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Q & A

December 5th, 2014

Da holiday is in full swing but I wanted to find out wat is it dat YOU do during da busiest time of da year? Are you a craft fair junkie wea if you don't go to at least one a week you go through withdrawls? Are you da one who makes gifts (sews, glues, etc) to give away? Do you bake like crazy making HECO (or whoevah da heck just bought HECO) happy? Do you attend Christmas parades or go cruising through neighborhoods far and near to view home light show decorations? Do you visit da Honolulu City Lights? Is there a Kapolei City Lights?

Do you have a fake or "live" tree? Do you need da Christmas tree smell?

Answer one, answer all, answer none....... stay one Lurkah - your choice. :razz: :lol:

And in case you don't know, KSSK (92.3 FM) plays 24/7 Christmas music for you Scrooge's out dea. :grin:

Happy Feel Good Friday!

And if you haven't laughed or smiled yet today...... wassah mattah you?

NOW It's Ok

November 28th, 2014

Black Friday is upon us and let all da Christmas music, lights and festive "gestures" begin!

Hopefully for those who have braved da madness have gotten wat they wanted without too much elbows thrown - I just sat on my okole and was able to get some Black Friday items via online instead..... of course AFTAH Thanksgiving. :grin:

Before you all buck-a-loose, I just wanted to say Mahalos to all those who tune in daily, weekly, monthly wat have you and I sincerely do appreciate it. A BIG Mahalos goes out to those who brave da "wrath of Kwon" (pun for those Trekkies out there) by sharing your comments and scoldings.

WWD! isn't perfect - nor do I claim it to be - but it's just a stocky little braddah sharing his classic misfortunes for those to laugh, shake their heads or just wonder along saying...... Wassup Wit Dat!

So to all those - especially those who have hung around since da inception - I truly am blessed to have you in my "internet" life. Naturally besides being thankful for all our ohana, wat are you thankful for? Have you been a fortunate recipient of good luck which has made you more "thankful" for something you oddahwise wouldn't have been able to? Wat are you most thankful for recently?

If you see me in real life, no scade say wassup cause I no bite..... especially if you're carrying beer. :mrgreen:

Happy Holidays and spock you out next week, next month, wen evah!

Wat Da Heck Is Wrong With People?

November 21st, 2014

In dis day and age of evah changing "social media apps", it's absolutely amazing how an app can cause - instigate - so much pilikia.

Amazing aside, it's frickin' ironicly pupule how a scheduled assembly on bullying got canceled because it was, well, bullied.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Das wat happened at Kaiser High School today. A scheduled assembly to obviously share information about bullying was to happen today, Friday, but wind of a new app called Yik Yak (nevah heard of personally) was found to have threatening remarks yesterday leading to da cancellation of da assembly.

How much more messed up can our society be to have dis kine of stuff happen in high school? I've witnessed dis kine stuff in college during mid-terms and finals (bomb threats just so dat ONE idiot could have an extra day or two to cram) but c'mon, in high school?! You gotta be kidding me! And we all wondah why bullying is such a hugemangeous problem dat no one is affected by until they are directly affected - or personally care - about it.

Da app has all kine's of "features" dat I no like even get into but it's a scary app from da details I've read and it's all ANONYMOUS.

It's so frickin' sad dat we as a society have no responsibility for each other yet alone for ourselves.

But I'm sure there'll be an app for dat.

It's behavior multiplied by their environment dat creates and grows dis kine of breed and until we can culture da environment, behavior will nevah change. For da dwindling population of those who still care (all da WWD! Hui) - continue to share da aloha, persevere and continue to do da right thing as much as you possibly can.

There will NEVAH be an app for dat.

Curious Poll

October 3rd, 2014

Happy Feel Good Friday!

Just curious as to what internet "stores" do you check out and/or buy regularly from? I know we probably discussed dis at one point in time but things change evah so rapidly in dis electronic day and age.

I haven't been on eBay in about a year and found myself purchasing a few small things in da past few days for a friend's wedding and boy has dat site changed.

Just purchased some things from as well - nevah have before - for da same wedding and you know wat I found out? They have a "live chat" feature so I was asking about da return policy and stuff and decided to ask if had "kama'aina discount" and guess wat? She actually told me to hold on and in a few minutes gave me an online promo code to use for 10% off! How cool was dat - doesn't hurt to ask yeah? :razz:

Amazon is a lifesaver in terms of comparing prices locally and online as well. It's kinda mind boggling dat da majority of da time Amazon wins and I'll place an order cause it's usually free shipping but buyer beware in dat sometimes it's not sent by Amazon and you have to read da item description carefully since sometimes da reason for da lower price is dat it's an "older" version. I did notice a little link they provide though - not sure for wat specific items they do it for - but it says "Newer version found" and you click it and it takes you there. Wat was I looking at? A double stroller. :roll: Yeah, das how dis faddah rolls. :lol: And guess wat on top of dat? It was actually CHEAPER!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Anyways, enjoy da beautiful day we have today! Da sun is out, da sky is blue and we got some of our trades back! For those who are into astronomy kine stuff or just like looking at da stars, there's supposed to be da International Space Station sighting da next few days:

Fri Oct 3, 7:11 PM 5 min 56° 10 above SSW 28 above ENE
Sat Oct 4, 5:04 AM 3 min 62° 62 above SSW 10 above SSE
Sat Oct 4, 8:01 PM 2 min 15° 14 above WNW 14 above NNW
Sun Oct 5, 7:12 PM 4 min 30° 27 above WNW 10 above NNE

So no get all para's and start claiming you saw one UFO eh? :lol: I'll try my hand at night photography and see wat I can muster up.

Take a moment to enjoy life and da beauty we're surrounded by everyday but struggle to take da time to "notice" it - I stood on da side of da street while taking Da Keiki and Da Baby out for an early evening stroll a few weeks ago and paused for dis.........

Shoots! Have a grrrrrrreeeeeeaaaat Feel Good Friday everybodies!

Spock 'Em

September 19th, 2014

Happy Feel Good Friday!

How good are your WWD! eyes? Check out da pics and you tell me wat's Wassup Wit Dat! with 'em.

Most of you will probably see it.

Most of you probably haven't even noticed da "difference".

Just thought dis was one of da most ridiculously hilarious things I've seen.... at Long's! Wat da heck is it and wat are da medical benefits besides wat da label insinuates.

Have a great weekend everybodies and no fo'get to feed your goat. :lol: