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Pau Hana Decree

September 13th, 2016

Whether you want to admit it or not, we've all experienced - or have done it ourselves - da pau hana mode. Das when you enter a store or a business and it's within 30 minutes of close and no one is there (wanting) to help.

Or they just hiding. Or they just counting down da minutes. Or they thinking about how fast they can leave.

A couple weeks ago I had da fortuitous task of picking up some office supplies of which included 2 6-shelf chrome racks and 6 20" high velocity fans from Sam's Club - obviously more than a cartful of items. I got there at 5:35pm (closes at 6pm) and there were no flatbeds outside. A quick stroll inside proved fruitless as well so I headed back to da front and asked da 'greeter' if there were any flatbeds to which she monotonically answered, "no".

I paused and stood for a couple of seconds 'hoping' she would call on her walkie-talkie to see if anyone was near or had a flatbed but dat was wishful thinking as she just nonchalantly looked away as to signal dat she was pau with her 'effort'. I went hunting up and down a few aisles but to no avail. I even walked outside into da parking lot and couldn't find any either and when I headed back, followed a person returning a mattress on a flatbed. I patiently waited while he was returning it all da while looking outside to see if any flatbeds were making its way back. A "customer service" person just so happened to walk by so I flagged him down,

BL: Are there any flatbeds around?
Customer Service: They should be in the front.
BL: I was just outside and there isn't any.
Customer Service: (Doesn't believe me so he looks for himself then says...) Sorry, there isn't any.
BL: (paused again hoping he'd "call" for help but a'ole and standing next to one I say...) Here's one, can I use this one?

Customer Service: That's a return.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Could da mattress not be moved? Was it in dire straits dat it must stay in dat particular place? Dunno about you but judging from their "return area", it nevah look dat vital in having it remain on da flatbed and da store wasn't even close to being busy nor crowded.

I was just a little perplexed on how NO ONE even flinched in wanting to help a customer yet alone help find a flatbed. Maybe da thought dat I was going to fill it up scared them when they were already in ready to go home decompression mode. I understand it was pau hana time but still, are they so big dat one 'little' customer don't mean $heesh-kabob? I ended up doing anoddah lap wen I decided dat I had enough and started to leave and of course in WWD! fashion there was a flatbed being returned by a customer with only five minutes left to spare before closing.

It wasn't just one but I actually ended up encountering four employees which all obviously pointed out that there weren't any flatbeds. It was more of a sore disappointment dat not one of them even offered to click a fingah and ask around on their walkie-talkies. Was it that far fetched of an idea considering das part of da reason why they carry da short wave communicators?

Wat should have been a ten minute trip took forty minutes and good thing I knew wea I had to go to get wat I needed but guess it kinda nevah mattah.... they still got their money regardless no mattah how much time was spent there.

No Make Sense... At Least To Me (Pau)

July 25th, 2015


Once I get da credit card statement and confirming no credits were given I did wat anyone else would have, I called my credit card company.

Aftah a lengthy discussion with them (trust me, da blog isn't long enough to talk about dat) they said they would send ovah forms for me to fill out and return in a few days. A week goes by, a'ole. Anoddah week goes by, a'ole. Then I get a letter that they are going to disregard my dispute because they nevah get a response from me.

Is dis deja vu or something? I immediately call them on da phone and tell them dat I nevah received da forms. Aftah re-explaining da whole situation, he said he'd resend those forms and make a 'note' not to cancel da dispute. I also made surah to add da additional charges dat had come through aftah da inital dispute as well.

Now da fun begins.

I ask him if they'd be able to refuse future transactions from Baseball Express and he said 'matter of factly' dat since I provided them with my credit card information, they can do wat they wanted to. I began to 'argue' dat dat wasn't right. How can a vendor 'freely' make charges on my card if I am disputing charges from them? Is there no way to flag them for my account? Is there no way to 'protect' a consumer from dat?

Wassup Wit Dat!

He then suggested I get a new card to prevent da ONE vendor from making charges on my card in which I replied dat I have so many payment links connected to my card dat dat was an overwhelming inconvenience. He of course said there was nothing else he could do and really gave an attitude about it.

Of course, I wasn't too pleased with our interaction thus far so I clearly expressed my dissatisfaction and dat while I understood he was not a policy maker, I did mention to him dat if as a consumer, why is it extremely difficult for us to get 'protection' wen erroneous and possibly fraudulent charges can be freely made in such a carefree fashion? It is exactly how a person can steal your identity and dat you spend a lifetime trying to fix and defend while these crooks are laughing their okole to da bank.

He then was still kinda sassy and in which I had to put him straight. I calmly told him dat as a consumer, I would expect a financial institution (First Hawaiian Bank) to not only protect their customer but to provide (non)service without an attitude. I clearly stated dat I was expressing frustration at da situation especially since I had already reported it and it is still happening without a follow up from them in a timely manner. It was not directly about him and a person in his department (fraud)/situation should automatically realize wat da customer is going through since they are specific for these cases.

Surprisingly enough he calmed down and apologized a few times for da reminder of da call.

Now only if I could get a live person at Baseball Express to give a piece of my 'real' mind.

No Make Sense... At Least To Me

July 20th, 2015

A few months ago I had placed an online order with Baseball Express. I normally do a few orders a year with them and have nevah had an issue with them.... until my luck ran out.

I had ordered a bunch of pants for da baseball team in da upcoming season and they had some in stock and the rest on back order with a SPECIFIC date of restock as it is a 'normal' item. Since I had ordered it early enough, I wasn't worried even with a little delay.

Da original deadline missed. I wait a week, a'ole. I email them, a'ole. I email them again, a'ole. I call them and put on hold for over 40 minutes (yeah, you read right, 40 and still no answer. I call aftah hours and leave a message and no call back.

Having da deadline date looming ovah head, I tried to cancel my order by going online and there isn't an option for dat so I emailed like crazy and tried calling again and on hold for 35 minutes and STILL nobody.

I then contacted da BBB to reach out and instead of Baseball Express contacting me (all information provided including order #, name, telephone, email, address etc) aftah, they reply back to da BBB saying I can either wait or cancel my order and to "contact them".

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat da heck you think I was doing da last few weeks???

I was finally able to track down an order from a few years ago which had an actual person's email so I took a chance and emailed him. While he was in anoddah department, he said he'd help out. I finally was able to cancel da order (email confirmation) and guess wat? I started to get all da pants shipped out and they've been charging my card!

We're not talking da rest of da order but a pants here and there through at least a half a dozen shipments!

to be continued...........

Baggage Grindz

May 28th, 2015

Once da airline industry started to go 'à la carte', it was only a mattah of time dat da rest of da world started to follow suit..... all da way down to our everyday happenings.

Da billions dat da airlines have raked in from da baggage, food, headphones and even blanket/pillow 'extras', tapped into an unknown revenue source so any business would naturally follow suit seeing how nothing is inclusive anymore.

In Hawai'i, we all enjoy onolicious grindz - fast food or homemade - and with dat, we get certain side action 'needs' determined by da grindz you are eating:

Jack-In-Da-Box - gotta get da buttermilk dressing.
Arby's - gotta get da horsey sauce.
Pizza Hut - gotta eat da crust with ranch dressing.
Rainbow's Drive-In - gotta get gravy ALL (yes, including da mac salad of course!)
Mitsu-Ken - extra garlic sauce to cover da rice
Sushi (any kine) - GOTTA have wasabi and (my preference) KIKOMAN. 😀

Wat about french fries? You gotta have ketchup right?

Ask yourself dis. You see a plate lunch full of fries and normally da first thing you look for is da ketchup right? Well for me its da sriracha but you tink dat itty bitty paper dipping cup is enough for dat ENTIRE plate?

So naturally our friend asked for a few more cups and was told each cup would be.....

