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Got Heart?

July 24th, 2012

You would tink I have enough on my plate wit Da Baby, da blog, finishing up da house, printing jobs and just finished up my 19th year of volunteer coaching earlier this month..... wat more can I pile on?

Oh yeah, I wen volunteer to try help fundraise for an organization I have no connection with.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Cause they needed the help.

One of the hardest things to do is to give - or ask - when you have no connection to the cause whether it be directly or indirectly. Sometimes it's just a feeling. Sometimes it's something you care about. Sometimes you just like try and help as in dis case wea I'm trying to pitch in any way I can.

I have absolutely zero connection to the American Heart Association (AHA) and I don't have any direct family members with heart conditions nor know anyone that does but the annoying little voice in da coconut shell kept telling me to check it out. Actually in a roundabout way, we all have a common connection to AHA.... you got a heart right? :wink:

Let's be honest hea. Fundraising sucks. Asking for donations sucks even more. Da worst is getting nothing for something and not even a receipt for tax purposes. Oh wait, there's worse. Those pesky stand on da median, sign holding, traffic distracting, no shame no like work for it, can't tell if it's legit fishnet beggars. :roll:

Hea's how the American Heart Association breaks down your donation - the legit way:

- $500 will allow us to teach more than 2,500 children how to avoid obesity and live longer
- $250 saves lives by helping to distribute 8 innovative CPR Anytime kits to the community
- $100 allows one hospital to teach its patients and health professionals about the risks of stroke
- $50 gives 50 people educational materials that teach them how to personally reduce their risk of heart diseases and stroke

For more about the American Heart Association Hawaii branch, click hea.

How can you help? With a donation of course! :grin:

Donations can be made online via a secured link but the minimum for online donations is $25 but by no means is that the minimum you should feel obligated to contribute. Feel free to donate as little - or as much - as you like. Wait, let me rephrase dat. Donate as much as you're comfortably able cause we all got bills to pay, ohana to take care of so even if it's like $5, no shame cause at least you wen try give and DAT'S wat it's all about.

If you do want to give a lesser amount, a check can be sent to my work address (email me for info).

And like I mentioned earlier, getting nothing for something is not everyone's cup of tea so I'm hea to change dat. In da spirit of fundraising hea's wat you can get - sorry, its all I can afford:

$5 - 25 will get you your choice of either a custom "kama'aina" t-shirt designed & printed by me or a mid-sized poke container of my world famous kim chee.

$30 - 50 will get you either da shirt or a biggah container of kim chee.

For those who rock and donate $55 - 75, you get both da shirt and da big container of kim chee.

For those who really rock and donate $80+ you get da t-shirt, big container PLUS an I owe you for any size kim chee ANYTIME you want it (1 week notice please cause I only make 'em fresh).

Surah, I end up losing money but at least you AND the American Heart Association going make out and das all dat mattahs.

Help me to help the American Heart Association by CLICKING HEA to donate. It'll take you to the official AHA Hawai'i website wea you can join da WWD! Hui and click da "GIVE NOW" button if you choose to donate online.

Remembah, any amount is good as it goes to a great cause and you get to score too! Please pass this on to your ohana and friends cause I going need all da kokua I can get to hit my goal of raising $1000.

btw, I nevah fo'get those who donated to "Pray For Drew" and I'll get those out real soon. :grin:

Mahalos to all!

Free Shirt.... But You Gotta Earn It

July 23rd, 2012

Howzit Howzit!

Just wanted to share how you can score a free t-shirt!

But you gotta earn it.

And gotta register by da end of today cause I stay rolling on Hawaiian time and nevah commit till just now. :oops:

Register for the American Heart Association Heart Walk (click da link) and show up for da walk on Aug.11th which starts at 7:30am and pick up your shirt at the registration booth which opens at 6:30am.

