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Same Lingering Smell

November 17th, 2014


As I was dropping off Da Baby at da sitter's dis morning I was behind a garbage truck preparing to unload a dumpster. You didn't have to know dat a garbage truck was there if you had your windows down as da aromatics fill da air.

Then wen I was dropping off Da Keiki at preschool had anoddah garbage truck - different company but same smell.

Naturally three times a charm so as I was riding into work, right before you jump off da Nimitz overpass you can't help but flow through an invisible bubble of..... hauna.

Wat is it about garbage dat it all smells da "same"? It comes from different households, different foods, different garbage but yet no mattah wat company, wat area it all smells da same.

Wassup Wit Dat!

It's one of da worst smelling lingering odors there is and I'm pretty surah no one can deny they haven't smelt it before. It sucks wen you driving and stay behind a garbage truck cause once da smell enters your ride, da smell just attaches itself to everything like da suckers on a tako. You only got two options aftah dat, roll up da windows and suck it up (ha ha ha) or leave it open using aerodynamics to swoosh it out while you endure da next eternity desperately hoping it clears before your next inhale. It's just like da Seinfeld episode wea da valet guy had irremovable B.O. :lol:

I no understand how dis one smell can last so long - even longer than one fut. Wen I see one garbage truck and can avoid it, I most definitely do. If I see it far enough ahead, all da windows go up and I move to da furthest lane possible. Have you evah had da "juices" get on your tires and undercarriage? Haaaauuuuuuuna! No joke. Be forewarned do not follow da garbage truck going on ANY incline.

Heaven forbid you even get a drop on your physical self cause it'll call for a scrubbing decontamination protocol like no other. Even then you're only acknowledgement of an all clear is to wat? Smell for it again no? :lol:

Sadly, I have to ride through da Nimitz smell of shame everday, TWICE. In case you don't know, da C&C of Honolulu houses some of their garbage trucks under da underpass right across da Veteran's Hall and I'm not sure if they hose down da trucks there but it wouldn't surprise me if they did. Da most ironic thing about it? I wouldn't have thought da homeless could stand it 24/7 but they still there but das anoddah blog to share latah.

Wat's da worst smell you evah smelled? Is there a smell dat oddahs tink are supah hauna but you don't mind it? How many of you smell your cut toe nails? No lie. Have you evah had a smell dat just wouldn't go away? Wat was your decontamination protocol?

Eh, it's a Monday and it's hauna already.

Crowd Control

October 9th, 2013

Why is it dat every time there's a large crowd of people - not at an event - people's mood start to change? And especially if da crowd continually grows, dat eventually, civility gets thrown out da window?

Let me start off by saying dat da first weekend of da month is not a time to hit Sam's Club. It's already choke crowded and overrun with WIC and EBT participants but in combination with Sam's opened up to all military service members during da government shut down, it was like Black Friday madness.

I honestly don't mind da crowds as I enjoy "people watching" and witnessing da many differences in behavior - and keiki raising - dat is all around us. It's pupule to see how many "actions" I certainly do not want to pass on to Da Baby and Da Keiki. Dis past Sunday for about an hour and a half, it was more than I bargained for.

Not surah if elevator etiquette is a learned behavior or just common sense but as soon as da doors opened, we weren't even allowed to exit da elevator "first". Trying to maneuver a stroller and carrying Da Keiki, WE had to say "excuse me" so dat we could exit (WWD!). As people took a step, yes, ONE step to da side, we were trying to avoid 4-wheeling ovah toes.

If you've evah been to Sam's Pearl City, da walkway exiting da elevator nearest da store wasn't fully conceptualized. Besides being fairly narrow considering da oversized carts, if people are standing around, it isn't easy to navigate through. It was (surprisingly) nice to hear a tita mom actually scold her kid for not getting out of da way fully as we approached da end of da walkway while da oddah 15 people barely moved their cemented feet. She told her son first to move then when her son only took a step she sharply said, "eh, you nevah get out of the way enough so they can get through". Shweet.

