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Things Just Got iReal

March 31st, 2016

Things just got real, no, fo' real.

Just came across an article wea da 'perfect' concept of conceal and carry has blown past any level, any stratosphere to be exact. Any gun enthusiast and 1st Amendment advocate is going shmall kine nutz right now cause it's such a no-brainer concept dat I'm surprised dat it hasn't hit da market till now.

Check out da quick read, "Company Invents Gun That Folds Up to Look Like a Cellphone".

Da 'man' in me says wat a frickin' awesome "phone"! It's so cool, I gotta get me one of those! Then da 'realist' in me says,

Wassup Wit Dat!

Image: Company's Gun iReal Looking

I can think of literally a thousand ways dis is wrong but one of da most important, how da heck are law enforcement supposed to distinguish it between a real firearm? Can you think of how many fatalities by "mistake" (both ways) can occur? With law enforcement's backs against da wall already, I can see countless officers either gonna be trigger happy to protect themselves or *gulp* erring on da side of uncertainty and not draw their weapon only to be injured - or killed - themselves.

Can you just imagine da numbah of lawsuits being filed against an officer and da police department with da premise of being "humiliated and emotionally distraught" from being forced to da ground and apprehended for mistakenly carrying wat appeared to be a folding cell phone gun? Can you imagine how many tense standoffs there would be?

No get me started about TSA screenings. Can you imagine Aloha Stadium security or Disneyland searching EVERYBODY cause at last check, they not "checking" cell phones. Let's not forget about da internet and da hundreds of articles dat will go "viral" on how to modify it, how to increase the clip load, how to "hide" it - OMFG!

There has been countless things cleverly 'transformed' to hide things such as binocular flasks and compartments disguised as canned goods but dis has gone too far. You can't fault da company cause let's be real, we're a Capitalist country and if they didn't come up with it, somebody else would have. It's a real shame dat there aren't any moral codes dat many Capitalists have to follow cause there's only one thing dat drives everything, money. As long as it's "legal", it's a no holds barred arena.

It's a supah cool Mitch Leary gun 😉 😉 but to have da kine weapon in main stream everyday life? Now dat is just too damn pupule! Plus da buggah is only being sold for about half da price of a REAL phone at $395 - can you imagine anybody only buying just one? Absolutely insane. Sign me up for two.

Kinda funny dat da only place safe will now be at PGA events..... cause cell phones have nevah been allowed.

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Reverse Bomb

March 29th, 2016

One of da biggest things to consider wen traveling is da weather. Some like to see da seasonal changes like fall leaves or cherry blossoms while oddahs plan around certain festivities such as fairs, marathons or conventions. Da Wife and I have only traveled basically in da late through early months cause it's cold and obviously easy to travel wen da weather is comfortable since most of da time will be spent, well, traveling.

Wen we went on our first ohana vacation last month, we planned dat nearly five months before expecting da cold, crisp air, we were excited to see dat da almanac averages during our stay were in da mid to low 60's. As da departure date neared, we were on an emotional roller coaster checking weather reports and seeing storms, then clear, then overcast, then cloudy, then partial sun, then storms, then clearing storms, then overcast...... then CLEAR - now we're talking!

Our bags were packed with all cold weather gear: layering of jackets, long sleeves, t-shirts and beanies for Da Keiki, Da Baby and Da Wife. I had shorts, t-shirts and two flannels. You know, man wear. lol

One last check of da weather.... warm (low 80's/high 70's) da day we land and cool at night - not wat we were expecting but at least cooler than Hawai'i. Handling da lost luggage ordeal aftah a redeye wasn't fun but once we stepped outside it was nice and crisp... until da sun came out. Ninety-two frickin' degrees!!

Wassup Wit Dat!

It was our first day at Disneyland dressed in "warm" clothes and aftah battling da heat (seriously, it was daaaammmmn hot!) we called it a day. Luck would have it dat for next five days we were there, Anaheim had da highest RECORD heat. During dat time, every single day we were there it was in da 90's: 92, 93, 91, 93, 94, 90.

Waaaaaasssssssup Wit Dat!!

I couldn't believe dat. How da heck was it in da 90's - nearly 30 degrees ovah "normal" temps - and ONLY, yes ONLY, during our days there cause da week aftah, it was back in da 60's/70's. Ai-goo. We ended up buying clothes for Da Keiki and Da Baby on da second day cause they weren't going to use any of their packed clothes.

To add Hawaiian salt on da wound, da second to da last left in CA, we wake up to dis......