You can choose to do either a 1-mile loop of Kapiolani Park or run a 4.5-mile circuit of Diamond Head and strollers are allowed so you know we'll be there! :grin:

Click hea American Heart Association Heart Walk to register and did I mention dat it's free? Both da t-shirt (if you register and attend da walk) and da walk itself are free! Now wea da heck you going get free stuff and help your body at da same time?

Just a heads up though dat wen you register for da walk (look for da "JOIN OUR TEAM" button on da right), da form kinda looks like you gotta donate but you don't have to - any donation is a SEPARATE link/page from da walk itself so no panic out like you have to. It's a plain and simple registration and yes, I do have my "own" page to help gather donations but more on dat latah.... like latah tonight so check back eh?

If you no can score da free t-shirt or attend da walk, check out tonight's blog on how you can help out da Wassup Wit Dat! Hui fundraising effort!

So no fo'get, register for da walk and/or check out tonight's blog on how you can be part of da WWD! team...... and score more "free stuff".

No joke..... F-R-E-E!

When Do You Know And Can You Face It?

March 25th, 2012

It's inevitable that all things come to an end.... but when do you actually know?

It happens every year with athletes when we, as fans, know that they have past their prime and they should be retiring but as any one of them will tell you, they still feel like they can (should) play.

When WWD! came to an abrupt end in 2010, it wasn't by my choice and it certainly wasn't time considering we've only been up for a couple of years but nothing could be done.

Every year about this time, for the past 18 years, I've packed up my gloves, cleats and visor and headed down to the baseball diamond. This year is no different marking my 19th year of coaching in P.A.L (Police Activities League) and while it may not be as prestigious as in years when I used to play, it's still an avenue available to get kids active and an option to get out and do something since it's a community based league rather than by selection.

I actually prefer that our league is "low-key" now because in truth - as I tell every parent that has had their son or daughter come through the program - "I don't coach baseball".

Wassup Wit Dat!

Well, considering P.A.L's core philosophies, it's something that I value considerably and take to heart although there are many coaches, parents and even players who think and act otherwise. I've always believed that if you want to be competitive and want to play competitively, there are many many leagues to go out and do so - P.A.L isn't one of them and that's why I enjoy and am proud of being a coach in the P.A.L organization.

I straight up tell the parents my one and only goal for the season is to have the player come out a better person and if s/he comes out a better player then that's a bonus.

As intense of a coach as I am, I've always wondered why my players keep coming back and I can only say that it has to be that I respect them as a person AND a player. It doesn't matter to me if s/he sucks okole or if they can't hit the wide side of a barn from 10 feet away (I have player like that right now), but I can guarantee their attitude will change and in turn their skills will improve should they go through one season with me. My only hope is that they take those changes and carry it through their life instead of just the season.

This years roster consists of literally five players (we need at least 10). Usually, once we start practice we have players trickle in wondering if they can still sign up but this year we've had none and the last few years we have seen our numbers decline. The offering of year round sports is the main culprit meaning that you can play ANY sport at any time of year now instead of only in it's dedicated season.

Honestly, I would have done the same and played football year round had it been offered back in the day so I don't blame that because I would have been doing something that I love. The problem with that though is that you're not exposed to different experiences to grow from and also, you don't let your body heal and recuperate from the repetitive motions of the one sport. You also run the chance of burning out at such a young age.

I've always encouraged my players to go out and do something different once baseball season is pau because you'll be able to learn form different coaches and challenge yourself to different techniques. If you stay with the same coach year after year, you really can only take in so much.

Do you have your son or daughter, niece or nephew involved in year round sports? Do you think year round sports is beneficial? Encouraging? Unhealthy? Would you, at that age, have choosen to remain in a singular sport played throughout the year?

This year I probably will not have an opportunity to carry this on and it's not by my choice. It's a shock to me and it feels like a steel door just just slammed right in front of me. I never envisioned leaving the program under this kind of circumstance and always thought I'd be walking towards the sunset on my own two feet.

