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(Lost) Hope

May 3rd, 2016

Close by wea I work, there's a pretty huge homeless population in plain sight. Regularly towards da end of da day there's a particular homeless woman, moderately 'clean' clothes pushing a baby stroller sometimes a cart and has obvious mental issues. She'll randomly throw rubbish towards oncoming vehicles, pick up an item that catches her eye and step into da road without a second thought (almost got hit yesterday) and yell at 'someone' almost turrets-like.

Recently she's been pulling a puppy about 6-8 months old on a leash attached to her cart and my heart kinda sank as dat looked exactly like da dog we had years ago. As she went along and stopped randomly, I noticed that da dog's feet were burning (my dog went through da same thing and you could tell with da 'happy feet' and standing in shade every chance it got). Besides da burning feet, da dog actually did look pretty healthy but it got me thinking - besides how she got a dog - wat kine of life would da dog go through?

That dog is already at a disadvantage and I'm only guesstimating that its life is already predetermined by da path and actions of da woman which doesn't appear to be all there. I can't imagine it would be fed a 'healthy' dog food diet, play with oddah dogs in a dog park or run on da beach. I can hope dat it'll be loved to a certain extent but then it got me thinking a little deeper about homeless with keiki.

There are da working homeless and I pray dat they persevere and make it 'out' knowing dat there is a bettah life for them and their ohana but wat about those dat refuse to work? Wen I used to surf on my lunch break at Point Panic, da homeless population have grown exponentially there and it's amazingly sad to see how many keiki are out there..... and not in school during a school day during school hours. They are just, ummmm, hanging out like their adult counterparts.

Wassup Wit Dat!

But really, wat can you do? You can't change people. As a person, you need to look in da mirror and WANT to change. I really feel for those who put - and keep - oddahs in da disadvantageous position. It's almost like (any kine of) abuse wea you constantly beat down on a person and until da person being abused stands up, will things change.

I compare da situation/scenario to da Eddie Murphy/Dan Aykroyd movie "Trading Places" wea if you have opportunity and means, it does help but even if you don't and have the drive and determination, you can still 'make it'. Ironically, dis is wen it's "all about you".

You can donate time, you can donate money but wat good is it if it only helps once or a few times? I am most definitely not saying help doesn't count but there's gotta be something different society can do. I don't have an answer nor a suggestion but just feel like da homeless situation has gone out of control and those truly hurt are da ones not being shown - or see - da light at da end of da tunnel. It's almost like da 'help' adds to da perpetual cycle cause unless dat person knows wat's out there and work's their okole off to make change.... in da end they (da person) still have to make da effort to go get it.

And sadly, that dog will nevah know.

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Only In Hawai'i

April 30th, 2016

I'm not a 100% certain but da only place I know wea May Day is celebrated and 'performed', is hea in Hawai'i. It is probably one of da biggest 'performances' by kids younger than 12 involving every school in Hawai'i which leads to me ask, is every elementary school in Hawai'i "required" to have a May Day program as I don't recall any in intermediate or high school?

I still remembah back in my hannah-battah days of da May Day court and da ceremony/performances dat followed. You see da court all dressed up along with da plethora of flowers and of course ti leaves.

Fast forward many many years, Da Wife and I watched Da Keiki at her final May Day performance in preschool da oddah day and boy was it 'entertaining', well, from wat we could see.

Naturally we take our seats and in the Pearl City Auditorium and who sits in front of us? The world's two tallest Asians. How ironically WWD! is dat? We're there 45 minutes early, grab some "good seats" and Da Wife and I being on da shorter side of da Asian scale, da two tallest sit in front of us.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I turned to Da Wife and we both kinda chuckled and "knew" dat would happen. Wen Da Keiki's class went up to perform, wat put da Hawaiian salt on da wound was dat since since she's one of da taller kids in her class (dat is so oxymoron-ish) she was put in da back row and because of da angle, we couldn't hardly evah see her regardless. Even wen they moved side to side and she was finally in view, da person in front of her would block her seconds latah.

Ha ha ha. Classic.

Have you evah been "blocked"? Are you auditorium seat challenged wea chances are your view is usually blocked or hindered? For those opposite, are you self conscious about blocking anyone?

CLICK HEA to check out dis blog back in 2009 for da ultimate block.... and it was a flashback to see choke posts and how many Kwonics are still checking out WWD!. 😀 😀 😀

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Boys Will Be Boys

April 27th, 2016

Da oddah day I get a call from Da Wife while I was at work and wondering if something was wrong cause she was at home with Da Baby (stomach issues).

Da Wife: You know what your son did?
BL: (not phased since she's saying he is my son) Wat?
Da Wife: He shoved a blue bead up his nose and it got stuck!
BL: Huh? A blue wat?
Da Wife: A b-l-u-e bead! I don't know where he got it or where it came from but it was up there!
BL: So wat then?
Da Wife: It was really bothering him and all the doctor's were on lunch so no one answered the phone. I was about to take him to urgent care..... but I got it out.
BL: How'd you do dat? Did you have him blow hard?
Da Wife: I got it out With the ear cleaner.
Da Wife: Da wat??

Wassup Wit Dat!

(*Pic, yes a picture, to follow - my phone died before I could get a pic)
Updated: See below of da apparatus.

Believe me folks, you no can make dis kine stuff up. How or why a two month shy of turning three decides to shove something li'dat up an orifice beats da heck out of me cause nothing he watches at home even comes close to emulating dat. Da Keiki was NEVAH like dat at dat age so Da Wife of course says it's all me.

Have any of you - or your keiki - done such a thing? Care to share? Have you tried to run a spaghetti noodle through your nostril out to your mouth? I've had soda, watah and beer come out, but nevah going in. lol

Wen I get home latah that night, Da Wife 'reminds' me not to scold him since she had taken care of dat. With da softest Korean stink eye I could manage, I told him to nevah to put anything up his nose evah again cause it made us very worried and scared. I did ask him why he did it and he puts his head down, fiddles with his hands and with a sad, nasally tone, "I dunno."

Two seconds latah, he looks up, giggles and proceeds to tackle me.

Boys I tell ya........... as I laugh with him. lol

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Wrong Message

April 25th, 2016

Wea can you see temptation dangle in front of people and see who bites da forbidden fruit whether oddah people watching or not?

Give up? Costco of course, hands down!

Fo' realz, Costco. Take a look at da parking situation wea certain curbs are painted red or wea there aren't even any stalls - people still park and make their own stall. Take a look at da free samples should be one - two tops - per person but once da tray of seven pieces are served, da person with his/her claw's hovering in front takes five. In fact I witnessed a guy take two, stand behind da demonstrator, gulp it down, go back, take two more, stand behind da demonstrator, pau dat and then go back take some more for 'da road'. Ai-goo.

For some reason, maybe it's cause people frequent Costco so much, that it's become their second hale and think everything there is 'their's'. That is a fact of life that da more comfortable you are in a situation or location, your guard is lowered and you're more 'free'. I get dat, but wen does displaying manners and doing wat's right go out da window?

As we were trolling for a parking space at Kapolei Costco, Da Wife spotted an open stall and upon pulling in she says,

"Look at that dog in the cage in the car." Naturally I'm look around and say, "Wea?" and naturally she say's "Right in front of you."

Aftah I park da car, I see da dog in a caged kennel pacing back and forth in da car. Da first thought in my mind is 'WWD!' leaving your dog in da car, windows all up in da middle of da day wea da car must feel like da Sahara by now.

Then I notice da engine running and was thinking, 'oh, maybe somebody stay sitting inside'. A'ole. S/he left da keys in da ignition, engine running and da a/c on thus da windows being fully closed.

You can barely see something dangling through da glare but it was in full view to see not only da keys but dis as well...

You know wat's da kicker? Check out da 'message' for everyone to see:

You love your lab but have no issues leaving him/her in a caged kennel alone with a running car? Can you imagine dat picture on a billboard for da AKC?

Wassup Wit Dat!

I told Da Wife I wanted to get into da car and move it to anoddah parking spot but she said it would be bachi amongst oddah things. Wat if a thief trolling da parking lot saw dat? How do you explain to da police - or your insurance - dat you willingly left da keys in da car and da engine running with a "pet" in da back? I don't know what's worse - leaving a family pet like dat or bringing one in to a place you're not supposed to?

Thank goodness da car was gone by da time we got back but still, hopefully no one witnessed dat message in plain sight.

Gotta Pay It

April 13th, 2016

Such as everything else in life, if you want it, you have to pay for it. If it's something you think is sooooo simple and upon checking things out you find out da 'fee's' are outrageous, you scream.....

Wassup Wit Dat!

You see fees all da time: "set up fee", "customization fee", "disposal fee", "supplies fee", "fut fee", "breathing fee".... well da last two were thrown in there to see if you was still reading.

But das wat it is all about in dis country no? Making da moo-lah and charging da prices you want to charge cause why? Cause you can. If you no like 'em, go find somebody else. Wen you no can find 'em, you cower back to da original place and pony up da cash but wen you score and find a "lower price", you can't help but feel like you beat da 'system'.

Dat has to be one of da most irking things to find a good price on something only to find out dat you have to pay for dis and dat and dat and dis; kinda like shipping. You find something for like $20 and shipping is $35. lol Well, shipping I can understand but all these (hidden) fees? A prime example is renting a car - have you evah seen all da 'fees' and taxes you have to pay which most times is just as much as da rental itself.

Currently I'm looking to get some team baseball hats embroidered and was told (by da embroiderer I've been going to for well ovah a decade) dat da setup fee was $75-100! Brah, my jaw just dropped. I know get all kine costs from da software to da machines to rent to payroll but wat, you making it all up with a single 'fee'? Wen you've been a loyal customer for dat long you would hope for even a slight kama'aina discount on the 'fee' but a $100 setup fee sounds steep no?

I checked Lids and their price is dramatically lower at $50 but if you come in with da specific type of graphic file they use, da fee is waived buuuuuut - there's always a catch - da price per piece is much higher.

No can win I tell ya!

Wat kine fees do you see all da time and scratch your head about? How many of you are tired of fees? Do you think an "all in one" pricing should be law?

Unfortunately CorelDraw X5 doesn't export to an embroidery file so I'm stuck out of luck there which leads me to ask, does anybody have an embroider that they use... or by chance have embroidery software? If so, may I ask whose your go to embroiderer please? Or if you do embroidery work yourself, give me a shout out and I can possibly shoot some business your way as I'm always asked about embroidery work.

And no, I have not forgotten, I still owe a handful of you 'free' custom t-shirts. I'm on Hawaiian time but I nevah evah renege a deal..... or charge a fee. 😀