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June 14th, 2016

As da years pass, we all bear witness - and are a part of - da evah evolving 'rules' of society. While most of us have da mindset dat good will ovahcome evil, there comes along something in da news or social media dat just breaks da (hopefully instilled) basic moral principle dat we've grown up with in Hawai'i.

Within da past month, in case you've had no social contact while hiding in Makua cave, a 76 year old woman was surprised attacked with a rear naked choke hold dat totally knocked her out while da frickin' punks robbed her store of a few bucks and soda - mind you dat was da THIRD time in a week she's been robbed. They had no reason to subdue her to dat extreme and definitely didn't need to just drop her like a brick wen they ran off.

And then there's da most recent attack - for apparently no good reason - of a guy who false cracked a 55 year old woman...... for nothing! And just as an aftah thought before leaving, went back to her as she lay on da ground and dragged her 10 feet just to take her phone!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I can say for certainty dat I would NEVAH EVAH in a gazillion years lay my hands to cause injury to a woman, especially an elderly woman! As a man, how could you evah do dat?

If to subdue because there's imminent harm coming to you then by all means but personally, even to dat extreme, I would have difficulty intentionally causing harm instead of doing enough to just disarm and control da scene but then again, in a life and death situation you ain't thinking about da attacker's well-being.

It's sickening dat in both cases there wasn't even a hesitation by both "men" to inflict harm on a woman. If it were against anoddah man, would it be ok? Heck no, maybe more tolerable to 'watch', but I don't understand why things like dis have escalated to such levels wea there are no 'rules', no code. I guess my mind (heart) still lives in a world dat chivalry should nevah die - or be forgotten. Fights are still fought one one on one (with fists only) and dat if da oddah person goes down, all pau - no need stomping on him when there's no fight left. And it's definitely mano a mano - not *insert your own adjective(s)*.

Da nail in da coffin for me is dis happened hea in Hawai'i, our state, our home town wea I still believe we have a higher 'standard' of Aloha. I'll admit dat I (naively) live undah da misconception dat our 'Live Aloha' lifestyle is inherently passed down generation to generation but hitting a woman is like asking for a lifetime of bachi... at least to those without a moral compass.

Maybe it's time to start handing out magnets and pins.... because there are some lost souls.

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8 Responses to “No Code”

  1. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: I wonder what these "clowns" would do if they watched it happen to their mother or grandma, and could not do anything?

  2. Cook 'Em:

    Both attacks were horrific to see. Made me real sad. Been deferring purchase of pepper spray for decades, but thinking I may not be able to procrastinate any longer. Don't think pepper spray would have helped in those attacks because they were so fast. Neither woman could have gotten to a sprayer in time.

  3. Cojef:

    Evolution is supposed to improve the species. Unfortunately some have fallen by the wayside. Cultural morality for some have abandoned them. Some expects others to toil while they play and then rob them with their beastly acts. Simply they have refused to adapt to the changes that is ever occurring, some for the good, some bad, depending on your viewpoint. Each succeeding generation contribute to society in many ways be it materially, economically, financially and ergonomically. The thugs are just that, they are throwbacks to the "barbarians".

  4. Makiki:

    Our country has a lack of real consequences. Couple that with the current YOLO attitude and growing lack of respect in general you'll see more and more of these kinds of things occurring.

  5. nalu2jump:

    Yeah the choke hold one was bad he seemed to let her down to the ground. And the good thing is the guys were caught pretty quickly and the community came out and supported the store owners.

    The guy punching the lady - that was shocking!!! Have not heard any follow up if he was caught or if the lady was ok after her attack...

  6. on_my-turf:

    A regression to a less than civilized society. As for what it it were their mother, consider the possibility of their fathers being the type of men who drink all afternoon or day, and then slam their mothers around. I have personal experience with that. Thank goodness the true grown ups in my family set a better example for me. Not everyone is so fortunate or intelligent to be the exact opposite of everything bad they see. I also know of many instances where bad behavior is a multigenerational issue. Robert Heinlein has a quote I am fond of when I realize how many amongst me are less than civilized. "An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life" Instead of that old lady in her store being put in a choke hold, those savages might be getting bits of lead removed at the hospital before being indicted for robbery. Hawaii is a great place to be a savage. Minimal risk of your would be victim opening fire. Just have to be an MMA wannabe and you can do whatever you want as long as your are bigger and stronger than your victim. If ever the sign of rule by savages. .

  7. Bee:

    This generation no mo respect..that's the problem. Plenty punks running around looking for old people to steal from or make pilikea with. Road rage is another one...most of those guys driving around stupid learn from the transplants from the mainland. Then you get these peanut heads who ask " where's da Aloha? "

    Those days of Aloha is gone bra! One day in the near future....'THEY' going check ID's if you like drive into the Kakaako/ Waikiki area to see if you're fit by their standards to be there...you watch!

    Born and raised on the Windward side...so sad to see this island turn into what it is today. All these concrete buildings! What's the chance of one side of this island sinking?

  8. on_my-turf:

    Road rage. Reason why it comes up here is for the same reason I stated above. No one in their right mind would call out or threaten another driver in say, Georgia or Texas. Why not? Only in Hawaii. Where it seems to be socially acceptable to put your hands on someone else if you do not agree with them.

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