Wassup Wit Dat!


June 9th, 2016

Just a curious question dat you probably have at least a dozen (personal) answers for and depending on da subject, your feelings, your current thoughts, da question I'm about to ask could have uku-million 'answers'. Two recent events have made me boiling furious and wondering Wassup Wit Dat! in our Hawai'i nei but........

Wat would you absolutely NOT do?

4 Responses to “Pre-Blog”

  1. Makiki:

    I would not miss the post that follows this!

  2. 9th Island Girl:

    I wouldn't cheat anybody, or fool around on my husband.

  3. Ynaku:

    I would not do the stuff that I shouldn't do cause I wouldn't want to.

  4. Cojef:

    Fortunately my tolerance level has been able to cope with whatever have occurred so far. Will be 91 on 24 th of this month.

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