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Foodie Kokua

April 21st, 2015

Howzit Howzit!

So hea it is, a friend of mine who has defected to da "main rock" is back in town to help take kea of his mom. He's been ono for some local kine grindz but not plate lunch kine cause we get a bunch of us getting together for dinner but we have no idea wea.

Sorry but Zippy's and and da like are out and I'm asking Da WWD! Hui for any suggestions - anywea between Mililani and Town is game. C'mon, you guys have got to know at least ONE 'nice' place no? Or you just like me and only go to da 'safe' places? :lol:

I'm hoping dis time da foodie's will come out of Lurkahville and post cause da last couple times I asked for Da WWD! Hui's help in dis area, it was like no one evah ate out.

Wassup Wit Dat! :lol:

And I know you guys da ones to buss out da phone and take pics of even just da french fries so no ack eh. :grin:

We're thinking Side Street Inn as our fall back but would be great to try some place different even if you nevah try 'em before...... and get a Shakanack review too. :wink: :wink:

Mahalos in advance to those who eat out a lot. :razz:

Too Damn Easy

April 20th, 2015

It's a Mumblin' Monday and I gotta say, wen da heck has it become so easy to do watevah dat 'used' to be wrong freely and not even bat an eyelash?

Look at our recent headlines of an SUV allegedly running ovah a motorcyclist... ON PURPOSE! How about - and I've blogged about dis - prisoners releasing themselves from furlough... nearly everyday without da public being aware! Wat about those lolo's who STILL drive on da shoulder lane just cause traffic, TRAFFIC!, is toooo slow for 'them'. :roll:

And let's not forget about da pupule (mostly successful) attempts of trying to either scale, ram, fly or run through restricted White House space. Or how easy it is for a teenager to carry out shootings..... with multiple guns! Wat about gang raping an allegedly drugged woman on a beach during spring break..... while hundreds, yes, HUNDREDS, surround and watch...... AND RECORD WITH THEIR PHONES but no one bothers to interfere or call da police!!!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Will doing da right thing be too frickin' hard to do soon?

Coming or Going?

April 17th, 2015

Da weekend is finally hea and all I wanna do is...... not think.

I figgah some of you might feel da same so I get one game for you. You not going win any prizes but I stay building/training your eye for WWD! moments and how my 'awareness' stay pupuple kine noticing things dat 'normal' people probably wouldn't give a second thought to. :grin:

So go check 'em go check 'em go check 'em go and tell me wassup wit dis view.... you might have to zoom to see it. :wink: :wink:

And Ocean Lover, try wait a few before you jump in eh? :lol:

Happy Feel Good Friday to da WWD! Hui! :grin:

Who's Got Da Power?

April 14th, 2015

Mahalo to those who responded to da previous entry - all valid 'expectations'; but, how about wen you no can see 'em?

Been to Pearlridge Center recently or more specifically their bathrooms recently?

It is a wordly improvement from wat it used to be: run down, out dated and flat out 'dirty'. It now sports a more modern look inside and out and obviously clean (for now).

Wat made it even more surprising (impressed really) is dat they were cognizant to parents with young keiki albeit very Waldo-ish. Take a look at da pic above. Wat do you see? Men's, Women's... and a mystery lighted entry which turned out to be two ohana bathroom's as well as a private nursing station. I was totally tripping out dat they finally realized dat OHANA's frequent da mall and wat a bettah way to keep making money than to have it more convenient for them to stay no? :grin:

It was well hidden and you would have nevah guessed it was in there unless you made a wrong turn or curiosity got da best of you. I kinda guessed it was an ohana bathroom so took a peek and was pleasantly surprised until.....

As a male parent, running around with a baby and a young toddler, men's bathrooms are not my first, second or third choice so if/wen there's a family bathroom, there's no doubt we're heading there. It would be just our (my) luck dat it would be out of service but then we checked door numbah 2 and.....

Au'right! As we checked da door handle, it had a very convenient 'Vacant / Occupied' sign above da handle and luckily it said 'Vacant' as Da Keiki began her happy dance; but alas, it is me we're talking about so it was still...... locked :?: Noticing dat there were intercoms at each door, naturally suggesting you needed to contact someone to open da door, so I told Da Wife to press it. It begins to dial and aftah about three ringtones we hear a click and then a loooooooooong pause:

DA WIFE: Hello?
ALMIGHTY: HELLO! (trust me, sarcastically gruff is an understatement)
DA WIFE: We're at the family bathroom and the door says it's vacant but it's still locked, is there a way to open it?
ALMIGHTY: (aftah a pause yet again)THAT'S WHY YOU SUPPOSED TO CALL AND ASK! (upset sarcastic gruff now)
DA WIFE: (looks at me and we both telepathically say da same thing, "isn't that wat we just did?!?") Ok, can you open it?
ALMIGHTY: Does it say vacant? (very smart a$$-like)
BL: (holy crap! wtf? Isn't dat wat Da Wife just said?!?!)
DA WIFE: (cool as da oddah side of da pillow) Yes.
ALMIGHTY: (no reply...long pause....... then longer pause)
DA WIFE: Hello??

'Click'. We check da door and it's unlocked.

Wassup Wit Dat!

For conspiracy sake, I'm even wondering if da Almighty had da powah to control da soap dispenser as well cause dat wasn't working either or maybe cause we nevah ask for dat too. :roll:

Kudos to Pearlridge Center for expanding da facilities to accomodate and then regulating da use of da ohana/nursing bathrooms, which as a parent I sincerely appreciate, as taking kids to da bathroom is not an easy task especially wen da 'designated' bathrooms are occupied by people without keiki. To help monitor, they even have a ceiling camera (sorry, didn't get dat pic) with a huge wall mirror (not for aesthetics but for camera angle view) in da hallway to verify people requesting to use da bathrooms are legit.

But please have someone who has da 'powah' to make it happen without having to go all high makamaka especially to those people who follow directions, explain da situation clearly and asked 'nicely'.

Oddahwise next time I use dat intercom, I going all FOB and place an order for pizza... in Korean.

Can You Answer Dis?

April 13th, 2015

Got a blog brewing up for tomorrow but wanted to ask, what do you think customer service "should" be? Name up to your top three gotta have and top three bettah not have.