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No Means...... Watevahs

April 4th, 2016

Living in Hawai'i, we all know dat da islands are way too small. Most people also tend to be a lot more tolerant (passive) of everyday things no mattah da situation - das just how we roll in da 808.

We took da monstahs to Ala Moana Beach Park on Saturday to meet up with some mainland relatives and I was totally shocked that there was sooo much parking left at 9:30am! My mother-in-law and her boyfriend were there early before 7am to kapu a spot but really, you could have come when we came and still got a good spot. We scored one awesome parking right next to our picnic site and was so easy to unload da truck and da monstahs. Fo'realz, I have NEVAH found parking li'dat at da Magic Island lot without having to circle a dozen times.

And of course, dis being Hawai'i you going run into somebody you know. We ran into cousins picnicking twenty yards away from us saying we took 'their' spot. You snooze you lose braddah. LOL We also ran into anoddah cousin (2nd cousin? I have no clue) on a team bonding scavenger hunt. Too shmall dis aina.

Naturally both rugrats wanted to hit da beach and play in da sand which was fairly easy to claim your 'own' piece of beachfront property in da morning run; aftah lunch was a different story. I scoped da beach and headed into an open area and aftah about 10 mins a bunch of 'local' kids came and started splashing nearby. While I was in da watah, I was watching Da Keiki play with a family friend and wen she went to get some watah to help build their sand castle and a little boy, about three years old, came by checking things out.

He circled around our 'area' a couple times and wen Da Keiki went back to get anoddah bucket full of watah, he waited for da family friend to turn away and snatched a toy! He started to walk away playing with it like it was his. Once da family friend realized it was ours, she walked over to da kid and took it back.

Deja vu a few minutes latah but dis time his Maddah saw him do it.

BOY: (stares back)
BOY: (stares back)

Then she just turns her head keeping her lazy okole glued to da folding chair clutching her umbrella not even thinking an iota dat anything was wrong.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I just stared at her waiting to see wat she would do since her son kept trying to take Da Keiki's beach toys. All da while Da Keiki was trying to be patient but wen dis kid kept taking things like it was his, she said "NO" sternly (Korean side). Obviously dat didnt' phase him or da "mom" so I walked towards them, grabbed da toys out of his hand and said "NO!" with da Korean stink eye. He didn't even flinch as he just trotted back to his 'area' ten feet away.

Seriously? Wtf just happened and why did it happen? If you not going to even move a muscle to control/discipline your kid, move da jaw bone at da least and apologize! It's times like dis dat da profile fits like a glove and I'm not shy about saying it wen there were more than ample opportunities to make things right.

It's actually a damned if you do, damned if you don't cause there are usually two "stereotypical" reactions if they haven't apologized - or think anything is wrong - 1) they'll comment with something like, "wow, no like even share eh?" or 2) they'll snap not to talk to their child dat way. Watevahs.

You can't change people, only da person in da mirror can.

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3 Responses to “No Means...... Watevahs”

  1. cojef:

    No discipline, no character, no structure, ends up like "manuela boy, no more 5 cent no mo home, go ala park i a moi". Either juvenile delinquent, leading to drug addiction, then career criminal or apply for entitlements and live on the beach with the other homeless.

  2. Makiki:

    Ho! At 7am the park must have been empty! I was at the park Saturday as well, I can't believe I didn't see (or hear) you. I am at Ala Moana Beach Park almost every day and the WWD stuff you see would give you what my Caucasian wife's family calls American eyes. Folks just don't care and each generation seems to get progressively worse - can you imagine what your kids WWD moments will be like?

  3. 9th Island Girl:

    Woosa! Yup, no class!

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