Maybe it's time to hang up the glove and "retire" but I'd be amiss if I didn't try to salvage the season for the five that are signed up. I've already spread the word around and tried reaching out but no bites so I'm asking the WWD! Hui if you know of any kids ages 10-12 as of May 1st that might be interested in learning a little about themselves. No experience is necessary and all skill levels are welcome as I've seen all kines come and go through the program. The practices are at Salt Lake District Park (makai - the one with the pool) and more information can given to those who are interested.

All I ask is that they want to be out there and have a good attitude.... but if they don't have the right attitude, no worries, I'll change that in a hurry. :wink:

For Those Who Helped

November 17th, 2011

Just wanted to send out quick shout out to those who donated to the Pray For Drew 52 fund.

I really did appreciate all those who donated whatever they could. No matter the amount - some were very generous though - I was truly moved by the gesture all the same. It was awesome to see so many with open hearts giving what they could for a person they've never even met or known and whether it be by tangible or non-tangible means it was touching to witness.

For those who were unable to give, no worries. Times are hard or the cause wasn't yours but the main thing is that you care about something in the world and willing to give to that and that's all that matters.

As promised, I did offer to anyone who donated a free t-shirt or kim chee and that promise will not go unfulfilled. Even if you've donated privately with or without my knowledge, you're good for it. You just gotta ask.

I have kim chee freshly made ready right now and more prepared near Thanksgiving depending on the demand.

If you want the t-shirt you can choose either a chocolate or ash grey color in sizes M, L or XL. Sizes are limited so first come first served. I have custom slogans based on my private line of "kama'aina" you can choose from and that can be selected once I find out what you want.

It's something I promised I'd do for Da WWD! Hui so no shame to claim your prize. Just email me what you want and we can meet up somewhere for delivery. If the t-shirt is chosen, I'll email the details of the slogan and you choose from a half dozen different versions. We can meet up for the delivery of the shirt as well or if you want it mailed, I'll be happy to do that as well but ask that postage be sent back to me after you receive the shirt.

Everything is on the honor system and God is watching so I'm not worried. :grin:

Let me know what you guys want and Mahalo Nui Loa for caring and showing true aloha!

Kokua Needed - Favor To Ask Da WWD! Hui

October 21st, 2011

The main difference between me in high school and me now, I put on some weig..... muscle.

Actually I'm pretty much the same, muscle excluded, in that I try to care more about others than myself. My friends know that I'm there for them no matter what and even Da Wife sometimes can't figure out why I'd drop whatever I'm doing in a heartbeat when any of them needs anything.

One major difference is when I was younger I knew there was a whole new world waiting to be explored. I dove head first without care and little worry and oblivious to what life really offered all the while enjoying every bit of it knowing there's more. As I got older, nothing changed other than me learning about consequences, becoming much more patient, avoiding knee-jerk reactions and changing to milder peppers in my kim chee temper just to name a few.

It's what we call, experience.

If you've never been exposed to certain things or if you've never had an opportunity to, you just don't know what you've missed out or not. And without experiencing it, you can't imagine how it truly feels or how'd you really react other than thinking how you possibly would.

Before having Da Baby last year, I didn't realize (appreciate) the gift of life. I saw pregnant ladies before. I saw crying babies. I saw parents "taking turns". I saw mother/daughter-father/son time. I saw one share the others enthusiasm. It didn't bother me none. It was something they had/were doing.

I didn't think twice about any of those things until Da Baby came along.

I noticed myself tuning things out around me focusing only on Da Baby whether it be talking "baby" or telling her a'ole for da gazillionth time. I now respect what wahine go through carrying a child and going through labor. I see crying babies and now think maybe the baby needs food or a change and hope the parents take care of it instead of saying "shut the *&%@ up!". I watch as one parent inhales their food while the other occupies the baby all the while just waiting their own turn to eat and I immediately think, "been there, don't forget to chew and breathe" instead of "too bad so sad". I watch mother and daughters (da young ones of course) shop and see the glitter in their eye sharing a moment or two or a father and son throwing a ball and getting coached regardless if the father is clueless about it.

