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Pau Hana Decree

September 13th, 2016

Whether you want to admit it or not, we've all experienced - or have done it ourselves - da pau hana mode. Das when you enter a store or a business and it's within 30 minutes of close and no one is there (wanting) to help.

Or they just hiding. Or they just counting down da minutes. Or they thinking about how fast they can leave.

A couple weeks ago I had da fortuitous task of picking up some office supplies of which included 2 6-shelf chrome racks and 6 20" high velocity fans from Sam's Club - obviously more than a cartful of items. I got there at 5:35pm (closes at 6pm) and there were no flatbeds outside. A quick stroll inside proved fruitless as well so I headed back to da front and asked da 'greeter' if there were any flatbeds to which she monotonically answered, "no".

I paused and stood for a couple of seconds 'hoping' she would call on her walkie-talkie to see if anyone was near or had a flatbed but dat was wishful thinking as she just nonchalantly looked away as to signal dat she was pau with her 'effort'. I went hunting up and down a few aisles but to no avail. I even walked outside into da parking lot and couldn't find any either and when I headed back, followed a person returning a mattress on a flatbed. I patiently waited while he was returning it all da while looking outside to see if any flatbeds were making its way back. A "customer service" person just so happened to walk by so I flagged him down,

BL: Are there any flatbeds around?
Customer Service: They should be in the front.
BL: I was just outside and there isn't any.
Customer Service: (Doesn't believe me so he looks for himself then says...) Sorry, there isn't any.
BL: (paused again hoping he'd "call" for help but a'ole and standing next to one I say...) Here's one, can I use this one?

Customer Service: That's a return.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Could da mattress not be moved? Was it in dire straits dat it must stay in dat particular place? Dunno about you but judging from their "return area", it nevah look dat vital in having it remain on da flatbed and da store wasn't even close to being busy nor crowded.

I was just a little perplexed on how NO ONE even flinched in wanting to help a customer yet alone help find a flatbed. Maybe da thought dat I was going to fill it up scared them when they were already in ready to go home decompression mode. I understand it was pau hana time but still, are they so big dat one 'little' customer don't mean $heesh-kabob? I ended up doing anoddah lap wen I decided dat I had enough and started to leave and of course in WWD! fashion there was a flatbed being returned by a customer with only five minutes left to spare before closing.

It wasn't just one but I actually ended up encountering four employees which all obviously pointed out that there weren't any flatbeds. It was more of a sore disappointment dat not one of them even offered to click a fingah and ask around on their walkie-talkies. Was it that far fetched of an idea considering das part of da reason why they carry da short wave communicators?

Wat should have been a ten minute trip took forty minutes and good thing I knew wea I had to go to get wat I needed but guess it kinda nevah mattah.... they still got their money regardless no mattah how much time was spent there.

5 Responses to “Pau Hana Decree”

  1. Makiki:

    Unfortunately it may not have been pau hana mode but just American worker apathy. Fortunately not all American workers are that way but still...

  2. M:

    Howzit BL,

    I navah thought that Sam's Club had good customer service in the first place.

  3. zzzzzz:

    Maybe try Costco next time.

  4. titagirl:

    Sorry Braddah Lance, but I'm not THAT surprised. Love me some Costco!

  5. Cook 'Em:

    It's sad but true that Sam's/Walmart does NOT treat employees well. Costco on the other hand, does. Go get food at their take-out windows and the misery of the workers at Sam's Club is palpable. The equipment, staffing, and procedures at Sam's take-out are visibly poor. It translates to bad customer service at all levels at Sam's and much better service at Costco.

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