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Can You Spock 'Em?

July 26th, 2014

Saw dis Coke machine a few weeks back at Waikele Outlet and was trippin' out but not really. It all changed wen I saw two people trying to do wat they were trying to do......

Can you spock out wat I did?

If you do, da first person to get it right, I'll buy you a soda... or watah.

Functional Eye Lids.... Amen!

July 24th, 2014

If ya got some, send 'em ovah pronto.

I'm literally sitting at my desk bobbing my head as if I was Rocky Balboa against Clubber Lang. I've already sent three emails that were not only fragments but incomplete with hanging sentences.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Boy do I feel like an incoherent idiot right now. Well, a very heavy eye-lidded bobble head action kine incoherent idiot to be more specific.

I'm going on five hours sleep going into 36+ hours all for wat? Da Baby's first luau next week! I just completed a couple of rush jobs to earn some moo-lah to help cut down on da cost and while it's not making a dent, it's slowly chipping away at it.

Do you know how many times I've edited dis blog entry?? Thank goodness we got an endless supply of coffee and tea around hea. :razz:

How long have you gone without sleep? Do you try and do anything special to avoid da dreaded bob and weave head shake? Just remembered dat Sharper Image (are they still around??) has dis ear plug dat you wear and it senses wen you "dip" then plays a shrilling sound to wake your okole up. Believe it or not it was marketed for those who are on da road a lot. :shock:

I got one das free and you most definitely WILL NOT get trouble for falling asleep at work but you have to be "setup" oddahwise not going work.

First, you put your hands together like you're praying with your elbows on your desk. Get your elbows comfortable and lower your head (forehead) on your clasped hands. Now go to sleep. If anybody tries to wake you up or you slip off your hands waking yourself up all you gotta do is............ say "Amen."

Since religion is such a touchy subject and our First Amendment right, you got your bases covered.

But you'll definitely be out if you snore.... or drool. :lol:

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Silver Pockets Full

July 22nd, 2014

It's kinda funny how there are people dat follow astrological Feng Shui methodologies and try and "balance" - and avoid - everything they can to achieve harmony.

Dis month is especially special since it consists of 5 Tuesday's, 5 Wednesday's and 5 Thursday's and it happens every 823 years coining da alleged Chinee proverb, Silver Pockets Full!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Well if you believe dat it happens every 823 years, I got some undeveloped land in Kalapana I can let go to you for real cheap and you don't have to wait that long. :lol:


As for the Silver Pockets Full aka "money bags", while there is a "money bag" in Chinese feng shui, it's an actual cloth bag carried by the Happiness Buddha. To make your own cash-attracting feng shui "money bag," use a colored ribbon to tie nine coins into a square of cloth (both preferably red), then place your "money bag" on or near whichever spot in the house where money is either received or generated. (In other words, if your paycheck comes by mail, place it where you put incoming letters and packages; if your money comes via computer notification of a deposit to an online account, put it near your hard drive.)

But it's a Wop Yo' Jaws moment as dis "phenomenon" has already happened and will continue to happen every year but just rotating days. Dis month is Tue, Wed, Thu. Next month is Fri, Sat, Sun. October is Wed, Thu, Fri. December is Mon, Tue, Wed........ looks like da odds of Money Bag Claus showing up is as much as Santa Claus.

Do you have or do any Feng Shui? Do you have any "superstitions" you follow occasionally? How's your harmonious balance and is your chi centered?

Not your chi chi.

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Believe In Good

July 18th, 2014

Please bear with me as anoddah video was shared with me dat I wanted to share cause it's one of those dat makes you stop, think and wonder wat da heck has happen to our society wea da simplest manini gestures have been lost and gone? It's heading towards a point of extinction and just make us "old school" peeps say,

Wassup Wit Dat!

While it appears dat dis guy lives alone and more free to "give up things", at da same time, he didn't have to. He actually goes beyond and I'm not talking ovah da top but more than just "once" and das wat makes it so special in just ovah three minutes - now I know you got three minutes.

Ironically, dis video is actually a Thai insurance commercial which in turn is out there to make money - like all oddah insurance companies - and at times it seems like these types of companies are da exact opposite of their commercials. Even if it's a ploy to pull at your heart strings and sign up with them, it's still a message dat we as a society need to take to heart and try to keep perpetuating. In fact, they got a whole video series about being "good" - really ironic considering the current perception of insurance companies.

Have you noticed, not once did he buss out a smartphone or on a tablet. Not once was he on da internet. Not once was he checking out any social media. It was like da commercial pointed out, it's about gestures and emotions by interacting with society physically and knowing dat there are things beyond "you". It's not a bad thing to share and help and care.

If your eyes are still dry aftah watching da video, bettah check to see if you got a pulse.... or buy some insurance.

Happy Feel Good Friday!!!

No Such Thing As "No Can"

July 16th, 2014

Those who are stuggling on dis Hump Day Wednesday and dat cup of joe just ain't doing it, check out dis video dat I came across...scratch dat... dis frickin' AWESOME video.

It's da HPU (Hawaii Pacific University) 2014 Spring Commencement speech featuring Big Island (Hawai'i Island) Mayor Billy Kenoi.

I don't know da man nor have any political affiliation with him or HPU oddah than wat I see on tv but a quick glance at Mayor Kenoi through media, you don't get da "brightest" impression. I do get dat he's very down to earth with local boy "mannerisms" but you truly do NOT see dat - evah - in today's politicians.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I guess it really depends on who's "looking" at him. I can imagine people of "position" not particularly impressed with him while us blue-collar-get-your-hands-dirty kine of people can totally relate. It shows - proves - dat you can really be.... both.

They say dat you got roughly 60 seconds to impress people..... dis man impressed me for a full 9 minutes and 22 seconds.

You need inspiration? You need shmall kine motivation? You need a quick laugh? You want a smile on your face? Then for da next 9:22 - no judge, just listen. Chillax on your okole sipping your brew and enjoy a terrific local boy share his mana'o and mo'olelo's in a manner befitting to his (our) true local character.

It don't cost a thing oddah than wat you put in.