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October 5th, 2015

If you haven't heard or read by now, homelessness in Hawai'i nei is straight up pupule!

And we all have varying ideas - and comments - of how it should be handled going as far as "eradication" to literally building them homes to live in..... for free.

Well, you and I will be paying for it but heck, we've been paying for things we don't even know wat da heck we've been paying for approved by our legislature's so wat's da difference?

Now because of da blowup population around Kapalama Canal and da "homeless sweeps", businesses have screamed for help in controlling it and it was handled pretty quick.

How you ask?

By doing wat da City (not surah if da State was involved) does best; create 'roadblocks' and frustrate da crap out of people. :lol:

They went ahead and built a chain-linked fence around Kapalama Canal and while dat may be fine and dandy, how da heck do you build it...... BLOCKING A FIRE HYDRANT?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Seriously? No one thought dat was wrong? No one could even see dat being 'visually' out of place?

Now I'm just taking a blind somewat educated stab at da whole building process but I would assume there must have been some architect dat drew up da plans marking water, gas, fuel lines etc. A boss to approve those plans. Someone in da City Council to approve those plans dat was approved by da architect firm. Someone at da permitting office to view, inspect and approve those approved plans dat was approved by those who want to build it. Da construction crew to view those plans, inspect da groundwork and layout and begin. Da people digging da holes to place da fence posts along with da people who put up da actual chain link and last but not least, da people who approved da whole project to give final inspection and approval which I would assume would be everyone mentioned above.

So you telling me - and I'm just guessing hea - dat between literally da two, three, four dozen people dat reviewed da plans, da actual building of da project and da final inspection dat NO ONE saw dat something was visually amiss between photo shoots and da media circus?

C'mon, are we as 'civilized' people dat ignorant? I am a soldier of work but if something is blatantly 'wrong' I most certainly do speak up and if there's a possibility of something going wrong, I will at da very least inquire as I recite an old carpenter's proverb: measure twice, cut once.

And looking at da pics online (haven't visited Kapalama Canal recently): how da heck are da landscapers dat da City hires able to cut da weeds if there's no access?

And guess who's going to end up paying for all da mistakes?

It certainly won't be da homeless..... they're too busy laughing their okole's off

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How Da Heck?

September 23rd, 2015

Notice anything?

Still don't see it? (working my incognito tailing skills)

How about now?

Tell me, how da heck is a full fledged adult dog - without any "assistance" badging, vest or indicator - able to stroll right into an establishment dat sells food?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Now I can see if dat person just strolled in without someone checking but dis is Sam's Club wea EVERYONE is "ID'd" before entering so someone had to have seen dat labradoodle and if not at da entrance you can't tell me dat zero employees didn't notice dat.

I'd really like to have brought my pit (God bless her soul) to Sam's (anywea for da mattah) but we all know all heck would have broke loose with some people fleeing as if they just seen a shark while swimming just from da sight of her. Would I have even been able to pass da entrance? I can't imagine why not. :roll:

So why was dis labradoodle able to roam around - loosely leashed - so freely and on "sample day"? Wat if I had a leashed rat? Or a leashed mongoose? Or a leashed pig?

Please explain it to me like I'm a gecko.

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Stubborn Okole

September 21st, 2015

As a parent, one of da hardest things to swallow is da fact dat wen your keiki asks you something, you aren't able to deliver. It's not like a too expensive thing or something not even within reach like taking them to see their favorite cartoon character in real life - both which are possible but maybe not at da time.

Then there are da times wen they ask you something dat you definitely know you can't do, don't have any means to do it nor da resources so das da times you feel helpless and quite literally, like $h!*.

Last weekend Da Ohana went to a friend's baby's first luau and of course, our rugrats had ants in their pants once they pau eat and had to squirm around, touch anything within reach and check out everything they could see.

Not being da kine parents who just hand their keiki's a tablet to occupy their time, I 'escorted' Da Baby as he ran amok. *** Personally, I'm surprised at how many parents default to tablets and phones wen out at a 'party' (EVERY single table had 'em out propped up watching a video or playing a video game) but das for anoddah blog ***

As we were in da covered courtyard, Da Baby saw a balloon dat got away from a chair and of course as a baby/toddler, he wanted it and started da whine/cry thing once I muttered his favorite word, "No".

If anyone has tried to reason with a recently turned two year old knows, a parent doesn't win dat battle especially wen it was already past his nap time. I gotta say though, even with his mind all loopy, he had da sense to say, "shoulders please Daddy" to which of course I obliged. He then followed up with "jump please".

