling shame if I made a mess.

And then I got dis.................

Da conversation actually went like dis:

(went into da garage to get something, Da Wife was in da kitchen)
Da Keiki: Um, Dad. You better get out here.
BL: Why? Wat's going on?
Da Keiki: Just come here.
BL: Are you guys done with dessert?
Da Keiki: Almost..... but I think Da Baby is done.
BL: Already? (was in da garage for less than a minute)

Da Keiki has always been a "neat" eater too but Da Baby...... well, he's definitely not one of "us". I couldn't believe how messy he got in like forty-five seconds and even moreso ALL OVAH his face AND body!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Maybe das why Da Wife knows best and Da Baby actually eats without a shirt and pants at home. :lol LMAO

So wat? You one messy eater? Or get napkin covering your shirt and legs? Or you just have at it and just wait till da end of da meal to clean up? And those dat have/had keiki, you let 'em loose or bring extra clothes? lol

Good thing we get watah hose out back.

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9 Responses to “Naked Eater”

  1. cojef:

    Both very cute! Love the look on his face, good yu no, oono.

  2. GA Bows:

    I don't like mess, my kids are the opposite of course...

  3. De:

    Can't get mad at that face. So cuuuute

  4. Ynaku:

    Baby so cute. But for me, I no like be all messy lidat. Even my good clothes gotta be ironed before I go out. Tshirts no problem unless supa wrinkled. I was brought up that way I guess.

    My son's room? Well you may need a shovel to make path 😆

  5. hemajang:

    Oh, cute yo kids. Messy but da baby really enjoys his food, so happy!

    I neat but my aunty worse than me, she never made spaghetti when her kids were small cause too messy. Her house and yard is immaculate.

    When I used to work my area was fairly neat. The staff area was in my section so I kept it clean and tidy, had threatening signs all over to remind staff to clean as they go. Some called me da kitchen nazi ...and proud of it, haha. Sadly tidiness in da section went downhill after I retired but what da hay they probably more relaxed since da kitchen nazi no longer hovering over them.

  6. 9th Island Girl:

    Messy eater, and always get stuff stuck in my teeth, like bg green seaweed, blueberry skin, whatevah.

  7. 9th Island Girl:

    Forgot to say: baby cutest of the cute!

  8. wafan:

    He really gets into his food! HA!!!

    30 years ago when my friends used to bring their boys over I'd spread newspaper on the floor under and round the kids. Friend's wife was pretty upset the first time. Until I cleaned up the floor by picking up the newspaper leaving a clean floor. Both boys are fine gentlemen who have kids of their own. They used newspaper trick for their little ones.

    Not smart. I just didn't want to spend additional time cleaning the floor!


  9. Sally:

    No prob! One go around in da back yard with da garden hose and he good to go!

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