Needless to say, each day once da sky cleared, it went straight to da record heat. Da Wife and I were able to sneak away for a few rides once da monstahs were taking a nap and da most 'agonizing' one was on da rooftop of Space Mountain. It was about an hour wait with about 40 minutes of it in blazing sun...

See our smiles? LOL Obviously once inside and on da ride our frowns turned upside down and for those who ride frequently or memorized wea da cameras are, you always 'prep' yourself for da money shot. Hea's ours....

Talk about a photo bomb facial! Only our faces were 'edited' out but aftah 'analyzing' da pic, I was cracking up even more cause there are so many captions you could make up just based on da 'actions'. Sorry Ladies, I think men thinking like men will get wat I mean a little quicker. LOL 😉 😉

Wat kine caption you thinking (saw)?

Oil In Da Lamp

March 24th, 2016

For those who haven't turned da four day weekend into five, wait, who's off on both Friday (Good Friday) AND Monday (Prince Kuhio Day)? I don't have either so too bad so sad for me.

Good Friday then Easter Sunday... I dunno why but all I connect with it is hard boiled eggs and da color white. No ask me why. I'm not heavily religious but are you? Do you do the fasting, attend (all day) services, etc.?

Religion tends to be a sensitive subject to many, if not everybody, and it's been da reason of war ovah centuries still continuing today. One thing though dat ALL religions have is Faith - just different methodologies and practices to achieve/obtain its core essence.

For no particular reason, a line from a hymn popped into my head a few days ago. From all da Sundays I attended church as a keiki and all da hymns you sing in church, I can't remembah a single one (except bits of Amazing Grace) but dis one line just keep scrolling across my mind like a LED banner. While it may not be da correct part of da verse, das da way I remembah'd it. Da line?

"Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning."

Wassup Wit Dat!

I can only interpret dat as to feed your soul to keep trucking on. Others may interpret it differently or with an analogy closer to home. All same same no?

Das da beauty of religion dat while there is one God or deity to each specific belief, da scriptures dat follow can have many interpretations. Granted some 'interpret' scriptures off da beaten path and use it as reason to cause harm by force or destruction pushing their interpretation but bottom line, it is all in da eye of da beholder.

For those soul searching dis weekend; refresh your mind, body and spirit howevah you can. No lose track of all da hidden eggs and enjoy your long weekend (for those lucky enough) - refill your lamp and keep burning.

Egg salad will only last so long.

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No Jeans!

March 22nd, 2016

Being at a certain age, there is a life changing moment that you're either a small or big part of - no can guess wat it is?


Granted, no mattah wat age you are, you'll probably be attending and/or eventually a part of da wedding itself whether it be part of da wedding party or da coordination (running around) of it. But wen you're around a certain age range, weddings seem to happen more often - or at least da invitations come more frequently.

Da Wife and I have been going out on a handful of dates dis past year - ok, weddings - and dis past Saturday was one of da 'last' ones as da count of single friends have gone down.

As I was getting ready, I pulled my 'wedding outfit' out (GQ look - fancy long sleeve shirt and non-faded/wrinkled pants) and have asked Da Wife at every wedding we attended, "Babe, can wear jeans or wat?"

Usually da SOS (Snapped Or Slapped - ha ha ha! Pulled dat one from da WWD! archives. lol) comes right about now but she "compromised" and said "just wear an aloha shirt" since it was a lunch reception.... "NO JEANS!"

Auuuuuu'right! Score one for da boys! 😀

I will agree though dat attending a wedding reception you should err more on da formal side, or at least Downtown work clothes, and while I jest about wearing jeans every time we attend one, it's amazing at how many weddings there are people who wear jeans to them have grown! I have seen a minimum two at EVERY wedding - in fact, you know what I have noticed even more? Guys wearing SHORTS to da reception -

Wassup Wit Dat!

I for one would LOOOOOOVE to wear shorts to a wedding but would I? Absolutely not unless it so indicated on da invitation dat it was ok.... and to date, sadly, I have not evah received such an invitation.

Believe me, when Da Wife and I got hitched, I actually told her I wanted dat in fine print on da bottom of da invitation. You can only guess how quickly da SOS came out and immediately she mastered da Korean stink eye. 😆

Have you evah wore jeans to a wedding? Witnessed one? How's about shorts? Not including any beach or outdoorsy type wedding, but in a ballroom kine. Wat is your wedding attire? Wat should be wedding attire?

Times a changing I guess......... or I just stay turning into one old fut. 😯

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Mother Nature

March 21st, 2016

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