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Kokua Needed: Every Vote Counts

October 1st, 2016

Howzit! Howzit!

Calling in a favor chip for those who peruse actively on da internet.

KITV is holding a local 'battle of da bands' type of contest called "Kanakapila Island Showdown". They are matched up and within that particular pairing, whomevah has garnered da most votes will advance and pair up with a winnah from annodah paring and continue until a winnah winnah chicken katsu dinnah is selected. Wat's pretty cool so far is dat da bands competing are singing local songs and their renditions to them.

My friend, Brandon Onishi, is in the band Kai Malo'o (guitarist on da right side) singing "Mt. Keala" from da "Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka 'Aina I ka Pono" Dennis Pavao Cover.

Wat's amazing about him is dat in high school, he was a (below) average trombone player who really wasn't interested in band geekdom and from his sister's omission, he "[sang] in his bedroom so horribly we couldn't shut our ears enough" and now as a self taught guitarist and singer, sounds pretty damn good to me all things considering!

Please sign up to vote on KITV below, of course, should you deem them worthy but if not..... at least no vote for da oddah guys eh. lol 😉 😉

Kanakapila Island Showdown


Gotta Pay It

April 13th, 2016

Such as everything else in life, if you want it, you have to pay for it. If it's something you think is sooooo simple and upon checking things out you find out da 'fee's' are outrageous, you scream.....

Wassup Wit Dat!

You see fees all da time: "set up fee", "customization fee", "disposal fee", "supplies fee", "fut fee", "breathing fee".... well da last two were thrown in there to see if you was still reading.

But das wat it is all about in dis country no? Making da moo-lah and charging da prices you want to charge cause why? Cause you can. If you no like 'em, go find somebody else. Wen you no can find 'em, you cower back to da original place and pony up da cash but wen you score and find a "lower price", you can't help but feel like you beat da 'system'.

Dat has to be one of da most irking things to find a good price on something only to find out dat you have to pay for dis and dat and dat and dis; kinda like shipping. You find something for like $20 and shipping is $35. lol Well, shipping I can understand but all these (hidden) fees? A prime example is renting a car - have you evah seen all da 'fees' and taxes you have to pay which most times is just as much as da rental itself.

Currently I'm looking to get some team baseball hats embroidered and was told (by da embroiderer I've been going to for well ovah a decade) dat da setup fee was $75-100! Brah, my jaw just dropped. I know get all kine costs from da software to da machines to rent to payroll but wat, you making it all up with a single 'fee'? Wen you've been a loyal customer for dat long you would hope for even a slight kama'aina discount on the 'fee' but a $100 setup fee sounds steep no?

I checked Lids and their price is dramatically lower at $50 but if you come in with da specific type of graphic file they use, da fee is waived buuuuuut - there's always a catch - da price per piece is much higher.

No can win I tell ya!

Wat kine fees do you see all da time and scratch your head about? How many of you are tired of fees? Do you think an "all in one" pricing should be law?

Unfortunately CorelDraw X5 doesn't export to an embroidery file so I'm stuck out of luck there which leads me to ask, does anybody have an embroider that they use... or by chance have embroidery software? If so, may I ask whose your go to embroiderer please? Or if you do embroidery work yourself, give me a shout out and I can possibly shoot some business your way as I'm always asked about embroidery work.

And no, I have not forgotten, I still owe a handful of you 'free' custom t-shirts. I'm on Hawaiian time but I nevah evah renege a deal..... or charge a fee. 😀

Foodie Kokua

April 21st, 2015

Howzit Howzit!

So hea it is, a friend of mine who has defected to da "main rock" is back in town to help take kea of his mom. He's been ono for some local kine grindz but not plate lunch kine cause we get a bunch of us getting together for dinner but we have no idea wea.

Sorry but Zippy's and and da like are out and I'm asking Da WWD! Hui for any suggestions - anywea between Mililani and Town is game. C'mon, you guys have got to know at least ONE 'nice' place no? Or you just like me and only go to da 'safe' places? 😆

I'm hoping dis time da foodie's will come out of Lurkahville and post cause da last couple times I asked for Da WWD! Hui's help in dis area, it was like no one evah ate out.