Wassup Wit Dat!

EACH cup costs fifty cents! Really? Really??

Wen you dine out plate lunch kine, there's something about paying 'extra' dat always makes you do a no discount double check. It's not like you asking for an extra side or an extra plate wea you would naturally assume to pay for da cost but for a condiment das like on EVERY table wen you dine out? You $h!tt!n me right?

I was totally trippin' out. FIFTY CENTS for dat puny cup of ketchup and they nevah even bat an eye. You know how much da fries were? Almost $5. No ask for watah either, they charge you for da full price of a soda unlike oddah places wea you might pay for just da cup. 😯


I guess it really shouldn't be a surprise as Jack's charges you for their buttermilk (but if you ask at da window instead of wen ordering, most times they give it free 😉 😉 ), Pizza Hut charges for their sauces but at least they come in 'pretty' packages and more too. I'm surprised dat Rainbow's charges you for gravy all (da ONLY place I've evah been dat charged for gravy).

Wea else has condiments or 'extras' come at à la carte prices besides da kine fancy shmancy places? Wat oddah kine 'extra' you like on your food and wea? I like da kine extra green onions on my spicy ahi and ask for a small bowl on da side (no charge). 😆 You tink it's pupule to charge for condiments?

btw, we asked for three chopsticks and guess wat?

Was free.

LMAO! 😆 WWD! 😆

You Want My Left Olo Too?

May 20th, 2015

We've all been through it before calling a local or an 800 numbah and having to verify your whole life story just to find out if a transaction had cleared or verify that something had happened - or not - on your account or just need clarification and go through da whole shebang:

First and last name, date of birth, address (sometimes both residential AND mailing if different), phone numbah, social security, pin numbah, secret phrase, your left olo.

Das wat if feels like these days; before it was just maybe a few pieces of information but now if you no more blood sample or willing to cut off your left olo, no can.

Aftah going through a few automated phone prompts (we all LOVE those right?) I get a 'live' person at ASB (American Savings Bank). I give her my account numbah (mentioned I have a few accounts that need da same request I'm calling about), verified da 'main' information and then she asked me for da recent transactions AND account balances. Now who da heck - wen calling - going have dat type of info right on them?

She made it sound like it was SOP (standard operating procedure) everywea (maybe for her) but das da first time I evah heard someone ask me dat and I've talked to oddah financial institutions ranging from credit cards to credit unions to mortgage lenders. Da Wife usually makes da payments for these accounts so I don't know da EXACT transactions or balances but I knew da ball park figure so I told her.

She says, "You have to be more specific."

You got my entire credit history information and just cause I don't know wat da last check amount we wrote for, I not 'authorized'?

Wassup Wit Dat!

It's not like I'm not an authorized person (I'm on da damn loan). I'm not asking to change anything. I'm not asking to add anything. I'm not asking for specific information as if I was phishing for something. I can fully understand if my request was account changing and they couldn't 'verify' me but my inquiry was about tax forms they sent out - per our request two weeks ago which obviously wasn't a problem then - dat if she could check if we had activity in 2012 and 2013 as wen we made da initial inquiry, da 'customer service rep' said they would send all of it but we only got 2014.

Was dat an account jeopardizing request? Was it a request dat could shut down or affect our account? Was it a national security breach?

I fully understand and respect dat verifying information is part of their job for OUR security but that much information just so she can say yes or no if we were supposed to get those tax forms for 2012 and 2013? Seriously?

And then hea's da kicker, she asked me if I lived in Hawai'i? Really? Really?? If she doesn't have caller ID on her phone at da very least my account information is staring right at her. Didn't we just 'verify' all dis??

Oh yeah, I not 'authorized'. 🙄

Do you get frustrated with the 'verification process'? Have you evah just hung up? For anyone who's on da oddah end, you guys put stink kine notes on da account? No lie now, I know for a fact a major company does hea.... and let's just say you no like asterisks next to your name.

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