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Influenced Influence

June 16th, 2016

Growing up without any full-time support or stability at home is a recipe for disaster. While you may have roof ovah your head, food on da table and clothes on your back, you still have to learn, grow and survive 'reality'. In da best situations, your parent(s) are there to instill core values that they believe in - and have been taught themselves - but wat happens wen they aren't around to supervise? With each passing generation, da situations are da same but how we cope with them is wat constantly evolves.

Wen I was growing up (specifically between 5-12 years old), we hardly evah spent any time indoors. We were always playing outside and most times it involved backyard sports back at da elementary school grounds or da district park: kickball, football, basketball, baseball, ping-pong - anything with a ball dat involved people. You learn 'rules' pretty quick and you most definitely learn how to 'survive' especially dealing with pick up games. No iPads, laptops or smartphones.

While I was a park rat, I still remembah something else dat helped 'mold' me wen I wasn't at da park: movies and da tv. While my parents were working 14+ hour days, da tv - at least back in da day - had much 'cleaner' content. Watching da shows and movies I'll openly admit dat I treated them as something to believe in, I related it to 'real' life.

Obviously da tv shows are like night and day comparing da 80's to now, even some of da "safe for kids" rating is pretty debatable. Movies on da oddah hand are always available no mattah how 'outdated' it may be. There are a few movies dat once they are of 'age', I'll force them to watch it with me cause no mattah how corny it may seem, it's still 'believable' if you believe in da message - or at least da message you interpret it to be.

My all time favorites and wat I got out of it during my hannah-battah dayz:

Stand By Me - friendship, loyalty, adventure, fun, trust
Goonies - same as above
Princess Bride - true love
Sorry wasn't a Stars Wars (sci-fi) fan
Poltergeist - will nevah watch static tv and constantly will question if anything was built ovah a graveyard
The Little Mermaid - it was like da 'first' animated movie and automatic date movie LOL
The Outsiders - toughness, survival, family, profiling, get chance
Top Gun - F14's, motorcycles, testosterone, need I say more? And da 'scene', it's why guys.... wanted to be a Naval Aviator. LOL
Karate Kid - 'Asian' values, humility, shut up and learn, there's a method to da madness

Even classic tv shows Family Ties, Who's The Boss, Silver Spoons, Different Strokes, 21 Jump Street, Family Matters, Growing Pains, Happy Days and of course MacGyver! If you don't know MacGyver,

Wassup Wit Dat!

I was nevah into da "fake" stuff and I intertwined da 'ideals' of these shows which paralleled my upbringing and vision from my parents..... but who listens to parents? lol Lo and behold, still till today, I still believe all those 'messages'. My dream is to one day share with my keikis' a bowl full of popcorn and kaki-mochi watching Stand By Me and hoping they are influenced da same as I have been..... in between checking their text messages and FB of course.

Have you had any movies, wen you was growing up, dat influenced you? Do you have one, two or more movies dat still will stir your emotions? Wat about any tv shows? Did you watch for 'entertainment' or did it feel 'real'? I can't believe I still use some of da tag lines today.....

Eh, no laugh, I bet you do too!

7 Responses to “Influenced Influence”

  1. Annoddah Dave:

    BL: the graduate, space odessay 2000, Jerry Maguire. The kiddie shows and movies didn't mold me as much as these 3 flicks.

  2. rayboyjr:

    Hey Braddah Lance

    I'm a sci-fi fan, so those don't count I think. For movies that tug on the emotional side of my brain:

    • BIG ... enjoy your youth because it's only a snippet of your life ... you have the rest of your life to be big ... and when you are big, never lose your youthful qualities - playful, innocence, imaginative, funny ...

    • DEAD POETS SOCIETY ... never give up your individuality ... loyalty ... stand for what you believe in ...

    • JERRY MAGUIRE ... "show me the money" ... football and love ... "you had me at hello" ...

  3. cojef:

    Growing up on Kauai in the early 30's, repeated 1st grade as I claim was because Miss Hussy loved me. Still remember her. Had a birthmark in the front left-side of my neck and she had my older sister wash my neck repeatedly thinking I had not bathe. Buddhah head families took a bath every night. My sister passed away in early February at 94 this year. Memories and impressions do linger years and years. The great impact on my life is 2 hitches in Army back in the 40's and marriage defined who I am today. Sponsored sister-in-law as immigrant, gave her away and adopted our son who is 55 now. Been retired for over 25 years.

  4. Ocean Lover:

    Da boy is back home from college and when I get home from work he's usually watching SOUTH PARK.

    Have you ever watched that? Watching it for 5 minutes you can't believe how many times I heard "F" dis!...."F'en" dat! "G-damn" dis!

    And this is REGULAR TV, not a pay channel.

    Society......is doomed!

  5. hemajang:

    Can't say movies or tv shows influenced me in significant ways as a kid but some were memorable and had moral messages. One I can remember is Captain Courageous with Spencer Tracey and Freddie Bartholomew basically about a rich spoiled kid who is forced to labor among harden men and is taken in and mentored by Spencer Tracey. Loved the movie. Also liked Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon, it was different from the other cartoons, it had a wry sense of humor with lots of satire, puns and parody. The Dudley Do-Right and Peabody's improbable history segments were funny.

  6. Kimo:


  7. 9th Island Girl:

    I liked The Breakfast Club. Top Gun was one of my favorites, too!

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