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Stay Tuned.....

July 12th, 2016

Yeah, I'm just stringing you buggahs along but I got a Shakanack review coming up (trouble uploading the pics 🙁 ) but should be up by tomorrow morning. Nothing big but just haven't done one in awhile, well, actually haven't been out in choke long time either - so sad yeah? lol

Stay tuned for da 'coming attractions'. 😉 😉

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July 9th, 2016

Wat was da last movie you actually saw in da movie theaters?

Battle Tested Pupule Wahine

July 7th, 2016

Well, you have to be if you married me... or a glutton for punishment. 😀

Today marks nine years of marriage for Da Wife and I and any sane person would seriously have to contemplate whether Da Wife is all there upstairs. I mean seriously, I snore (loudly), I drink (heavily during social events), I'm not home 'enough' during baseball season (was coaching before we even met so it came with da package), I'm a weekend warrior (when I can until it hurts), I'm a human garbage disposal (da leftovahs of Da Baby, Da Keiki and Da Wife go unwasted) and my body is barely in shape (round is DEFINITELY a shape).

It's funny dat wen anniversaries come around, all da mushy sentiments and repeating da cliche of 'right' things come out of your mouth or written on 'special' cards - Wassup Wit Dat! - and of course, posted on Facebook but you know das not how I [WWD!] roll. Many marriages have ended with wat we've been/gone/going through and we're no different than any oddah marriage but probably just more tolerant of each oddah. We've been through blow out fights screaming at da top of our lungs (my Korean lungs mo' big), we've argued ovah stupid manini kine stuff (usually her fault... ok, ok, sometimes mine - lol), we roll our eyes by some of our actions (I get da Korean stink-eye), brought up da "D-word" (50/50) - we're normal.

But marriage is a constant evolving test with some failing but many passing (surviving). Hea's my tribute to dat:

Anoddah year has passed and I constantly wondah why
You one pupule wife to stay instead of saying goodbye
We fight on occasion but nevah throw blows
There's always a way, wen we take it slow

You get irra's and I get irra's too
We stick around cause it's da right thing to do
Marriage is rough but we not like da oddahs
Maybe cause we old, maybe we just suckahs

Mean, stubborn and selfish, we both tolerate and grow
But da love between us only you and I know
Until dat withers or slowly fades
We past all da mushy stuff, you stuck with me Babe

Happy 9th Anniversary!

Click hea to view da 'years' and photos too (nothing evah leaves da internet lol)!

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Wea You Stay?

July 5th, 2016

Just curious as we all recover from da long weekend and try to gather our bearings.

No need be supah specific but since we, da WWD! Hui and Lurkahs are in da virtual world, Independence Day has da bettah of me to 'see' wea everybody stay in da free world. You can say wat island, state or country to keep da anonymity or just make it up if you like.

So far from wat I recall there has been readers from obviously Hawai'i nei - actually all but Moloka'i and Lana'i I think - but California, Seattle, Illinois, Georgia and New York has been represented and wat trips me out is even across da world from Japan and Korea (South side of course)!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I stay in Pearl City now but grew up in Salt Lake (Oahu), so......... wea you stay?

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