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All Cracked Up

August 26th, 2015

Sad to say but Hawaii has been known as da 'ice capital of da world' and while drug use is prevalent no mattah wea you go in dis country, it is one of those things wea only da user can truly help them self.

Wen it hits home, das wea da chaos becomes catastrophic. Well, das for anoddah blog.

How about wen you have no connection to illegal drugs, nevah taken illegal drugs, nevah used illegal drugs and yet all of a sudden..... I'm a drug dealer?!?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Check out these texts I've received since December 2014.

Now I dunno about you but having to deal with texts is one thing but wen they start to call you and leaving messages to bring food, an extra shirt and wat have you, you realize dat they are in a totally different world and only care about one thing: getting their fix.

Alas, da calls and texts have subsided cause I can only imagine dat they weren't getting their fix quick enough.

Sad to say I guess I suck at being a drug dealer. :grin:

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Same But Different

August 24th, 2015

Just like anything else in life, da world - and people - are forevah changing and evolving. Wassup Wit Dat! is no different.

Wen I was an actual employee of The Honolulu Advertiser about a decade ago, blogging - forums in general - was just taking off. WWD! had a niche and it was all about a local boy being 'allowed' to blog local style - pidgin and all. Naturally I wouldn't be able to have da entire blog in pidgin although those who've met me would disagree by da way I talk but you end up getting da essence of it through all da Engrish.

As da 'voice' of WWD!, those who've stuck by WWD! since da beginning - or in its infancy stage - dis nearly decade long journey know dat no punches are held in all kine's of topics. Basically it's things dat I noticed, or more realistically, happen to me personally and as readers, most can relate or just need a laugh or someone to point da fingah to, shake their head and say babooze to.

In dis day and age wea EVERY article, forum and social media has a "comment section", it's evolution dat people will become more bold and some have their true colors come about albeit in cyberspace.

It's pretty cool dat WWD! is still able to have faithful Kwonics (those who read and post frequently), Lanceformers (those who read when they can post once in awhile) and of course all of our favorites, da Lurkahs (those who just read but no like share). :grin:

FYI - those nicknames were actually bestowed upon WWD! by our very own readers (nominated and voted) within a few months of da blog starting and it's stuck evah since which is very cool.

For those who have ventured into dis arena, I sincerely apologize in not 'officially' welcoming you as I have done since, well, forevah but E Komo Mai to WWD! to all those who have braved coming out of Lurkahville and becoming a Lanceformer.

Dis is actually to all our newbie Lurkah's out there as a heads up as to wat WWD! is all about. You'll come to realize dat my mo'olelo's dat I share is not my own, it's yours as well. We've all probably experienced it but luck will have it dat it seems to happen to me more often than most and I'm just willing to share 'publicly'. :lol:

Wen I get da time WWD! also has Shakanack reviews (which I haven't done in CHOOOOKE long time) and even lost da Pidgin/Hawaiian Word of Da Day. :cry: But I'll work hard on bringing those back for surah.

For those who've weathered da changes and stuck with WWD!, much mahalos for your loyalty. It really does mean a lot to me even though I may or may not know it.

Bottom line, WWD! is hea for you to share and enjoy too. For da most part, no 'regulating' is necessary as we are all mature enough to keep dat kine of crap out of WWD!. Surah we get da kine boneheaded responses from time to time but it's neat to see Da WWD! Hui come to da rescue.

I hope to see more and more people post as it is always fun and interesting to interact. As mentioned countless times, while I may not be able to respond to every comment as I used to before, I still do read each and every single one.... and so do oddahs.

While gone are da days of da twenty, thirty, forty+ comments - I'll continue to post until there's no more aloha and I do hope you enjoy WWD! enough to stick around.

P.S. - I still have NOT forgotten those who I owe custom t-shirts to. I have your emails and I will reach out once I'm ready to get those out to you.

Mahalo again and E Komo Mai to all new and 'old'. lol

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T-Bone Hash

August 20th, 2015

As I'm dropping off Da Keiki to preschool, one of da busiest intersections in Pearl City wea many accidents have occurred, our light turns green and like I do at every intersection I check both ways.

Da lanes immediate to me, nada, so I release da brake pedal and da truck naturally rolls forward. Then as I check da opposite lanes, a silver Toyota Tacoma comes making a shallow left turn forcing me to brake avoiding a t-bone crunch.

Just by his turning radius, and da fact dat our light was green, you could tell he was gunning da yellow light and if you've been driving on da roads long enough dat shallow turn ALWAYS comes close to da perpendicular traveling vehicle.

I throw my hands up and mouth, rogah, MOUTHED (cause Da Keiki was in da truck), WTF!?!

