Wassup Wit Dat!

$5.50 Or Free

February 1st, 2016

I can safely assume at least 98% of da WWD! Hui drive no?

We all remembah dat glossy orange bordered booklet full of pictures and multiple choice questions with da 'nostalgic' cover of H1 near University in da early 80's we passed along to family, friends and by da time it came back was all buss up.... but was still around somewea.

Many have forgotten da "rules of the road" and da very Q&A's we needed to know in order to obtain da PRIVILEGE of obtaining a driver's license. So be da case of dis frickin' idiot who didn't understand wat dis meant:

For those needing a refresher, it means "Merge" or "Merging Traffic Ahead".

And for those needing an in depth refresher it means dat those on da right hand side will be merging with da main road soon. Let me ask you dis, who has da right of way wen you see dat?

I'll let it simmer for those who are guessing right now.

Heading underneath da viaduct aftah work, I was in da left lane of da two lane road heading West knowing dat da lane will merge into one soon. As I approach da merge, dis lolo rolls up on da side of me (going about 35mph) and then inches his way just ahead of me as da lanes were merging. Once I seen dat he wasn't going to merge properly, I tapped my brakes to slow and avoid being a smooshed petroglyph.

Once da lanes opened up, I roll up along side him and suggest to him to take a driver's ed course cause he just blew through a merge and almost took me out! He proceeds to tell me (pointing to an imaginary sign) dat it was a "Merge".

Wassup Wit Dat! No f'in $%!t it was a "merge"!

BL: "Yeah Brah, it was a merge, YOU have to YIELD!"
IDIOT: "No, I don't.... YOU have to!"

I couldn't believe dat he just said dat. Funny thing is dat there's actually an "IGNORANCE" section in da Hawai'i Drivers Manual and da first of five noted "bad" driving categories is "Failing to yield to pedestrians or other vehicles having the right of way."

Guess dat braddah aced dat section of da test. LOL

For those trying to look for your buss up copy of da manual, consider dis a $5.50 gift..... or you could just send ovah a mini plate lunch instead.


7 Responses to “$5.50 Or Free”

  1. Ynaku:

    FIRST of all, I believe that drivers who come from other states or country review this manual before being issued a Hawaii driving license. Many drive like how they would where they come from cause they don't know the Hawaii driving laws And the act like they in the right. Really irks me. I know it's only a small group of them but still know the rules.

    I get so upset and scared when someone passes me on the shoulder lanes when not allowed or expected. I've seen many close calls when drivers turning into a driveway is almost creamed by those impatient enough to try pass on the shoulder lane.

    Drive safe my friends

  2. NKHEA:

    Howzit my pilopino priend 🙂 long time no see, we b on the BI dis comin June

    Oh yeah howzit BL

  3. OG1VN:

    I live in Manoa and there's that merge on the top of Univ. Ave. where Maile Way intersects. Same problem here.
    But, you know what? Unbelievable that because lots of insurance policies have that arbitration clause, it boils down to if the car in the right lane that is supposed to merge is a tad in front of you, you should yield to it. Even if the car sped up to get in front at the last moment! WTF!!!
    Pretty soon we have to be like Russia and everyone will get dash cams just to protects ourselves!

  4. cojef:

    "Merge" and "Yield" are the culprits. At a 4-way intersection although there are no yield sign, customarily when arriving at an intersection at about the same time, it is best to yield to the one on your right as "OG!VN" above indicates. It is a matter of courtesy and stress the word courtesy to allow the person on the right to proceed first. So in essence if every driver is courteous most of near misses could be avoided. Back in grammar school days on Kauai in the mid 30's my teacher used to preach "courtesy is contagious"! Humility also goes a long way.

  5. wafan:

    Same thing on highway on-ramps. So many folks have not a clue and just merrily drive without checking their mirrors or speed up to match the traffic flow. I thought a compact was going to drive right into a huge truck. The compact cut over to the right and on to the shoulder at the last second to avoid being a gum wrapper on the on ramp.

    I hope there was a big tip after getting the compact's interior detailed!

  6. 9th Island Girl:

    Oh my gosh, that is such a scary story.

  7. Ro Hart:

    I know Google and others are working on "self driving cars" and even tho' they aren't yet completely so... the test results have shown that the few accidents that did happen when testing such cars on the road - ALL of them are human faults, not computer faults. (which is something I expected) I know a hell of a lot of people out there on the road today who drive so crazy it scares me - and so many lives are lost because of it. I live just 60 miles north of Los Angeles (have lived in So Calif my whole life) and I myself am a very good driver (I haven't had a ticket in over 21 years... and I have never had an accident). My husband has similar (and he commutes much farther to work than me - 90 miles a day round trip, 5 nights a week). But as we grow older, we wish we didn't have to commute so much - its really exhausting. And we would love to live in a world where we could be driven by computerized cars on roads which are much safer for eliminating the human element, for the most part. Human-caused accidents are driven by ignorance, anger, impatience, drugs, alcohol and sleep deprivation. And often, innocent people are killed too. (my younger brother and a close family friend were both killed in car accidents years ago... heartbreaking... they were so young.) Lets all try to be more careful out there. Life is too short. Mahalo.

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