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Early FGF

August 25th, 2016

Just wanted to share dis video dat was sent to me which I couldn't stop laughing. While we're taught not to have enjoyment at da expense of oddahs, wen done in good fun its pretty funny when everyone is a good sport.

No pee your pants.... while you buss out laughing! 😆

No Be Scared

August 19th, 2016

A couple of months ago while Da Baby was getting his haircut on a mid-morning Sunday, Da Keiki wanted go next door to da McDonald's playground at Moanalua Shopping Center. While we were walking there, she asked for a smoothie from Jamba Juice and me being da 'economist' really didn't feel like dropping $7 for a smoothie. I told her dat we could pick one up at McDonald's aftah she pau play since we had gift cards.

Aftah Da Baby was pau with his haircut, I asked Da Wife to get two smoothies for da rugrats and she came back empty handed.

BL: No more smoothie's? (was thinking morning time they don't serve it)
Da Wife: They're only taking cash right now.
BL: Heh? Wassup Wit Dat!
Da Wife: They said their machines are down and only taking cash.
BL: So no gift cards or credit cards?
Da Wife: Nothing but cash.

Since we manage our expenses - as well as rack up da points - via credit cards, cash isn't something we always have on hand and having dropped tip to da stylist, we didn't have enough to buy one let alone two smoothies.

A few minutes latah, an 'intimidating' lady tapped Da Wife's shoulder and I couldn't help but immediately notice da tat's on her arms and a skull on her motorcycle club vest. She gently placed two small smoothie's on our table and began to leave. We immediately offered her our gift card to which she politely refused and aftah thanking her repeatedly and trying to get da monkeys to come down, she left. We nevah look hobo (was wearing a puka-less shirt) so I can't imagine her thinking we couldn't afford it but seeing dat Da Wife entered da playground could probably assume we had keiki.

Once da monkeys took their final laps, they were excited to have smoothies waiting for them. We explained to them wat just happened and Da Keiki asked wea da lady was to thank her to which we further explained that da lady just wanted to help and be kind then left.

On our way out, I was spocking out da parking lot (hoping) for bikes and noticed a gang of them in da parking lot. Once we recognized da lady was still hea, we gave da gift card to Da Keiki and she walked ovah with Da Baby to thank her personally. Her reply, "you're welcome Sweetie."

Let's be real. Most of us already have a perceived idea of 'biker gangs' and it generally involves a mixture of rude, mean and dangerous type of people. Skulls, tattoo's and loud bikes don't help soften da notion so having an 'out of character' moment, was a lesson we couldn't let pass. Maybe cause Da Keiki already has been exposed to tat's and bikes (via me), it wasn't as intimidating to her but it was a touching moment to see da exchange between Da Keiki and da lady.

She rode with da Combat Veterans Association (CVA) and I wanted to give a shout out to them and say Mahalo for showing true colors and da spirit of Aloha!

I didn't ask for a name but upon retrospect, I'm glad I didn't because I think it emphasized a complete random act of kindness from a stranger and once you know a 'name', you no longer are strangers.

Dis moment was classy.... and I'd like to remembah it dat way.

Gotta Love It

October 8th, 2015

Dis was going to be saved for a FGF post but seeing how I've been so consumed at work needed a quick little pick me up.

I'll be da first one to say dat dis song has been waaaaaay ovah played but it's always fun to see it like dis.......

[youtube o0S3TMWJZt0]

Now you'd be surprised by how many people were so critical about dis on a popular sporting website as if da world's life depended on it and I couldn't fathom why. One response in particular:

"How is this funny or cute? These kids have been prepped to play football at some level yet as soon as a song comes on they lose control and disregard anything happening on the football field not to mention the fans and I would imagine some parents cheering for it. This is the same mentality we see at least weekly on the news but with higher consequences."

Wassup Wit Dat!

Geez, these are Pee Wee players that'll take a potty break during a game and dis is most definitely just a practice which any experienced football player would be able to distinguish quickly (choke adults standing all around without ref's would kinda give dat away).

Dis is da very reason "innocence" is lost from da game - playing for da love and having fun doing it is robbed wen at dis age it's all about "fun". Granted, dancing during a live play is not really "football" but it surah looked like a lot of fun to me. 😀

Anyways, stand up now. I know you want to do it.........

Now watch me whip
Now watch me nae nae
Now watch me whip whip
Watch me nae nae

Sign Of Da Times

August 7th, 2015

Right on national TV at a Presidential debate.

You tell me Wassup Wit Dat!.......... I'll chime in latah.

Stand Or Sit...... NSFW

June 12th, 2015

Before you read any further, be forewarned that you will either laugh your okole off, be totally grossed out or offended in some way shape or form demanding justice.

Eh, if you dat PC..... no read 'den - WWD! is no holds barred and das how we roll. lol

Now on to da good stuff.

Chottomatte, you did read the warning above right? 😉 😆 😉

[youtube GtoHgdue5LA]

How's dat yeah? I certainly hope you ended up in da former warning as I most certainly did! Now dat was some funny $h!t..... literally! 😆 😆

As for me, I gotta admit I'm neither though. Some of you probably shaking your head and wondering wat da heck I do then yeah? Well, I certainly ain't no bidet user but I'm a hybrid of da two.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I totally agree with dat if you one 'stander', brah, you get more problems than I want to know cause I can only imagine da additional square wipe-age area you gotta take care of. Plus, I certainly wouldn't like da ka-ka going anywea near 'cleaner' parts of my body even if it's da okole region.

Now for those who stay sitting...... wassamattah you??

I'm surah we get some 'sitters' hea but why would you want your hand to go below da rim? You're literally inches away from da floaties and I can't even imagine sticking my hand anywea near da pilau zone.

As in life, everything evolves. Me? I'm da hybrid of da two cause I'm one squatter. Aftah I pau, I just lift my okole like I stay doing one "squat" so dat I'm free and clear of da pilau zone cause das one area I want no part of.

Now hear me out on dis cause by squatting, you have several beneficial advantages. Obviously you're above da rim but you also are able to check out your ka-ka and shi-shi for any irregulah colors or shapes. **Dr.Oz says dat you should check your poop for color and shape every time 😉 😉 **

Probably da biggest benefit is that your okole cheeks always stay separated whereas da standing guy, it would clench and smoosh (visualize stepping on a banana without da peel). From da squatting position, you're then able to wipe 'freely' avoiding da smooshed banana syndrome.

Last you get to check out da toilet paper to make surah you stay 'clean' whereas da person sitting would have a harder time doing so cause whether you look down or risk bringing it around fo' check 'em out AFTAH going below da rim, hmmm, I'll let your imagination run with dat one.

So wat you - sit, stand or squat?

No even get me started on wiping. 😆

Eh, if you all huu-huu about da video, complaints can be left at 1-800-8WI-PEME. 😛

Have a great Feel Good Friday! Keep it above da rim and make surah you wipe good eh? 😆 😆

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