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Slippery Slope

January 25th, 2016

For those storm drains closer to da shorelines, we've seen seen 'em all ovah da place. Whether it be a stenciled humuhumunukunukuapua'a or a brass plate embedded in da concrete, it basically says "No Dumping - Drains to Ocean" to which I'm pretty surah no one knowingly will do..... right? If at worse, since it is a "drain", I've seen people empty watah bottles, hydroflasks - basically liquids, hardly evah any hard opala.

So wat happens wen you're further from da ocean? Aftah dropping da rugrats at preschool and da sitters, I was heading back home down a residential street and noticed an older man walking down his driveway carrying a wok. I thought it was an unusual site but thought nothing of it thinking he might be going ovah to a neighbors to share some kau kau until I saw him walk ovah to a storm drain and dump out wat I can assume was cooking oil.

Wassup Wit Dat!

You certainly don't want to evah pour oil down your sink drain mainly because of clogging issues but to walk outside your house, to da curb and pour oil down da storm drain? Now das something I nevah thought I'd see to get rid of da oil.

But then it got me thinking, is it wrong? I mean, we're told nevah to pour engine oil down da storm drain but I nevah heard of cooking oil. It may sociologically wrong - possibly morally - but does being way further from da ocean make it "ok"? It's one of those dat you scratch your head thinking wat da heck is he doing but at da same time asking is it wrong?

Wat do I do? I do da same thing - in theory - as I do wen changing my motorcycle/truck engine oil. Since we keep mostly all of da glass jars dat foods come in (tomato sauce, pickles, etc), they make perfect containers to which I like to add either crumpled up newspaper or used paper towels so it 'soaks' up wat it can instead of just having a jar full of oil. Once full or near full, it goes out with da regulah garbage. One thing to keep in mind dat I do dat once da oil has cooled ovah night. 😉

There are many oddah uses dat I just read which all involved straining da oil to reuse it - da uses seem very 'logical'. Obviously it can be reused for future cooking but how's about making an oil lamp for those times wen da electricity goes out? You can use it to make soap and even shaving! 😯 I've also read dat since it's a natural, organic (biodegradable) product, it can simply be poured in a corner of your yard. I'm not entirely sold on dat idea.

How do you get rid of oil? Do you reuse it? How many times? Do you have oddah uses for it?

Hmmm, I'm suddenly in da mood for tempura or chicken katsu.

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5 Responses to “Slippery Slope”

  1. 9th Island Girl:

    I pour it into a container and throw it in the trash. I try not to deep fry, so I don't usually have a whole lot of oil after cooking.

  2. Cojef:

    Read a news article wun time about a man converting his auto diesel car to use discarded cooking oil. Aftah the conversion he made arrangements with the neighborhood restaurants and collected their old cooking oil at night for his free supply.

  3. zzzzzz:

    What the C&C wants you to do, which makes sense to me, is to use stuff like used paper towels to convert the oil from liquid waste to solid waste, then put it in some sort of plastic bag (for example, a bread bag) and put it in the trash. They will then collect it and burn it in the H-Power plant to generate electricity.

    It's the same thing as what they want you to do with your used motor oil.

  4. zzzzzz:

    I forgot to mention that used cooking oil can be reused multiple times. When my mom deep fried, she used to cook some french fries last because, she said, the potatoes helped clean the oil. Then after the oil cooled, she would pour it through a sieve into a bottle to save for the next time.

  5. zzzzzz:

    Cojef, Pacific Biodiesel does that on an industrial scale.

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