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Foodie Kokua

April 21st, 2015

Howzit Howzit!

So hea it is, a friend of mine who has defected to da "main rock" is back in town to help take kea of his mom. He's been ono for some local kine grindz but not plate lunch kine cause we get a bunch of us getting together for dinner but we have no idea wea.

Sorry but Zippy's and and da like are out and I'm asking Da WWD! Hui for any suggestions - anywea between Mililani and Town is game. C'mon, you guys have got to know at least ONE 'nice' place no? Or you just like me and only go to da 'safe' places? :lol:

I'm hoping dis time da foodie's will come out of Lurkahville and post cause da last couple times I asked for Da WWD! Hui's help in dis area, it was like no one evah ate out.

Wassup Wit Dat! :lol:

And I know you guys da ones to buss out da phone and take pics of even just da french fries so no ack eh. :grin:

We're thinking Side Street Inn as our fall back but would be great to try some place different even if you nevah try 'em before...... and get a Shakanack review too. :wink: :wink:

Mahalos in advance to those who eat out a lot. :razz:

You Nevah Need It Till You Need It

March 9th, 2015

It's one of those things you kinda knew was going to happen eventually but just not when you expected it to and naturally of course, when you stay in one rush.

I load Da Baby and Da Keiki in their car seats to be dropped off at da sitter and preschool respectively, and hop in my trusty Tacoma steed as daylight starts to inch ovah da darkness enjoying da crisp 64 degree morning chill, turn da key and got da dreaded clickty-click-clickty-click-clickty-click.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Damn! Da Wife is gone and I no think she would approve of me taking them on da bike.

At dis point, I'm just praying dat it's just da battery and nothing else so I pop up da hood and then realize dat my charger is buried in da garage. And I mean buried. $h!t!

Then it dawn on me dat I actually had prepared myself for dis exact moment and bought dis exact "backup" tool about six months ago for dis exact emergency. Well, it's actually a "multi-tool" and a damn good one too!

So I dug through my backpack and pulled it out.......

Aftah reading about dis type of device and doing my homework, I still remembah I had to "convince" Da Wife dat we "needed" it. Well, it was a man-tool and she wasn't going to win on dat one but boy has it paid itself ovah and ovah again and again in which she has benefited from as well.

It's called a "personal power supply" (PPS) and there are many different variations and types out there so it's not like it's a one size fits all. One of da biggest - and most common - reason for a PPS is to recharge your phone's energy consuming battery on da fly wen you can't stop and find an outlet.

This particular model by Antigravity Batteries (XP-1) is kinda like a MacGyver of PPS's. It not only can charge multiple devices at once with the multitude of attachments, it can also power your laptop, jump start vehicles (and trucks) and to make it da MacGyver of tools, has a flash light to top it off.

We've used it on many occasions to charge our phones and tablets on da go but dis was da first time I've evah used it to jump start a vehicle. I was a little skeptical at first to see if it could power up a V6 with an AGM Optima battery but she fired right up da first time! Cheeeee-huuuu!

Granted, da battery wasn't fully depleted which helped it crank ovah but it still worked. I still couldn't believe da little $h!t worked! Ha ha ha :lol:

Hea's wat da full package looks like:

It comes with a multitude of connectors via USB including iPod, micro-usb, a car charger and various oddah connectors via "socket type" all conveniently packed away in a zippered bag. Da unit is just six inches wide and about a few pounds so lugging it around is probably not one of da best things to do unless you anticipate in using it knowing you'll be away.

We always have a stroller or baby bag so it doesn't bother us to lug it around constantly and I keep it on me wenevah I ride da motorcycle. There are definitely oddah models which are smaller and lighter but da trade off is dat da "power" would be less so it all depends on wat you need it for.

With hurricane season just a few months away, it truly is one of those things dat I would suggest everybody should have in their home especially in dis power hungry world. If you one Tim Allen type like I am, it's a definite must have.

How else you going check WWD! if you no mo' power? :grin:

Shakanack Review: Koa Pancake House

March 2nd, 2015

Dis time I did it right - eat breakfast at a breakfast joint.

Having done a review about a year ago (Shakanack Review: Koa Pancake House) and ordering lunch instead of breakfast, it was da least I could do to at least order wat made them a popular breakfast place.

