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Is It Hump Day Yet?

May 10th, 2016

My mind thinks so but I guess da days aren't agreeing with me. I'm ovahloaded, ovahwhelmed, ovah it. lol So hea's a little somethin' somethin' - a blast from da past to get your mind off Wed, ur, Tuesday.

Click hea to try your hand at Grinds Quiz - Part 2 (created by Braddah Tracey Nishibun) and let us know how you did!

Or you could just go out and sample all da grindz..... or feel free to drop some off if da mood should strike you. 😀

Wat Day Is It?

May 15th, 2015

Howzit! Howzit!

Man, da kine weather has been all kapakahi this week but today is turning out be beeeeeeaaaauuuuutiful! Lucky we live Hawai'i no?

One of da bestest days of da week is obviously today, Friday, and whether you call it Pau Hana Friday or da traditional "Aloha Friday", it kicks off with a song we ALL have heard, sung and probably have engraved in our hearts. Sadly, I don't hear it on da radio as often anymore and I guess it's anoddah fading 5-0 tradition but to help perpetuate it and keep it alive - especially for all da youngin's - hea's da words and a pretty cool video to go along with it.

Here is where I sit, all cloudy and blitzed
with the Primo bottles lying everywhere
Got a guitar in my hand and a Wesson Oil can
Under my okole for a chair.


It's Aloha Friday, no work till Monday.
Ah Do Be Doo, Be Doo Be Doo Be Doo Be Doo

The cousins all here, drinking up my beer
got keikies running everywhere.
I got some poke on the side while mama's trying to hide
the Miller and the Heineken beer.


OK. You know when you wanna get away, I mean one ting
about Friday ma, da working work is ovah yeah.
Frankly, ya, I feel good man.
I work hard all week long.
I can't wait to get away, you know like down like the beach.
I'm cruise dis weekend yeah, get one hot concert too man,
dat's the most important ting. But main ting too,
is to get enough money fo gas and to go out to da disco.
I like to see all da beautiful chicks Yeah!
So now I gonna jus kinda cruise, take my Bank Americard,
you know adderwise, how can I get money?
Right, plus den my friends always say
eh braddah, you can buy me one drink then.

Kimo and the crew sucking up the brew
pulehu meat smoking on the side
All the surfers are a-droppin'
while the highschool are a-poppin'
down Kaluakaua for a ride.


It's Aloha Friday, no work 'til Monday.
Doo be doo, doo doo be, doo be doo be doo be doo!

[youtube kOvS34KxsQU]

C'mon now, if you not in a Feel Good Friday mood by now...... go home cook rice!

Ha ha ha! I nevah use dat one in long time. 😆 😀

Happy Feel Good Friday everybodies!

No Blame Me Eh

November 5th, 2014

Really, no blame me eh.

For those - let's say in their 30's - probably will (re)connect with wat I'm about to share but let me forewarn you and put out a WWD! disclaimer and say dat if you spend HOURS on dis site and get busted at work, NO BLAME ME EH!


Kung-Fu Master, LodeRunner, Moon Presta, Out Run, PaperBoy, Tiger Heli, Zaxxon.

Wassup Wit Dat!

You probably either too makule to remembah or waaaay too young but for those digging deep into da coconut shell having those names ringing familiar memories you going absolutely LOVE dis site. It has choke old school kine games dat you can play right on your browser (read da instructions eh - some browsers are "faster") with nothing special to add or download. There aren't any trick advertising but just plain old fun.

The "Internet Archive" which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit is in the business of building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. As a "library" they provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, the print disabled, and the general public and as such rely on donations to keep the site running. (excerpt edited from site)

Bottom line, it not only brings back some awesome memories, it's some kick okole kine fun! Plus da buggah is FREE and nothing to sign up for and zero advertising (at least from wat I saw).

Click hea to check out da Internet Arcade!

Let me know wat you tink and if you went exploring further to find out wat oddah kine "treasures" they get. Let me know wat games you wen sample and wat games was missing from dat "era".

And of course I gotta reiterate wen you get busted from having too much fun...... No blame me eh! 😉 😉

First Time

November 3rd, 2014

Brah, I'm not talking DAT kine. 🙄 We are rated PG aftah all.

Aftah getting into recovery mode from my friends wedding, I finally got around to building Da Keiki's first bike - a pink Red Wagon bicycle with training wheels which was her birthday present as she just turned four.

I don't evah recall having one of my own cause being da youngest - even with my cousins - I always had da leftovahs but I remembah two bicycles in specific: a flower printed banana seat Schwinn dat I used to share with my cousin wen I stayed with them and a red and yellow Kent dat my older braddah got for his birthday. I also remembah not evah having training wheels and to suck it up and no cry if I ate it (part of da old school Korean culture). Ahhh, da memories.

Remembah yours?

Did you have a banana seat? Have you evah scraped da pedals leaning into a turn and then thinking you was going to eat it? Evah tried making da motorcycle sound with da soda can wedged? I nevah did (saw) da clothes pin and baseball card thing so wenevah we saw a can thrown away on da ground, we scored! Once I graduated to da "coasting" gears and hand brake, it was fun pedaling backwards but even more cool to always hear da tack-tack-tack sound as da wheels spun freely.

I most definitely always looked for ramps to jump, dirt to brake slide in and any kine trails to ride in. I remembah riding from Salt Lake to Waikiki too on several occasions on bmx's - imagine a handful of ten year olds cruising Nimitz to Ala Moana to Kalakaua. Ahhh, da good ole' days.

It was not only our only mode of transportation - besides TheBus - it was freedom. It was self fulfilling. It was some kick @$$ memories. 😀

Da Keiki was "tired" of riding in circles at home so Da Wife and I took her to Ala Moana Beach Park a couple Saturday's ago and she had a great time riding da ENTIRE length of da park, then Magic Island and back to da Ward side entrance. Geez, Da Baby and Da Keiki was riding and da parents walked......

Wassup Wit Dat!

Dis was her third time evah on her bicycle so naturally aftah I got tired of being da "nice guy", she got some old school Korean "encouragement" and yes, she did eat it a good one and yes she was told to suck it up.....

Aftah I was done laughing.

Flashback: Rubbah Slippahs

March 27th, 2014

If there's one thing Hawai'i get choke of - besides Spam - is rubbah slippahs, NOT flip-flops, RUH-BAH SLIP-PAHS. Or slippahs for short. And unless you go early wen Longs get da sale, chances are no more your size. One day at Old Navy, they had a really cheap sale on slippahs so I bought "back-ups" and it reminded me of dis blog I wrote about back in 2010........ yeah, 2010! 😆

Back in da day, for those who've always wondered, we used to put 'em on our hands fo' run fastah - you know, aerodynamics and all. Actually was cause we nevah like lose 'em and get lickins'. It also came in handy wen playing chase mastah cause you could just slip 'em on and run threw da pokey mine fields.

Da most "experienced" ones could walk out from class wit 'em on and wen recess came, walk down to da field (cause no like get busted for running) and immediately go into a dead on full sprint - and da slippahs? It would fly right off like Forrest Gump's braces. Da draw back? You ALWAYS ended up looking for one side or da more common scenario, somebody wen cockaroach your slippahs cause wen look like theirs. Then you go home and get lickins'. 😆

Rubbah slippahs are notorious for breaking but of course - being da resourceful kama'aina we are - we ALL knew how fo' MacGyver da buggahs back - even da wahines! I tink das one requirement fo' being one kama'aina. Wen da buggah pop out we jus' wen slide 'em back in and if da buggah came "too loose"..... duct tape! Well, any kine tape. Masking tape, scotch tape, even staples and papah clips but gotta make surah da sharp side points down!

Everyone - except da wahines I tink - used to wear 'em till was papah thin and it was kinda one treat fo' go and buy new ones. If we saw any kid wit "Scott's" on we was jealous cause those were like da Mercedes of slippahs. A hybrid of sorts, rubbah on bottom but thick fabric on top. Now repairing those were tough but it's amazing wat super glue and duct tape could do. 😀

Back then to now, still get da rubbah slippahs but now get da fancy shmancy kine. HIC (Hawaiian Island Creations) was/still is da premier "fashion trend setter" of da rubbah slippahs. You could custom make your own! How cool was dat! It was - not surah about now - da cool thing to mix and match da colors so your pair actually didn't look like it was a pair. You could pick a different color top from da bottom and literally have four colors on a pair of slippahs. Da trouble wit dat? Wen you stay someone's house wit choke people, da only way to find your's was by putting 'em on and doing da footprint identification test. If you evah questioned if it was your slippah or not, it was by how your heel and toes lined up in da permanent indents in da rubbah.

Years ago, my team must have felt real bad for me cause I used to come in these boro boro "regulah" rubbah slippahs. As a coach's gift, they bought da fancy shmancy Quicksilver kine slippahs and I was really touched cause I nevah evah had "fancy" slippahs even as an adult. I really cherished those so I nevah wore 'em out to anyplace I knew was going get dirty - not even to practice. I only wore 'em out to "special places".

A couple years latah my dog ate 'em. Really. No joke.....

But I still wore 'em.

It was hanging on by just a single seam and my foot would slip if was wet so I couldn't go fastah than a walk. As such, it was "demoted" to be worn as "practice slippahs". My playahs teased me throughout da season and whaddayaknow, at da end of da season I got a pair of MORE fancy shmancy kine Quicksilver slippahs..... it had air pockets in da heel like Nike Air's AND a bottle opener on da bottom!

Whoa! Can run & open my "beverage" without skipping a beat. MacGyver would be impressed. 😉 Those were da only slippahs evah to have a spot indoors on our "shoe" rack. 😀

About a year latah.......

My oddah dog ate 'em.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Ai-goo. No can win I tell ya, no can win. 🙄

So wat? you get fancy shmancy kine slippahs? HIC or Long's kine? How many pairs do you actually have? Do you keep da broken ones for spare parts? No scade and share your rubbah slippah mo'olelo's.

Braddah Lance Kwon

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