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June 9th, 2016

Just a curious question dat you probably have at least a dozen (personal) answers for and depending on da subject, your feelings, your current thoughts, da question I'm about to ask could have uku-million 'answers'. Two recent events have made me boiling furious and wondering Wassup Wit Dat! in our Hawai'i nei but........

Wat would you absolutely NOT do?

Sticker Shock

June 7th, 2016

Now I'm no fashionista but wen it comes to women's shoes (yes, I can type shoes but you can't iykwim) I just no get it.

Probably cause I'm a guy but all I care about are certain colors (usually gray or black, maybe blue in certain areas if it looks good), cushioning, weight and da tread pattern on da bottom. While I'm not at all concernced about 'fashion' - although da shoes has to 'look good' - da difference between men's and women's fashion is like Mars and Venus.

While returning some Memorial Day aftah thoughts at Waikele, I couldn't help but notice these:

I think these are work or hiking boots... but glitter - and sparkly glitter? Really? lol


Left ovah pom-pom material?

I no tink you going lose dis sandal..... or it also would be a 'weapon' to da you know wea. 😯

We are Sparta!

Ok, wen da "boot" is almost as tall as Da Keiki, c'mon, who's going to be wearing dis - Amazonian women? Maaaaybe WNBA players? Even Da Keiki agrees da boot is outrageous.... ok, maybe cause I kept making her stand next to it.

Wassup Wit (all) Dat!

Now you wahine out there, seriously, would you buy any of those? Are they 'pretty'? Or are they just for da youngin's? I cannot believe they mass produced some of them and da price dat they are commanding but then again, us guys will nevah get in between a wahine picking out shoes and "fashion".

Any Imelda's out there?

And yea guys, you too! 😯

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Who's On First

June 2nd, 2016

Unless you were born post 2000, there's probably a good chance you haven't heard da all time classic skit of Abbott and Costello's "Who's on first" (click hea to watch da skit as words cannot do it justice). Chances are you probably didn't even realize tv shows used to be in black and white there were oddah uses of tin (aluminum) foil.

As many of Da WWD! Hui know, my two keiki's have provided a few WWD! moments - probably because of their naive innocence - and our weekend car ride was a classic of our own. It was a sunny Memorial Day Monday and Da Keiki - being da concerened and caring older sistah - was trying to help her little braddah out.

Before you start to 'read' da conversation, please prepare your baby talk voices and start numbing your tongue so as not to fully enunciate words properly - especially with 'R's' - and of course, not speaking in complete sentences. Ready?

DA KEIKI: "Wea your sunglasses."
DA BABY: "Wight hea."
DA KEIKI: "Wea your sunglasses."
DA BABY: "Wight HEEEAAA." (pointing to it)
DA KEIKI: "I said, 'wea your sunglasses'."
DA KEIKI: "It's sunny"
DA BABY: "I know... da sun is bright." (looking out da window)
DA KEIKI: "So wea your sunglasses!"

Da Wife and I couldn't help but buss out laughing cause dat conversation actually went waaaaay longah than it had to but it was just hilarious to hear them try to 'talk' it out and if you evah had multiple kids in car seats, you'd know they are strapped in pretty snug and have restricted movements. Plus their head cushions limit their peripheral vision so they couldn't really see each oddah which made it even more comical.

In case you don't speak 'baby', Da Keiki was asking Da Baby to "wear" his sunglasses to which Da Baby heard/translated dat into "where" is his sunglasses which was "right here".

If only life was dat 'simple' and colorful we'd be in a much bettah world.... but then again, as adults, it's those simple conversations (misunderstandings) dat get us into a lot of trouble.

Wassup Wit Dat!

SHOUT OUT: CONGRATULATIONS to da newlyweds Shauna Goya & Ryan Ichinotsubo! May your new life together be filled with debt, swearing, arguments, weight gain and pains you've nevah felt before...... and of course love through it all! 😉

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