Da Wife and Da Baby shared a Koa Omelette in which Da Baby nevah waits wen food is placed in front of him

Da Keiki had her go to pancake option: chocolate chips

I had da Eggs Benedict with breakfast potatoes

Da damage

I no get "invited" to sample these places. I no get reimbursed for meals eaten. I no get asked/told by The Honolulu Star-Advertiser to check these places out so wat you get is a legit, straight up review from a local braddah who loves ono kanack kine grindz as much as he loves his beer. :mrgreen:

So hea's da breakdown:


Two Shakas and a Go Figgah

Same as last time: typical no flash, sit your okole down, grind your grindz and pau. Da décor is not a let's take it easy and talk story and for wat it's worth, you won't feel like staying long anyways. It is busy in da morning - as expected - but da tables were still "sticky" and we had to ask for it to be wiped with a rag dat I know wasn't in da most sanitary condition. There isn't a person to seat you and it's almost like you have to call dibs on seats cause you don't know if people standing around are waiting for their food, waiting to order or waiting for a table. Plus, there are people who'll stalk you for a table. :shock:


Three Shakas and Bumbye

Their prices are in line in today's market although I personally think any plate lunch - whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinnah - at $9+ is pricey.

Da Koa Omelette was stuffed pretty good with spinach, mushrooms and meat (portuguese sausage I think). Da Wife did enjoy her choice and Da Baby wasn't complaining either. Simple kine served with two scoops rice but worth da $9? Depends who you talk to and I would only agree if da omelette was biggah or it came with anoddah side.

Da chocolate chip pancakes, well, they are wat they are. At least da chocolate chips was spread out unlike da last breakfast place, pancake & waffles bld. It was also fluffy and light which made it easier to eat considering it's "bread". If you a fancy kine syrup person, bring your own cause they only get one flavah.

Da eggs benedict was surprisingly pretty good. Normally I reserve da benny for da kine fancier kine restaurants as I know they put a little more effort into da hollandaise sauce but aftah glancing at da menu and its prices, thought I might try something different. And yeah, da whole time I was telling myself I was going to regret going "different" but au contraire mon frere, it satisfied my taste buds. It also pleased me dat they weren't frugal with da sauce too as I was able to dip da bland breakfast potatoes in which was da saving grace. For $8.65, it seemed like a good balance of price to portion ratio.

I will say one thing for certain though, I was contemplating da steak and eggs too and totally glad I didn't. I saw it being delivered to two separate tables and talk about manini! You would be sorely disappointed should you be a meat lover.


Three Shakas and Bumbye

I said it in da review last year, stick with da breakfast stuff and you'll definitely fare bettah thus da one bump up from Two Shakas and a Go Figgah to Three Shakas and Bumbye. I still think it'll be a hit or miss with their menu but at least dis time around da choices we made were more on da hit side. Da food is palatable and nothing spectacular to rave about but it's diner kine food. It definitely is not a Kanack type of establishment as aftah I was pau with my plate, I ended up eating a couple more bites of da omelette and finishing off three full pancakes as well and still could have eaten anoddah plate...... but just remembah to order breakfast eh? :grin:

"New" Germaphobe

January 12th, 2015

Some time ago Da Ohana and I ventured out to da Windward side for a "Discover Windward" event at Windward Mall. Its been a long time since I've "returned" as my ex (waaaaay back in da day) lived not too far from there and having practically lived there for years, it has changed - at least internally.

Something about da "oddah side" of da Koolau's makes da Windward side unique as you pass through any of da three tunnels just like being transported through time. I used to spend hours admiring da majestic peaks, waterfalls, supah early sunsets and perfect cuddling weather nearly every night... except wen we was disagreeing. :lol:

Walking around da event happening in da parking lot, it was like a homecoming of sorts with da air, da chill and all da familiar buildings still around (well, Starbucks wasn't around back then) then Da Keiki still being hungry, we went inside da mall to find something to eat.

As soon as I walked in I noticed dis wasn't Kansas anymore. Da food court was renovated with a new dining area and food vendors making it a pleasant surprise considering da before. Da decor was very modernized with Hawaiian contemporary and it was so...... "new" looking.

As Da Wife was ordering, I went ovah with da rugrats to kapu a table and noticing it was a little sticky so I busted out da wipes to clean it up. Aftah only a few swipes, Wilson was found......

I immediately told Da Keiki to get her hands off da table as I continued to wipe it down only to have to go through wat felt like half da container of wipes.

Yea, dat was all from ONE table.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I couldn't believe how filthy it was and even moreso, how much accumulation of gunk there was as if da tables weren't evah wiped down since its blessing. I used a handful more wipes than pictured and each time felt like I was peeling layers off an onion. It was a little unsettling dat a place so "new" would be so gross already.

