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Breathable Bags

August 13th, 2015

While sitting at da waiting area of da bank for a customer service rep, an older couple signed in and sat down. They had a rolling duffel bag which they unzipped and lo and behold a furry little head popped out.

There were two oddah ohana's dat immediately shared their aaah's as da little gremlin inched his way out. Naturally of course they ALL had a similar 'toy' dog so they all started a conversation: name, age, breed, blah, blah, blah.

No get me wrong, I am a HUGE dog lover but since wen was it ok to bring pets into businesses regardless if they are in a "bag"?

It's getting so ridiculous seeing these people with 'toy' dogs carrying them in various duffel, shoulder and rolling bags. No even get me started about those who go walking and PUSH their 'toy' in a STROLLER!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Sorry, but I'll nevah understand dat. 🙄

'Den get da kine wea there are HUGE & OBVIOUS signs at da entrances of places like Daiei (Don Quixote) and da farmer's market stating "NO PETS ALLOWED" and wat do you still see? Da bags with da little heads popped out. Some of them even use da cart to put da bag in too. And yes, I've witnessed 'toys' at both locations multiple times.

Wat if people are allergic but nevah know there was a dog in there? Wat if da dog had an 'accident'? Are your non-handicapped 'needs' above everyone else's in a public venue? Why do you get to not obey da rules?

Now wat if I brought in my pit (God bless her soul - blog about dat latah) in a 'bag' - you no tink I would get stares and people calling for da manager to have her removed? So wat she's a "pit" - she's in a "bag".

For those with da 'toy', trust me, I do get it dat they are a family member. I do get it dat they are an integral part of your lives but so are most oddah 'family dogs'. I would have absolutely LOVED to take my dog EVERYWEA but know dat I can't because 1) most businesses are not pet friendly & 2) not everyone is a dog person.

But in dis day and age of PC, I guess toys aren't dogs.

Who You?

January 28th, 2015

In dis day and age of electronic mischief, most information - and opinions - are shared online whether it be via blogs, forums, chat rooms, social media or da like. Da secrecy of hiding behind a screen name - or handle - is not only obviously for one's own security but mainly for da anonymity of nevah being known which in turn leads to a bit more machismo and judgement.

I would say 100% - rogah, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT! - of all da comments left online are not "true". Well, it is true to a certain extent but more than likely you're saying (typing) something something you wouldn't say to a stranger face to face as etiquette is usually thrown out da Aloha Tower.

Look at today's world wide web wea every single article - no mattah wat da site - having da ability to leave a "comment" to be "heard" is so commonplace dat it's uncommon not to have one.

Da funny thing about ALL of them? They all have da same "characters".

Wassup Wit Dat!

Think about it. Wea else in da world can you sit on your okole - work, home or play - and witness a cosmopolitan of commenting people "sharing" their thoughts without restrictions, remorse or consequence? And it's da same no mattah wat kine site you stay checking out from ablutomania to ziganka - you going get da same kine of all kine people. Hea's a small sampling of da most common ones dat I've come across based on their "common" comments left at visited sites:

AINOSKEDU (I not scared of you) - Dis is da internet tough guy. They will usually use some kine of "threat" or hint or flat out state some kine of harm will come should "you" proceed on your stated path. Always with some kine of call out........ but nevah leaves their real name, photo, date, time or place fo' scrap. 😆

OMG! - Basically a person who has Kleenex with them at all times - always gotta comment with sympathy or empathy and/or needs dat in return.

High Makamaka - Dis person has worn out da F5 key constantly refreshing their screen to see if people have responded to their post and wondering "why not" if no one has responded to their most clever, witty and obviously da most overwhelmingly interesting post evah.

Hog Cheese - Gotta have your "name" on EVERY possible article there is no mattah wat da topic.

Sukebe - Need I say more? Well, ok. Dis da kine people dat boderline make you tink if they stay taking their meds cause da things dat they "say" or have said they've done is sketchy at best. You really wondah with their mindset how they even learned to use one computah - probably some inbreeding action going on.

Da Babooze or Kolohe - Dis person usually has nothing relevant to say/add but likes to change things up with a joke, chillax message or "why you mad brah?" They also are instigators and like to egg people on just to see da reaction all da while cracking up behind da screen.

My $h!t No Stink - Kinda like da high makamaka people but only thing is dat they've NEVAH messed up. They walk on watah and ALWAYS are righteous in their way of life and have nevah wronged a soul.

False Crack - Dis kine people probably irk people da most. They say things without proof or fact or state it's a fact wen obviously it's not - or "shown" proof to be wrong - and then still so adamant dat they are right. Fiction or not, it's all da same.... cause it's on da internet.

No Speakee Engrlish - No sense of da English language as acronyms, emoticons, smileys and who knows wat else are frequently flooded in da reply and unless you have a doctrine in internet lingo, you are either really turned off by it or as a reader, find a need to figgah out wat da heck was being said! 😆

Lurkahs - Those who too scared fo' post anything while nodding or shaking their heads reading oddah peoples posted comments. Da only button they press is left click. They also have a fear of being (mis)labeled as any of da above.... moreso nodding or shaking as they related to some of da above. 😉 😉

No worries, it's au' good cause hea at WWD! cause Da WWD! Hui has long shown dat we can get along even with differences in our backgrounds and experiences as long as get da kine mutual respect. We all get along no mattah wat kine character you are.

But plausible deniability no count.

Wat kine character you? Am I missing a type? Are you even a type?