It's a feeling you can't duplicate and it's definitely an experience that everyone may go through differently but it is an experience nonetheless. Not to say that those who don't have keiki don't feel the same but it'll be mighty hard to duplicate. Experiences are just something you can't say you have until you've gone through it. I'm not sure why or how it happened but I get in a zen-like state when I witness even the simplest things like a wintery chill blowing by as I gaze at the Koolau's or people helping people without risk or reward. I take joy in that. Those experiences are worth having.

Then there are others you don't want.

And then sometimes you experience things that are uncontrollable, unforeseeable and out of your hands that you had no choice or chance to accept or deny the experience.

The parents of Drew Iida are personal friends of mine and they need our kokua. With respect to to the parents and ohana, specific details will not be released. There was an article in the October 15th paper and also a not so kind segment on one of the news channels - both which were done without their consent. A short blurb was made on ESPN during the UH/SJSU game which I'm sure many have heard but just flew by since the experience wasn't theirs.

There's a minute few who jump to conclusions and make accusations and I can tell you without doubt or hesitation that they are two of the most caring, thoughtful and considerate parents out there. I've known the mother since we were 13 and she's always been the calm caring type. The father is a big teddy bear with a bigger heart. They provide, care and nurture like any parent would and by no means intentionally put their, or any other person, in harms way. They are good people.

Whether you're moved by what happened or not, it's based on your experience(s). I for one was super concerned once I heard of the injury because it involved people I knew and cared for but even moreso since I had Da Baby it became an issue that hit home.

It could have been my baby.

Something unpredictable. Something out of the blue. It's just one of those things.

Connections by experience is a common thing that brings different people together. It's also one of those things that everybody has but to differing levels and it's called caring. People who don't know each other pitching in, helping out in any way they can, doing whatever they can however they can. It's not about how much help you can give, it's about whether you're genuine about it. It's about doing da right thing at da right time for da right reasons - das da Aloha Spirit!

There will be a fundraiser for Drew Iida (Pray 4 Drew 52) at the Villa at Aloha Tower on October 30th 4pm - 9pm (see flyer below). There will be local entertainment, a silent auction and a fun time to have by sharing a common experience: Kokua.

You can kokua in choke ways. Presale tickets are limited but feel free to show up at the door - all are welcome. If you just want to donate, nothing is too small for the silent auction or monetary donations can be made out to "Pray For Drew Iida" fund. I have verified with a close family member that all proceeds will benefit Drew Iida, and only Drew Iida, to help with his medical cost and care.

No help is too small and any help is appreciated. Don't feel like you have to break the bank to help. While tangible goods can help with immediate needs, the intangible helps just as well.

Let's all Pray for Drew 52 and wish him a speedy and full recovery so that he may experience and pass on what you're passing onto him.

Please respect his parents wishes about the injury and let's focus on what we can control - that's to kokua at his fundraiser.

*** As a small incentive to kokua, if you show up to the fundraiser and find me, you'll get a freebie! Yes, a freebie. No fine print. No $2 short but there is a single requirement,

You have to say three magic words............. "Wassup Wit Dat!".

Just tap me on da shoulder, say it (proudly, sarcastically, funny, watevahs) and you'll get your choice of a personally designed t-shirt or a bottle of kim chee to be delivered later. And even for those who are unable to make it but donate anyways, we'll go on the honor system so just email me saying you did so and I'll hook you up with the prize of your choice.

If we have a confirmed amount of people attending, I'll even try and secure a table for Da WWD! Hui.... so you can see all da lolos dat read WWD!. :lol:

Hope to see you there!

Muchos Mahalos!



CLICK HERE TO SEE PRAY 4 DREW BOOSTER ITEMS - I'm unsure how many items are left but if you contact the person on the order form, I am sure they'll have the info