Wassup Wit Dat! 😆

And I know you guys da ones to buss out da phone and take pics of even just da french fries so no ack eh. 😀

We're thinking Side Street Inn as our fall back but would be great to try some place different even if you nevah try 'em before...... and get a Shakanack review too. 😉 😉

Mahalos in advance to those who eat out a lot. 😛


May 27th, 2014

Ok all you go-out-and-always-eat-out-nutz peeps - got a question for you......

Wea's a good place to eat das open for lunch and in da town area? Or bettah yet, wea's a place dat you wanted to check out but nevah had da time but heard was ono?

Got a friend coming into town and he's a BIG eater. Ok, we're all big eaters so no tapa kine style places for us. 😛

You got anything?

Got Heart?

July 24th, 2012

You would tink I have enough on my plate wit Da Baby, da blog, finishing up da house, printing jobs and just finished up my 19th year of volunteer coaching earlier this month..... wat more can I pile on?

Oh yeah, I wen volunteer to try help fundraise for an organization I have no connection with.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Cause they needed the help.

One of the hardest things to do is to give - or ask - when you have no connection to the cause whether it be directly or indirectly. Sometimes it's just a feeling. Sometimes it's something you care about. Sometimes you just like try and help as in dis case wea I'm trying to pitch in any way I can.

I have absolutely zero connection to the American Heart Association (AHA) and I don't have any direct family members with heart conditions nor know anyone that does but the annoying little voice in da coconut shell kept telling me to check it out. Actually in a roundabout way, we all have a common connection to AHA.... you got a heart right? 😉

Let's be honest hea. Fundraising sucks. Asking for donations sucks even more. Da worst is getting nothing for something and not even a receipt for tax purposes. Oh wait, there's worse. Those pesky stand on da median, sign holding, traffic distracting, no shame no like work for it, can't tell if it's legit fishnet beggars. 🙄

Hea's how the American Heart Association breaks down your donation - the legit way:

- $500 will allow us to teach more than 2,500 children how to avoid obesity and live longer
- $250 saves lives by helping to distribute 8 innovative CPR Anytime kits to the community
- $100 allows one hospital to teach its patients and health professionals about the risks of stroke
- $50 gives 50 people educational materials that teach them how to personally reduce their risk of heart diseases and stroke

For more about the American Heart Association Hawaii branch, click hea.

How can you help? With a donation of course! 😀

Donations can be made online via a secured link but the minimum for online donations is $25 but by no means is that the minimum you should feel obligated to contribute. Feel free to donate as little - or as much - as you like. Wait, let me rephrase dat. Donate as much as you're comfortably able cause we all got bills to pay, ohana to take care of so even if it's like $5, no shame cause at least you wen try give and DAT'S wat it's all about.

If you do want to give a lesser amount, a check can be sent to my work address (email me for info).

And like I mentioned earlier, getting nothing for something is not everyone's cup of tea so I'm hea to change dat. In da spirit of fundraising hea's wat you can get - sorry, its all I can afford:

$5 - 25 will get you your choice of either a custom "kama'aina" t-shirt designed & printed by me or a mid-sized poke container of my world famous kim chee.

$30 - 50 will get you either da shirt or a biggah container of kim chee.

For those who rock and donate $55 - 75, you get both da shirt and da big container of kim chee.

For those who really rock and donate $80+ you get da t-shirt, big container PLUS an I owe you for any size kim chee ANYTIME you want it (1 week notice please cause I only make 'em fresh).

Surah, I end up losing money but at least you AND the American Heart Association going make out and das all dat mattahs.

Help me to help the American Heart Association by CLICKING HEA to donate. It'll take you to the official AHA Hawai'i website wea you can join da WWD! Hui and click da "GIVE NOW" button if you choose to donate online.

Remembah, any amount is good as it goes to a great cause and you get to score too! Please pass this on to your ohana and friends cause I going need all da kokua I can get to hit my goal of raising $1000.

btw, I nevah fo'get those who donated to "Pray For Drew" and I'll get those out real soon. 😀

Mahalos to all!

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