And at dat split second to reply he throws HIS hands up and says da samething!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I was so disgusted - and pissed - dat dis mid/late twenty year old even thinks he has an inkling of a case dat he's in da right. Seriously, you gun da yellow light from afar and start to make your turn in da red? If he was sitting in da intersection at da yellow, by all means he has da "right" to complete his turn even at a red light.

Then on da way to work as I'm riding I couldn't help but notice a distinct aroma of....... pakalolo! It's not like smoking it at a park or your home but as you drive? And dat is definitely not da first time I've witnessed a drive by whiff.

Wow! It's days like dis dat I seriously wish there was a remote island we could send all these lolo's to.

With back to school in full swing next week Monday, please be vigilant out there cause there will be many more lolo's dat don't respect and know da rules of da road. They'll be calling you out saying wtf until they wreck, they'll always be right.

Here's hoping they're insured.

Hope For Da Best, Fear Da Worse

August 18th, 2015

Let's be real. In today's world, if you're not on social media, own a phone, go online, visiting forums/chat rooms, on Facebook or Twitter or watevah is 'in' - you must be living in a Siberian prison.

Dis is actually a foreign domain to many and with it continuously evolving nonstop, we as adults - especially parents - need to be vigilant and learn and teach da dangers of it all.

Rogah, dangers.

I was forwarded a quite disturbing video and I wanted to share it with parents and adults alike cause while we all may be 'smart' and 'wise', all it takes is ONE time for something terribly bad to happen and in an instant, your life will change.

Many times from da WWD! ohana, you've shared your 'tips' and experiences with me and I'll be honest, some I shake off but oddahs I do take to heart. With all da 'advice' dat passes through me from all angles whether it be social media, tv, newspaper, books, websites, loved ones, friends, wat have you - as a parent, I try to instill dat into da very essence of my keiki's mind and soul.

Da one thing dat separates it all? Execution by them.

We can preach and preach and preach. We can yell, scream and punish to hammer da message through but wat happens wen all dat doesn't even make a dent? Wat happens if it's shrugged off? You haven't 'failed' but wat more can you do?

As a parent and coach, it is my only dream (wish) dat da life experiences I share will resonate and help guide them in situations dat become questionable to those I have an impact on. We "trust" them to act accordingly but wat you don't see, is tough to swallow wen shown privately.

Dis video only makes me wondah wat da heck could you do more? Some say it is too extreme but I question wat planet are they on cause it happens EVERYDAY! I don't have any factual proof but I can't (logically) imagine dat it doesn't.

Watch da whole video but aftah da first scenario, my heart sank and made me hope, wish, pray dat my keiki will not be one of "those". And believe me, I would definitely purposely setup situations like dis on my keiki.

I nevah ask to promote WWD! but please share dis blog entry with those you care about to reiterate da dangers of social media and to malama da world as it is today cause it is becoming too easy to believe and trust wat you don't fully know and understand.

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Breathable Bags

August 13th, 2015

While sitting at da waiting area of da bank for a customer service rep, an older couple signed in and sat down. They had a rolling duffel bag which they unzipped and lo and behold a furry little head popped out.

There were two oddah ohana's dat immediately shared their aaah's as da little gremlin inched his way out. Naturally of course they ALL had a similar 'toy' dog so they all started a conversation: name, age, breed, blah, blah, blah.

No get me wrong, I am a HUGE dog lover but since wen was it ok to bring pets into businesses regardless if they are in a "bag"?

It's getting so ridiculous seeing these people with 'toy' dogs carrying them in various duffel, shoulder and rolling bags. No even get me started about those who go walking and PUSH their 'toy' in a STROLLER!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Sorry, but I'll nevah understand dat. :roll:

'Den get da kine wea there are HUGE & OBVIOUS signs at da entrances of places like Daiei (Don Quixote) and da farmer's market stating "NO PETS ALLOWED" and wat do you still see? Da bags with da little heads popped out. Some of them even use da cart to put da bag in too. And yes, I've witnessed 'toys' at both locations multiple times.

Wat if people are allergic but nevah know there was a dog in there? Wat if da dog had an 'accident'? Are your non-handicapped 'needs' above everyone else's in a public venue? Why do you get to not obey da rules?

Now wat if I brought in my pit (God bless her soul - blog about dat latah) in a 'bag' - you no tink I would get stares and people calling for da manager to have her removed? So wat she's a "pit" - she's in a "bag".

For those with da 'toy', trust me, I do get it dat they are a family member. I do get it dat they are an integral part of your lives but so are most oddah 'family dogs'. I would have absolutely LOVED to take my dog EVERYWEA but know dat I can't because 1) most businesses are not pet friendly & 2) not everyone is a dog person.

But in dis day and age of PC, I guess toys aren't dogs.