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Experience Is Overrated

April 11th, 2016

Sometimes you wondah with new construction - or renovation or upgrade - dat things aren't thought out da way they 'supposed to be'. How many times have you gone into a store, restaurant or building and said out loud, "why da heck did they do dat?" At work, how come it seems like those working da front lines know 'more' than da suits?

If I was a designer, I would hold a 'town hall' meeting and brainstorm da people who would use it da most and have something built dat actually made sense or helped facilitate watevah was da normal need of da business.

Take for instance parking garages. How many times have you almost scraped - or did you? - da side of your ride against da wall dat is just in da "wrong place"? How come they couldn't move it a foot further in so dat vehicles can make dat dreaded right angle turn easier? Why can't stalls be slightly angled with da direction of traffic so dat you can swing into - and reverse out - of da spot instead of pulling da Austin Powers? Sometimes I wondah if they even drive cars or just use valet, a chauffeur or car service?

It is totally understandable dat cost is probably da numbah one factor in construction but doesn't it seem like sometimes those with da most 'experience' designing and building things, they skimp on da very things dat would make it 'friendly'? If you really think about it and break it down abstractly, who ends up paying for it? Da customer of course! So why not let us have a few 'perks'?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Surah they know best about which direction to face a window for maximum ventilation but wat about da actual usage of it? Wat if you don't plan on opening dat window? Take a look at da outlets in da rooms of your home - don't you hate wen da cord no reach without an extension cord or da fact dat a light switch isn't wea it's 'supposed' to be? lol

So why not build something dat's 'customer friendly' no? On vacation, we of course had to stop by da Las Vegas Premium Outlets (North) and I was floored to see dis.....

Noticed anything?

How about hea............

At first I was like "wat da heck are those red lights for - emergency beacons (like at UH but those are blue)?" Then it hit me dat those were lights signifying an OPEN stall! I was wondering wat da heck da LED sign on da ground level was for, it was literally telling me wat stall was open closest to me. I can only assume dat it was using a proximity sensor to let da 'computahs' know which stall was available but there it was, a GREEN light and voila, an open stall.

Wen I was in Vegas nearly five years ago, they nevah have da "lights" in da same garage so it was an upgrade which I was impressed dat da mall spent money to add but think about it, da fastah they can get you to park, da fastah you going get to shopping no? Win-win I say. 😀

Granted, there's no way anybody/anything can evah meet 100% satisfaction but wat else has been built or designed without da consumer in mind? Do you have an everyday item dat if it had a small tweak, it would be bettah than dat rubbah slippah held together with duct tape and a papah clip? Imagine if all car doors were sliding doors? Getting in and out would be a breeze and you definitely no need worry about dings from oddah car doors swinging open.

Has anybody seen if we get parking stall lights here in Hawai'i? Do you think any developers hea have any ideas li'dat or cause we live Hawai'i we out of luck?

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4 Responses to “Experience Is Overrated”

  1. M:

    Howzit BL,

    Navah see dat parking stall lights anyplace befoah but dats one guud idea.

  2. cojef:

    Don't out much anymore let alone at shopping malls. The one I visit has no indicator lights like your picture. It is something I will try to keep my eye on next time.. Customer oriented akamai business manager?

  3. wafan:

    I thought Ala Moana Center had something similar. Maybe it was just a hopeful dream.

  4. Makiki:

    They have that type of system at the Cosmopolitan as well - nice feature. Even better is the marked off space between cars!

    When we built our offices I had them put an outlet under every light switch since how often do you see furniture covering or under switches? This made sure that we always had at least one outlet we didn't have to crawl under furniture for. We also have outlets above the permanently installed furniture/desks.

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