Wat - Boddah You??

April 30th, 2014

Picture this......

You observe a kinda buss up truck slowly rolling down your street looking into your neighbor's house. You've nevah seen it before nor da drivah and as he steps out, he's looking around da property as if he's spocking it out. As he SLOWLY walks on property, he appears to be fake checking/calling his phone, puts it up to his ear, brings it down, looks around da front landing, puts his phone up to his ear for a couple seconds as if he was on a call, walks up to da front door but doesn't ring da door bell, looks around, fake checks his phone, walks through da open garage glancing at things, walks to da oddah side of house and to da rear of da home still checking things out.

Wat are your impressions? Wat are your thoughts? Wat would you do?

Da first two questions I'd say we all probably have da same general response but da last? Well dis is wat I did.

BL: (walking across da street) May I help you?
MOKE: (gives me stink eye) No. (very sarcastically back) May I help YOU?!
BL: No, but wat are you doing looking around my neighbor's property?
MOKE: (antagonistically) They called me here to do their yard. Why, who you? You live hea?
BL: (didn't I just say I was their neighbor?) No, I'm their neighbor. I no tink they'd appreciate you looking around their property wen they no stay.

It went back and forth for a while but really, why so angry brah? If you not doing anything wrong or if they were really "expecting" you, why so defensive? Basically his attitude was mind your own business but wouldn't you like a neighbor who looks out for you? Isn't dat da (ideal) concept of deciding wea to live dat your neighbors - not being niele - are helping keep you "safe" and got your back?

Anyways, it came to point dat I wasn't going to be able to do anything else and with his "suspicious" behavior and pissy attitude, I bussed out my phone.......

MOKE: Go ahead, go call 'em. Go call 'em.
BL: (no have their numbah) No worries brah.

Red Ford F-150 w/ extra cab and City & County of Honolulu stickah on lower drivah side windshield

MOKE: Yeah, go get me. Go get me. Hea I stay!
BL: No worries brah, I got you. Smile.

As I walk back across the street, he follows me while checking out my yard and notices huge rolls of carpet leaning against my wall:

MOKE: You like me throw away the carpet for you?
BL: Wat?
MOKE: You like me throw away the carpet for you? I do 'em for a fee.
BL: Uh, NO!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Hint: If you like try get side jobs, it's not smart to ack up and be stupidly arrogant then ask for business.

Wat a great morning as it first started out me forgetting to pack Da Baby's breakfast and lunch so I had to go back home to get it. Then aftah I dropped it off at da sitters, da bike battery was dead so I had to push da bike looking for a decline in da road so I could roll and jump start da bike. I go back home to charge up da battery and then run into dis "lawn man". Aftah all dat, I tell my oddah neighbor dat was cruising in her garage to look out for da moke and noticed I no mo' gas too. Aftah I pau fill up gas, I called 911 non-emergency to report suspicious behavior on private property...... and was placed on hold for wat seemed like an eternity even though da recording kept telling me "someone will be with you [me] shortly". 🙄 Aftah having inhaled enough petroleum fumes to make pakalolo weak, I hung up and headed into work as I was already choke late.


Four Wheels

May 22nd, 2012

It amazes me how everyday it seems like the most simplest thing - common sense - gets thrown out into the street - literally - without regards to safety or our ever declining sense of common courtesy.

Take for instance........................

From WWD!

Really? Really?? Stolling along in da middle of a "road".... Wassup Wit Dat!

I couldn't believe dis wahine was just sashaying her okole in da middle of da parking lot. (But if it was a pretty okole....... eh, nevah mind, rated PG) Da angle of da pic doesn't look so bad but you can tell she stay "off" by looking at hood of da truck and da groove in da middle of "lanes". She was actually non-chalantly on da drivah side of da truck before she drifted two feet to her right and then continued on da entire time as if she was on da open seas.

Da last time I checked, a parking lot was to PARK VEHICLES, not for pedestrians. Surah we gotta get to and from our vehicles but at da same time, we do not walk on da "road" part. We certainly do not let our keiki run around like it's a playground and you ALWAYS try and walk single file (unless you get keiki which I'd hope would be on da inside of you holding your hand).

Now da older parking lots tends to be more of a minefield to dodge cause da lanes are more narrow but da "newer" lots like dis one, are more than adequate to be able to have people walk on da side and allow vehicles da "freedom" to drive by.

I hate da fact dat nowadays people walking in parking lots tink they "own da road" and they not even in one vehicle!

Let me put it anoddah way.

Wat if I drove my truck on da sidewalk? Same ting. Ok, more realistically, wat if I rode a bicycle on da sidewalk? Isn't a sidewalk for "walking"? Wouldn't you expect those who rode their bicycles to go around you or give you - da pedestrian - da right of way?

So why is it dat wen wen it comes to a parking lot, rules change? I don't evah hear anybody call it a "walking lot".

Surah I could have gone around but WHY? Wat if had anoddah car come ripping da corner? It would have been my fault for crossing into da oddah lane. It's da pedestrian's responsiblity to know dat 1) it's not a sidewalk and 2) to realize dat it's a PARKING LOT and get your damn okole to da side!

Ok, let's spread da Aloha. 😀

On anoddah note about shopping carts, Da Wife and I was at Daiei - oh sorry, Don Quijote - and I wen fo' grab one bag rice to put on da cart.

From WWD!

Can you see wat da problem would be?

Told you I stay da King of WWD!. 😆

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