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Dizzy Advertising

September 28th, 2016

They say advertising is about wat catches your eye and when it's a blitzkrieg of motion, there's little chance dat you'll miss it but I guess das da whole point right? Check out wat was in my peripheral line of sight while waiting for da light to change:

Dis type of "advertising" is more common on da corner of popular intersections in da mainland so it was a little surprising to see dat much 'activity' at home. In Vegas, I seen dis guy do a complete 'show' with a led lighted arrow sign doing flips, choreography, all da while spinning and twirling it - wat was he selling? Who knows, it was a 'show'.

But for da life of me, I couldn't understand wat da heck she wanted people's attention for. Her sign was dizzying with no 'direction' as vehicles were driving away, her sign was pointing da oddah way. When her sign did flash our way, I could only think one thing:

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat oddah advertising "tricks" have you seen dat was not of da traditional type? Wat type are you most drawn to: watching a commercial, print (magazine or newspaper) or web? Do you even recognize banners or posters as you drive or walk through a mall?

Had not da logo been such a recognizable trademark (can you see it?), I would have guessed she was running for office... but then again, it did catch my eye so it worked. lol

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Pays To Be Da Luna

September 26th, 2016

Back to back "Mondays" aren't something to look forward to but compared to last week today was..... close. I stayed home as I was still recovering from a stomach bug last week and having your own toilet, well, I'm going to just leave it at dat for those who curiously asked how today was. Mahalos. 😀

From our second floor office we have a view dat we gaze out daily from to take a break from our monitors and it's almost like watching tv; you see da same thing but sometimes there's an entertaining show dat comes around. A few weeks ago provided about 15 minutes of ooh's and aah's as a Board of Water Supply crew (judging from da color of their shirts) was scoping out da road and our driveway. It's kind of a fun guessing game from our vantage point to figgah out wat's going on since we hear no sound and only able to "view" da action.

So there are two workahs and one luna (boss) walking up and down part of da intersection and then on da main road. Let me just say dis. I am totally surprised dat no one got killed cause it was like shooting fish in a barrel da way these guys operated. Without giving out da exact location (for my safety 😉 ) I can say without a doubt dat it is a dangerous stretch of road wea cars come flying down because of da long straightaway and hea are these two guys - without regard for traffic mind you - standing on da nearest lane marking da location of pipes.

They moved from one lane to da oddah even to da middle of da road, up and down, left and right, checking manhole covers, back to da sidewalk, spraying paint on da ground all da while barely batting an eye or checking if they were going to be hood ornaments soon. I'm guessing da reflective vests they were wearing were da supah deluxe force field model as it was amazing how many vehicles barely saw them in time to stop or go around. It was a disaster waiting to happen and everything about their "job" seemed wrong.

They had no cones up, they had no signs, no lookout was present with a hand held "Slow" sign to curb traffic nor was there anything "safe" about it.... except da luna.

Can you spot da luna? Check out da two workahs with their BACKS to traffic and of course da luna supahvising. I swear it was like watching a human Frogger game and it was just a mattah of time before splat. You would think dat kine of work scope would have a partial lane blocked off with signage which begs me to ask why is da public required to jump through hoops before doing anything and it looks like an agent of da city can do watevah they like?

But hea's da kicker..........

Da luna not only appears to be wearing scrubs, he's wearing SLIPPAHS!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I was tripping out! Maybe das why he couldn't go out on da road and help his guys out. Maybe he was a medical guy waiting for a medical emergency. Maybe he forgot his force field vest and refused to risk his life to spray paint da road. In any case, being da luna has its perks I guess.

Your luna stay like dis? Or *gulp* you dis kine of luna too? 😯 😯

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All In Stride

September 21st, 2016

Talk about a messed up Monday. It all started da moment I woke up.

Da Baby (is he still Da Baby having turned 3 or is he Da Keiki? Then wat do I call Da Keiki? Hmmm, for anoddah blog I guess) wakes up and immediately starts whining for Mommy - he doesn't like Daddy's morning regiment and depending on wat kine of mood he's in, it's a punishing daily Groundhog Day wen Mommy isn't around.