Inside da store was a free-for-all: people blocking access to items while looking elsewhere, walking well below da "speed limit", making turns across "two lanes", hog-cheese all da samples by grabbing for their ENTIRE ohana (I wasn't interested but even da presenters didn't know wat to say/do), even had a mother make house sitting on da couch display breast feeding her infant and 'den had dis ohana blocking da entire walkway - which I'm guessing is about 15 feet wide - talking story with anoddah ohana still blocking even aftah I said "excuse me" a few times.

I casually pointed out to Da Keiki as we passed by, "Babe, don't you evah block a walkway wen people are trying to pass ok?" She gave me a great big smile and said, "ok, Daddy." Wooo-saaa.

Da icing on da cake came at da end. While Sam's Club has finally wised up and made a self-checkout line for 10 items or less, remembah civility is out da window, there were people in line there with CARTFULS (obviously more than 10) and even had da nerve of a lady with a flatbed in there wen da line SPECIFICALLY for flatbeds had only one person! I couldn't buss out da camera in time to take dat pic.

Da Wife and I thought about standing in line there as it was shorter and moving but we had way more than 10 items and we didn't want to be one of "those people" even though "everybody else was doing it". There were a few oddahs dat had passed by the self checkout as well contemplating the moralistic dilemma and most stood in da regulah line constantly doing a double-check as there were oddahs dat nevah care.

We eventually split up as I went to da café to pick up lunch - which was about 15 minutes - and as I came back, she was still in line. I waited next to da MOD station (Manager on Duty - at least I tink was cause they da ones dat answer trouble calls) and as I watched more people not adhering to da self checkout requirement, I asked:

BL: "Excuse me, but why are people being allowed to use da self checkout line with more than 10 items?"
MOD: ***gives me a really strange wtf am I talking about look*** "Anybody can use the self-checkout."
BL: "Huh? Really? That's not wat da sign says."
MOD: ***a little sassy*** "What sign?"
BL: "Da huge sign dat says 10 items or less."
MOD: "There aren't any signs."
BL: ***tinking 'Really? You work hea or wat??'*** "There are two huge signs above the front of the stations and das why we nevah use da self checkout."
MOD: "Anybody can use it. (chuckling) I've seen people with waaaaay more than 10 items in there."
BL: "Then you should take down the signs as it's not fair to da people who listen to directions."

Wat got me was dat she wasn't even interested in wat a "customer" had to say. All dat mattered was dat anybody could go into da self checkout without regards to watevah was/wasn't posted. She nevah even bothered to go check out wat da sign I was referring to said - basically it was just her "knowledge" and das dat.

Wassup Wit Dat!

You tell me if a note in their suggestion box should include glasses or hooked on phonics..........

Love Thy Neighbor

May 17th, 2010

Last night I had to clear out da garage and if you seen my garage you would have just suggested to dynamite it.

I had years and years of accumulated organized chaos lying around from old trophies to, well, old everything. Since it's an open garage there was dust everywhere - along with a few former living things - and it wasn't pretty.

I started at 9am and didn't get done till 10pm.

Ok, ok. I was done at 8:30pm but was taking a "break" across da street.

Our street is decently long - I'd say about a dozen or so homes on each side -and we pretty much "know" each oddah. Aside from not knowing each oddah's names, we know wat kine car they drive/have, wat kine friends visit, wat time they stay home, if they get dogs, keiki etc etc.

Or it could be just my keen observations skills going shmall kine nuts again.  :roll: 

Our immediate neighbor we talk story shmall kine wen we stay outside at da same time. It usually goes along da lines of common interests like wat we stay doing to our homes or our dogs. He asks from time to time if I need dis or dat to help out.

Our oddah immediate neighbor they stay around Da Wife's and I age so we end up talking about stuff "our age". I always ask them if they need help with anything cause they always buying new tools and I tell them no need if they only going use 'em one time cause I get tools they can use instead.

Our neighbor across da street, he's one character.

He reminds me exactly of NKHEA and even to da point my neighbor really no can hea, he stay practically deaf. He always comes ovah and asks if I need help with anything wen he sees me working or loading da truck. He always tell me come ovah cause EVERY Sunday get pah-tay his house. He share his beea's, his kau kau but most of all he shares his Aloha.

A rare treat in dis day and age I'd say and he's passed it on to his ohana.