I then told a passing friend who was witnessing it all, "of all da things to ask yeah? I got a two foot nothing sitting on da shoulders of a five foot nothing with a two-inch vertical jump trying to get a balloon das about twenty feet high".

Wassup Wit Dat!

Da Baby was all disappointed and at dat moment, as tired as I was, kinda felt bad dat I couldn't deliver. Then he started whining again - which I'm 'training' him (Korean style) not to do - and put him down and in my stern Korean voice, "ok, then YOU go get it you stubborn little....."

Aftah staring at it for wat seemed like an eternity to him - and being da stubborn lil' Korean boy dat he is - he figgah'd he could jump and get it himself.

Ha ha ha! I don't say it too often but it was one of da cutest things to witness. I won't deny dat he has a bettah vertical jump than me but his stubborn lil' okole had to learn da hard way jus' like Daddy.

Das why hard. :grin:

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oHIo State

September 12th, 2015

Wow, how's our 'Bows hanging tough with da numbah one team in da country today yeah?

And da retro uni's - would have thought they would buss 'em out at homecoming but looked decent in da sea of red.

Was out today shmall kine holoholo with Da Ohana at Ward and had a bunch of people wearing green which was pretty cool to see... along with a BUNCH of WWD! moments of course. More to follo.

Geez,nevah thought 'typing' from an 'ancient' tablet circa 2011 would prove to be this difficult and take so long!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Ai-goo. :roll:

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Nevah Stop Growing

September 10th, 2015

As a 'public' blogger, obviously there are many things dat I can and can't 'say'. A blatant obvious one is nevah to defame anyone moreso with no just cause or reason which I believe I nevah have done both in da blog and real life.

One thing dat I have blogged about though is about all da PC (politcal correctness) crap (ooops, was dat not an allowable PC term?) dat goes on all around us wea everything is either too sensitive, offensive, oppressive and every "-ive", "-tion" and, well you get da idea. ( :wink: :wink: (Jesse) James)

I'm in total agreement dat certain things just should not even be thought of yet alone muttered but one thing das always been lost in translation is da context of it - simply put, HOW it was being used or said.

One thing I will nevah stand for, nor heaven forbid will do, is to express - or portray - it in a derogatory tone or underlying negative tone intentionally. That my friends is wen you have crossed da line. That has ZERO tolerance nor should it have any acceptance in our society today. Should I evah even come close to dat, I certainly hope someone would call me out on dat.

Yesterday's blog, Dis Bettah Not Happen Hea, a Lurkah expressed his/her concern for a politically incorrectness term used:

September 8th, 2015 at 4:09 pm edit
"(female body part)??? You must be part of the Trump Brigade. Poor choice of example. Grow up!

First, no, I am NOT part of the "Trump Brigade" although I do applaud dat he says wat he says without fear of being "PC". He does say some stupid $h-tuff and I think wat turns people off about him is one of da things dat shouldn't happen, carry an underlying tone, especially when said by influential people.

His remarks do carry an air of negativity about either a group or class of people and dat is why he is both loved and hated. If he is even voted into da Primary, it'll definitely be a sad day in U.S. history, imho.

As far as da "female body part being a poor choice of example"?

Have you evah played sports? Have you evah been part of a team? Have you evah been in a room full of testosterone pumping players? Or just hanging out in da garage with "da boys"? Do you only have PC friends?

My "choice of example" had ZERO intentions of being derogatory nor demeaning. It is a term, slang if you will, of being da weakest form of weak - basically NOT having any B@ALL$! As a male, should I have said dat instead? Ask any 'player' who's been involved in sports which term would express da actions of those players in da video and hands down no one will say da latter.

If you want keep digging into da "term" than you can spin it howevah you want and then yes, it will probably come across as not being "PC" but c'mon, slang is slang and no one, NO ONE, ovah thinks a slang term to da deepest depths of da "true" meaning oddah than it meaning wat it means on da surface. Those who are PC do dat.

Had you stayed within da context of da blog, you would have gotten dat but instead just chose to focus on three words which, in da realm of being PC, is not fair to da blog entry either by not digging into it further.

Have you been around FEMALE athletes? They refer to 'male body parts' as well - specifically directed to males - and it doesn't start with a "B" but ends in a "K". Am I offended if it was directed at me? Not at da term but as a person cause I know I am NOT a "D", maybe an @$$ sometimes, but nevah a "D". :lol:

And if you are da same Eradication who posted back in 2012 about my 'fakeness' (Apprecih8-08, YOU really need to grow up and stop trying to "eradicate" something out of nothing. Life is too short to troll on blogs you don't even like and hating on things dat had NOTHING to do about being offensive in any way.

But then again, I'm da one who needs to grow up.

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