Aftah 'ignoring' his pleas, I finally get him to school but da ground is all wet with a slight drizzle so being da 'fun Dad', I fireman carry him through da parking lot while he giggles "fastah, fastah Daddy!" Of course I oblige but as I slow up at da top of da stairs wat happens? His water bottle falls out of his bag and tumbles two flights of wet stairs. I look at him and say "oops" to which he replies, "it's ok Daddy-O". Gotta love dat age. lol

Once I get home I get ready to leave for work and roll da bike backwards from da garage..... but like a dumb-okole rookie forgot to bring up da kickstand! Da simplest visual I can explain is try standing legs wider than shoulders apart and lift one leg - wat happens? Tiiiiimmmmmmmbbbeeerrrrr.......

On a level surface it wouldn't be a problem to recover da off balance but my garage is on a hill so once I hit da edge of da garage, da rear tire is lower than da front (like going ovah a speed bump) creating a quick inertia and gravity filled imbalance. Dat long streak is da kickstand dragging on da ground while it fully tilts da bike in da opposite direction. Wat happened next wasn't pretty and while everything played in slow motion, all it took was a mere few seconds for da bike to literally drop.

All I remembah was dat I couldn't hold da bike up past da point of no return and thinking da whole time "don't hit da car, don't hit da car!" I put her down as gently as I could but cause of da driveway angle and wet ground, she went down and slid about a foot trapping my right leg undah it. As I lay there working to get my leg free, I kept thinking, "wat a f*$%ing idiot!!" I pick up da 470 pound crotch rocket and before assessing da damage, check out my mother-in-law's car.

I was thanking my lucky stars dat I guided da bike far enough to miss her car but as I was being dragged, my helmet left a black streak da driver side door which I should be able to buff out. And to think I just mentioned to her if she knew dat she had scratches on her passenger side a couple days before too. Well, at least she now knows who left dis mark.

Now I went to asses my damage............

Cosmetically it's just undah $1k to replace (mirrors, side lights, handlebar end and foot peg damaged too) but being cosmetic and a seven year old bike, I can 'live with it' although da shame factor has no price. If it wasn't for these things called "frame sliders", da damage would have been way more extensive.

Aftah sucking up some pride and trying to wipe away some shame, I decided to head into work with slightly dirty jeans because feeling like crap, I nevah feel like changing. As da day went on and cleaning up some messed up work stuff, I wasn't having such a good day...... but wait, there's more.

Having to attend to some business next door, I walk along a wall outside and felt a quick sharp scrape/scratch and heard a rrrrriiiiiiiip.

Wassup Wit Dat!

It just so happened dat along da entire 40 foot long fence, da one and only part dat had a barb sticking out, I magnetically found it and consequently ripped my absolutely FAVORITE pair of jeans, my boxers and scratched my thigh in one fell swoop. Now having created air conditioning in my lower extremities, costly damage to my bike, an understanding mother-in-law and my pride/shame factor depleted, my co-workah suggested dis.......

To which he says aftah, "see, no can tell". LMAO! 😆

All things considering, da ghetto fix was da best part of my day. How's your day going?

Monday, Monday

September 19th, 2016

It's been awhile since I've had a completely and totally f'd up Wassup Wit Dat! kinda day and still not pau.....

How's your day going?

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You Special?

September 15th, 2016

Dunno about you but isn't it funny how we get two hurricanes that just missed us (again) and da weather it brought is nothing compared to da "regulah" weather we've been having since early this week?

Wassup Wit Dat!

As I'm finishing up a pretty 'typical' blog, hea's one to tickle your fancy. For those who haven't floated away just yet, hea's a test to see how special you are. Take a look at da image below and let me know how many black dots are you able to see at ONE time.

Trust me, it'll say how special you are. 😉 😉

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