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Quick Poll - Valentine's

February 13th, 2015

Da only people who are ecstatic dat Valentine's falls on a Saturday are restaurants, stores and destination locations........ oh yeah, and procrastinators.

Back in da hannah-battah dayz, it was about giving heart shaped candies and a "do you like _______? Yes/No" lettah passed on by a friend to anoddah friend to da soon to be exposed crush. It really made or broke your heart which now wen I think about it is pretty brutal.

Hea's a day wea "love" is supposed to be shared and it's da main focal theme but it's really a day - or days - of anticipation, agony and for many I would assume, heartbreak.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Valentine's actually kinda sucks if you're a kid on da "broken" end. LOL

Do you still "celebrate" Valentine's? Are you da standard flowers and/or candies or are you da one to try and think of something different and unique every year? Is dis da only day/time da Casanova or Rico Suave comes out? Wat was da best - and worst - Valentine's you had if you brave to share?

I gotta say though dat Valentine's is pretty much a mood breaker for guys cause if we "mess up", it's a long ways away till Christmas but I've always wanted to ask any wahine's out there - do YOU stress out about Valentine's as much as us guys do? Do you actually get a "gift" for your man?

It must suck if you one guy and was born on Valentine's yeah? How would you celebrate it - by getting your oddah half something? On a day for "you", you have to get something special for your significant oddah? :razz: :lol:

And being born a few days earlier doesn't help either cause now if my oddah half does something nice for me on by b-day, then she sets da bar on wat I need to do for Valentine's..... ai-goo, no can win. LOL

Have great Feel Good Friday and a "successful" Valentine's. :razz:

asdf jkl;

February 6th, 2015

If you can tell me wat da heck dat means....... you win absolutely nothing but it's a Friday, my brain is fried, I need "refreshments" and it's a Friday.

Although I did have da most painful out of da blue cramp evah at 4 frickin' AM dis morning (WASSUP WIT DAT!) which left my left leg in a solid twitched state unable to straighten and lasted waaaaay longah than I thought it would as I screamed insanely inside making sure not to wake anyone. It was mind numbing pain which is still lingering like a deep tissue bruise.

Happy Feel Good Friday to da WWD! Hui as I can only imagine it being less painful than mine.

(Lurkahs included) :razz:

Not Interested

January 30th, 2015

If you don't know wat dis weekend is, you probably live undah Mauna Kea.

It's Super Bowl Sunday and frankly, I no give a crap. As a Niner Faithful, it's been choke long since we've been to da promised land - and actually won - and since then, da teams dat earned da right to play in da most glorious game evah, nevah made me want to sit down and "watch".

In fact, last year was da first time evah dat I actually sat down and watched da half time show only cause was Hawaii's own Bruno Mars performing and he rocked it!

It probably doesn't help dat da Seahawks (I call them something else but dis is a G-rated blog) are back in there as I just no like them.... except Russell Wilson who is a class act both on and off da field. Da majority of their high profile players are high makamaka-chip on their shoulder-us versus da world-no one respects us-we da most baddest okole's out there kine attitudes and they no shame to act it out either.

They openly admit to "cheating" - well, they claim if they haven't been caught or caught only a few times from da hundreds of times they've "cheated" da benefits outweigh da risk. No joke. They flat out admitted it last year and hea they are laughing their okole's to da bank in their opponents "Deflate-gate" scandal.

Actually BOTH teams have a history of "cheating" whether it be PED's (performance enhancing drugs), video taping opponents signals or just blatantly defying da NFL, I guess it is true in sports dat da benefits outweigh da risks and win at all costs and deal with da fallout latah.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Anyways, for those Seahawk and Patriot fans, good luck!

It no mattah to me who wins......... as long as it ain't Seattle. :razz:

Watson Says......

January 9th, 2015

So da last blog was pretty interesting I guess..... had people post! :shock: :lol:

Wassup Wit Dat!

Dat was awesome! :grin: I gotta say though dat I think Ocean Lover no can post anymore cause da buggah ALWAYS (ok, most times) get 'em right!

Ocean Lover:
January 7th, 2015 at 11:07 am edit
Gross! Dere's a doo doo in da bowl and NO TOILET PAPAH! Somebody in your office get some mean "oko juice" action in his BBD's!

Aftah "confronting" my co-worker, dis is how it went down:

BL: Eh, you wen take a crap or wat?
BL: No lie. I get proof. Try look. (showed da pic from previous blog)
CO-WORKER What the he!!? Is that our bathroom?
BL: Yup. I went in right aftah you and dis is wat I had to walk in to.
CO-WORKER Had toilet paper?
BL: Rogah.
CO-WORKER Then what did he wipe with?

Aftah a short perplexed glance towards him thinking he was trying to deflect, da light bulb went off in my coconut shell cause we both deduced da same thing.

Our toilets are auto-flush and fairly strong so it'll clear most debris in one flush. For those pieces dat don't make it, they get pretty mashed up from da force of da flush and you can literally tell it nevah make da original plumbing pilgrimage. Therefore, any leftovahs should absolutely, positively nevah be left intact and looking so.... solid.

With dat being said, even if da sensor nevah work, how come no mo' toilet paper in da toilet? He nevah wipe aftah pau? Not even a square? And last time I checked, we no mo' one bidet.

So there it is my dear Watson, as elementary as it is.... das how skid row came to be.

Have a grrrrreat Feel Good Friday!

And no fo'get fo' wipe eh? :razz:

Q & A

December 5th, 2014

Da holiday is in full swing but I wanted to find out wat is it dat YOU do during da busiest time of da year? Are you a craft fair junkie wea if you don't go to at least one a week you go through withdrawls? Are you da one who makes gifts (sews, glues, etc) to give away? Do you bake like crazy making HECO (or whoevah da heck just bought HECO) happy? Do you attend Christmas parades or go cruising through neighborhoods far and near to view home light show decorations? Do you visit da Honolulu City Lights? Is there a Kapolei City Lights?

Do you have a fake or "live" tree? Do you need da Christmas tree smell?

Answer one, answer all, answer none....... stay one Lurkah - your choice. :razz: :lol:

And in case you don't know, KSSK (92.3 FM) plays 24/7 Christmas music for you Scrooge's out dea. :grin:

Happy Feel Good Friday!

And if you haven't laughed or smiled yet today...... wassah mattah you?