There was a couple a few tables down dat saw wat I was doing and they did a double take looking down at theirs having already gone through half their meal now trying to eat hovering ovah their trays and playing Operation trying not to touch their table.

Do you wipe down tables wen eating out? Evah wondah if they clean da rag they use to wipe down ALL da tables with? Do you look for newer tables? Have you seen Ala Moana's new tables? Do da leftovah watah marks aftah wiping da table with a rag gross you out? Evah been given wet glass or silverware?

At least da Koolau's were serene.

Shakanack Review: pancake & waffles BLD

December 3rd, 2014

It's kine of a rarity dat da ohana actually go out and eat cause da rugrats end up getting ants in their pants so it was a gamble we were taking wen Da Wife wanted to check out a fairly new eatery dat opened up nearby.

pancakes & waffles BLD (breakfast, lunch, dinner) at Waimalu Shopping Plaza

It was pretty packed but da line moved surprisingly steady

Literally BLD

For those who order by picture-phonics

Order your food, grab a table.... no mind dat it's "country" style and make house

Chocolate chip pancakes

Ahhhh, da anticipation..... but Daddy gotta take picture first

Rice, bacon, eggs..... rogah, just rice, bacon & eggs - can't get any more generic than dat

Waffle benedict - a twist on a classic

Da damage

I no get "invited" to sample these places. I no get reimbursed for meals eaten. I no get asked/told by The Honolulu Star-Advertiser to check these places out so wat you get is a legit, straight up review from a local braddah who loves ono kanack kine grindz as much as he loves his beer. :mrgreen:

So hea's da breakdown:


Three Shakas and Bumbye

With da place still having da new car smell, it felt "clean". Da dining area appeared laid out as best as it could be but if it's packed, don't expect to dine in. There are high chairs against da wall for basically a "dine and go" type of thing since you can't sit face to face with your company but da draw back? Da line to order goes right behind your okole. Da table situation is well..... unique. If you're dining in they give you a numbah (pic above) and like da sign says, no be shy and share da tables with strangers... oops, neighbors. We lucked out and had a table of our own but had to wait for it to get cleared off which took waaaaay longer than it should have but wasn't surah if they couldn't handle da traffic or da workers weren't sure of their roles as a couple of them kinda walked aimlessly and nevah "hustle" recognizing a full house. I was still pretty close to my neighbor though.


Three Shakas and Bumbye

Da prices seem to be on da average side for dine in but for take out, it would be considered juuuust a tad high.

Da Keiki had da chocolate chip pancakes which she enjoyed (obviously - wat keiki doesn't enjoy sugar and sugar for breakfast?) but couldn't finish it as it ended up being sugar ovahload. Da pancake was moist but da chocolate chips could have been spread out bettah to even out da bites. Da Wife had da original waffle (whipped cream was $1 extra - WWD! - talk about an absurd profit margin) which was cooked pretty good and moist but $6 for just one regulah flavah plus da whipped cream? Ai-goo :roll: It was tasty though but mo' bettah getting some real food for $7 no? Da Baby had da generic breakfast choice which was nothing special and I had da waffle eggs benedict which was surprisingly good. Da saving grace was da mini waffles it was on instead of da traditional toasted muffin. Da sauce could have been more tasty but not surah how as I felt it was missing an ingredient or two and da potatoes were not seasoned so those who like plain ole' dry potatoes, have at it.

Da damage for da three and a half of us was average but das without any drinks too.


Three Shakas and Bumbye

Da place is worth checking out especially if you're in da mood for something different but don't expect to be "wow'ed" at least with da choices we had. Da prices seem to be on da average side again for dine in but if you take out, can't say it's justified especially if you get pancakes or waffles and it'll end up being soggy wen you eat 'em at home so you get double whammy of paying too much for soggy food. :razz:

I did want to check out da lunch/dinner items so maybe next time as their oddah items sound ono too - especially da ones in da picture-phonics.

If you can get ovah da sharing a table with strangers and trying a new place, definitely check dis place out. Da food was tasty enough but no expect to kanack aftah thus da "mid" rating. Da waffle could have definitely been biggah along with da pancakes but at least they weren't chang with da potatoes even though was dry without seasoning. To put some perspective on it, I ate my plate, more than half of Da Keiki's pancakes, about a quarter of Da Baby's food and few bites of Da Wife's waffles and I could have ate some more fo' kanack......... but not at their price. :grin: