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Where Is Da Love?

February 14th, 2016

I had dis one post I waited ovah a year to post and in classic WWD! fashion.... still not ready. I'll seriously try and get it out real soon.

For those who work Downtown or drive on Dillingham, it's right undah your nose in plain sight but only for those who want to "see" it will realize it's there.... and plenty of it being shared. I'm truly surprised dat its been out there for, I'm only assuming years, and yet it's still there considering da amount of 'concerned citizens' who like to remove, eliminate or call out things dat bother them.

Personally, I think it's cool and I find myself looking for more.... will you?

hint: Happy Valentine's Day!

5 Responses to “Where Is Da Love?”

  1. wafan:

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Do not know what is on Dillingham. Anybody know?

  2. cojef:

    Mainland guy in the dark, me! Happy Valentine greetings o the Islanders!

  3. cojef:

    oops, s/b to, instead of only "o", failed to proofread.

  4. Makiki:

    Happy Valentines Day (belated?). Good thing I just left the island or I'd be cruising Dillingham trying to figure it out!

  5. Ocean Lover:

    You talking about that big painting (across Jack-in-the-Box) on the side of the building where the girl is crying and she says something about "My boyfriend doesn't surf"?

    Never could figure out WHAT that meant.

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