It was about 7:30pm and I still had more than a couple hours of work left. Then his two grandsons come ovah, then anoddah uncle and my uncle. They all came ovah to help no questions asked - nothing in return. They helped clear my garage in a hour and we was pau.

Then it was time to relax.

Wen I go ovah it's feels like how it should/would have been back in da good 'ole days. Got da radio on - no tv unless got a game on - everybody sharing their mo'olelo's, their pupu's and laughing and teasing. Everybody listens and stay geniunely interested in each oddah's conversation. 

Did I mention dat "Uncle" stay turning 90 dis year?!

Da hui at Uncle's house stay about twice my age except for Uncle's grandson's who still stay about 10 years older than me and you really wondah how da heck can practically four generations sit in one garage and wala'au and "understand" each oddah. Even though they are not my "neighbors", they end up being wen they around.

Gotta be da Aloha no?

Uncle did it right and passed it on to his keiki and now to his grand-keiki and it keeps getting passed on through witness of his actions and it'll definitely get passed on through me.

Do you know your neighbors? Do you lend a helping hand to your neighbors? Do you even say hi? Talk story? Know their names? Or is it usually just the casual nod, smile and hurry in da door?

Maybe da world could/would be just a bit bettah if we took da time and love thy neighbor..........

Eh, not dat kine love.     :razz: 


Braddah Lance Kwon



February 22nd, 2010


Was up since 4:45 dis morning getting ready for an early morning doctor's appointment so short and sweet today on Mumblin' Monday.........  mumble on!   :grin:

Share 'em if ya got 'em.


Braddah Lance Kwon


Wat Do You Want?

February 9th, 2010

Dis should actually should be a Mumblin' Monday post but uh, let's just say I was in "recovery mode" and far from posting anything coherent.   :mrgreen: 

The past few nights on the news there were so many things locally that just seemed "wrong":

  • State delaying tax refunds:   It still falls under the 90 day refund policy - just barely - but if they can "delay" da refund, can we "delay" our payments?
  • Army "plans" to bring in super-ferry like military vessals:   So wat? Kama'aina can borrow? Or at least can copy da EIS?
  • Kapolei Parkway opens:   Good for traffic, bad for students. Can you say "let's play keiki Frogger?"
  • Brand spankin' new $700k command vehicle sits unused for years:   Heck, you can pay me half of dat at $350k and I'll be more than glad to do nothing for years.   :roll: 
  • Bars ask for smoking ban to be lifted for "bars only":   Why don't we just allow drinking and driving since obviously second hand smoke takes too long to kill innocent workahs and patrons?
  • HPD doesn't want to deal wit tailgaters (#1 cause of accidents according to KITV - gotta see da video) stating their time and resources are better used for speeders:   Hmmm, so wat does da traffic division do before pau hana time gunning down speeders going to work from da West side to town near Aloha Stadium (hint hint) cause they surah aren't enforcing car pool violators or tailgaters obviously?
  • Rail broke ground and is finally being built!:  Ok, so dis one not going happen but a person can dream right?

Personally, there are a few things I'd love to change or see get done:

  • How's about anoddah prison or two? We can help stir up da economy wit jobs building and running da prison. How we going do dat I dunno but it surah would be nice to see a few habitual and violent criminals off da streets.
  • Get students back to school:   If I had dis much "days off" back wen I was in school... I wouldn't have made my own "holidays".
  • Homelessness:   Wat can be said or done about dat? It's a lose-lose cause those who want to "get rid" of it are called insensitive having no compassion and those who want to help are told to keep 'em in their backyard if they like help 'em...... lose-lose....... no can win.
  • Wat if we had rail undahground going to da neighbor islands? We got rail AND a "SupahFerry"..........

A guy can wish can't he?

Wat do you want or wish to see happen in da 808? No scade fo' say - could be small could be big. No need be a law thing - it could something as simple as seeing Taco Bell pricing da same hea as da mainland.   :wink:    Which by da way have you noticed dat it's no longah da "just cause we in Hawai'i get 10 cents premium" on fast food any more? We got jacked and now paying anywea between 20 and 50 cents more!

Wassap Wit Dat!

You tinking outside da box or wat?

Braddah Lance Kwon