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Four Wheels

May 22nd, 2012

It amazes me how everyday it seems like the most simplest thing - common sense - gets thrown out into the street - literally - without regards to safety or our ever declining sense of common courtesy.

Take for instance........................

From WWD!

Really? Really?? Stolling along in da middle of a "road".... Wassup Wit Dat!

I couldn't believe dis wahine was just sashaying her okole in da middle of da parking lot. (But if it was a pretty okole....... eh, nevah mind, rated PG) Da angle of da pic doesn't look so bad but you can tell she stay "off" by looking at hood of da truck and da groove in da middle of "lanes". She was actually non-chalantly on da drivah side of da truck before she drifted two feet to her right and then continued on da entire time as if she was on da open seas.

Da last time I checked, a parking lot was to PARK VEHICLES, not for pedestrians. Surah we gotta get to and from our vehicles but at da same time, we do not walk on da "road" part. We certainly do not let our keiki run around like it's a playground and you ALWAYS try and walk single file (unless you get keiki which I'd hope would be on da inside of you holding your hand).

Now da older parking lots tends to be more of a minefield to dodge cause da lanes are more narrow but da "newer" lots like dis one, are more than adequate to be able to have people walk on da side and allow vehicles da "freedom" to drive by.

I hate da fact dat nowadays people walking in parking lots tink they "own da road" and they not even in one vehicle!

Let me put it anoddah way.

Wat if I drove my truck on da sidewalk? Same ting. Ok, more realistically, wat if I rode a bicycle on da sidewalk? Isn't a sidewalk for "walking"? Wouldn't you expect those who rode their bicycles to go around you or give you - da pedestrian - da right of way?

So why is it dat wen wen it comes to a parking lot, rules change? I don't evah hear anybody call it a "walking lot".

Surah I could have gone around but WHY? Wat if had anoddah car come ripping da corner? It would have been my fault for crossing into da oddah lane. It's da pedestrian's responsiblity to know dat 1) it's not a sidewalk and 2) to realize dat it's a PARKING LOT and get your damn okole to da side!

Ok, let's spread da Aloha. :grin:

On anoddah note about shopping carts, Da Wife and I was at Daiei - oh sorry, Don Quijote - and I wen fo' grab one bag rice to put on da cart.

From WWD!

Can you see wat da problem would be?

Told you I stay da King of WWD!. :lol: