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Bumpy Ride

March 6th, 2014

At one time or anoddah, you've driven - or ridden - on our city roads and there's no denying dat they are in disrepair especially wat seems like it's only happening on da major roadways. We pretty much know wea da potholes are and I not surah if it's just me, but it seems like da potholes are biggah and deeper these days.

Steel plates on da roads are not uncommon as well but wit da rail being built, they are tearing up da road to get underneath for LOOOONG stretches and since da work isn't pau overnight, they put da steel plates to serve as da temporary "road".

Depending on your ride, you're prone to do one of two things, 1) avoid 'em or 2) drive ovah 'em. How you drive ovah them will depend on how much you care for your vehicle. If you no kea, you just drive on top of 'em without even slowing regardless of how lumpy or bumpy it may be and da more "precious" your ride, da more "careful" you try and be.

So it was trippy to see driving home da oddah weekend a rare sight. As you can see above, there's a long stretch of steel plates by da Sears Distribution Center in Pearl City and like an agility drill, da steel plates alternated between lanes. Wat Da Wife and I didn't expect was watching a vehicle in front of us maneuvering between da small gaps avoiding da plates performing "S" maneuvers.

Dat vehicle was....... TheBus!

It wasn't a shuttle version or a regular sized bus, it was da extended supah long kine and at first we thought there was something on da road so I slowed down to observe da road and once we passed da Sears Distribution Center it hit me dat da drivah was avoiding da plates!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I dunno about you but 1) da drivah no own da bus or pay to maintain it, 2) TheBus weighs like wat? A gazillion pounds? and 3) you would tink dat da passengers would be more nauseous during "S" maneuvers than riding ovah da little bumps of steel plates especially on a bus.

It was even more funny in dat as we drove ovah da plates.... it was actually SMOOTHER than da road itself! :lol:

Do you avoid da steel plates? Is your ride precious enough to tip toe ovah 'em? Are you an evasive drivah specialist?

Watevah you do, no jam your brakes hard on 'em if they stay wet unless you practicing driving on ice.... or you TheBus.

Ford People?

January 28th, 2014

I no can believe how many people no realize dat as a drivah, you not only gotta obey da rules of da road but you stay behind one 3+ ton hunk of metal ready to do damage in an instant....... and you can nevah turn back once you commit.

One of da most frequent type of accidents are left turning vehicles. It's a simple concept really. Slow down, stop if directed by signage or traffic, ensure you have room to clear the crossing lane and go once it's safe to do so.

People tend to do only one of da four things above..... no ask me which one.

** FYI - A car making a left turn is almost always liable for a collision with a car coming straight in the other direction. Exceptions to this near-automatic rule are rare and difficult to prove, but they can occur if:
•The car going straight was going well over the speed limit.
•The car going straight went through a red light.

Making a left turn, or even a merging right turn at a stop light or stop sign into traffic, is all about judgment but sadly, it's shifted more towards arrogance. In da most basic of terms, if you making a "merging" turn, you DO NOT HAVE DA RIGHT OF WAY!!! It no mattah if you late or da person behind stay honking - unless it was at a distracted drivah on da phone - you have gotta obey da rules of da road regarding turns - parking lots are no exceptions either.

Dis morning as I was dropping off Da Baby at da sitters, I approach a T-intersection (I'm going straight and have da right of way) and I see a lolo in a beat up white Ford? blatantly blow past da stop sign das been there since da beginning of time. Nevah mind da bold wide white painted stop line which he obviously thought was just graffiti on da road. :roll: Da nose of his truck was more than enough into oncoming traffic but it also prevented me from making my left turn of which I had da right of way.

It wasn't like he was going to stop anyways so I slowed down and flash my highlights to let him know to go - not even a mahalo as he zoomed through. Wat can I say? I felt sorry for da guy...... he had a HUGEMANGEOUS St.Louis Ram flag flying from a pole dat was strapped to his truck and das punishment enough.

Aftah dropping off Da Keiki next, I go back home to pick up da bike but had to fill up gas before heading into work. I'm riding along and almost got T-boned in da parking lot cause da idiot making a right turn nevah like stop. In fact, I got da stink eye cause it was "my fault" and she still went through nevah mind I had to brake hard to avoid a collision with her AND an oncoming car.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Sistah, YOU making a turn from an "intersection", you do not have da right of way...... well she was driving a huge Ford Excursion so she may have thought it came with da SUV.

Aftah filling up, I head towards da on-ramp and sitting at a red light at da intersection of Hoomalu and Moanalua and truth be told, das one treacherous intersection especially if you do not know da rules of da road. There's anoddah mo'olelo with dat but for a future blog. Anyways, there was a Ford Taurus in front of me which had a van in front of dat and da Ford drivah, a USMC soldier based on his uniform and sticker on da window, throwing his arms up in da air urging da van to go.

We had da red light which meant da right turn was ok to make IF it was safe to do so and at dat intersection, you either need a vehicle dat will fly in a nanosecond or zero cars in da vicinity cause dat merge is mighty quick and has a semi-blind view as da vehicles make their way up a minor hill crest before being visible.

Since wen has it become "acceptable" to make turns regardless of safety especially wen there are rules set forth to keep da civility of da road? I tink it's so ridiculous dat at major intersections dis type of contempt has become commonplace. All it takes is one "I think I can make it" type of call to put not only your life at risk but those dat are sharing da road with you.

Da next time you at a stop, not just Ford owners, nevah mind if it taking a little longah to make dat turn, you'll nevah go wrong following da rules of da road and making surah you're able to complete your maneuver safely for your sake...... and mine.

Now I gotta go make a "Calvin / Ford" stickah. :lol: :wink:

Warning... But Nothing More

November 30th, 2012

Last week at our weekly visit to Sam's Club, I was about to pull into a stall but noticed dis.......

Wassup Wit Dat!

Seriously, FOUR, yup, count 'em... one, two, tree, four stalls! Your ego seriously has to be huge to even tink about pulling dis kine of stunt. It's not right in any means but IF you going try dat, there are some basic courtesies dat you should consider in your inconsiderate coconut shell.

First, go do 'um in da far side of da parking lot wea nobody wants to park anyways - not in a prime time area wea everyone wants to park. Second, your vehicle gotta be worth - at minimum - $75k and gotta be a model wea we cannot pronounce da name so we tink it's fancy shmancy. Also, if you get any kine stock rims, das one automatic FAIL! Third, try take up only TWO stalls unless you drive one semi-truck, there's no reason to save your life dat you should take up FOUR stalls. And last, if you going take four stalls...... use up ALL FOUR STALLS! Why would you even park part on one side and da majority on da oddah side. You already one prick fo' doing it, you might as well park "even".

As I walked by tinking about leaving a "love note", I noticed dat someone already did..........

Dat was so shweeeeet! Too bad it don't really mean anything but I liked da "Other Message" left on da stickah although I would have thrown in some adjectives myself. It really would have been da bestest if there was a boot clamped on though but I guess Security felt da Holiday Spirit.

Happy Feel Good Friday everybodies!

SHOUT OUT: Hau'oli La Hanau to Da Wife! :wink:

And You Still Do It

October 10th, 2012

On my morning ride to work dis morning, as I was gazing through da vog, on da side of my eye (good thing I get slant eye) I saw a SUV crossing into my lane. It was one of those newer sadly designed blind spot ridden behemoth 4-Runners and it was crossing into my lane.

Crossing, not changing.

Click hea if da map nevah pop up.

If you nevah been in da shoulder lane in morning rush hour traffic, da only way to get on there legally is to enter it via da Zip Lane entrance. Once you pass da Zip Lane entrance, it becomes a dotted solid only allowing to change out of da lane and not into it.

Da 4-Runner was not more than a couple of feet running paralell to me as I was about to be ridden into da wall I gunned my engine for at least a couple of seconds and da wahine was clueless. I saw her look in her rear view then her drivah side mirror and didn't tink twice about it but thank goodness her daughter was paying attention cause she looked straight at me and judging from her expression, excitedly said something to her mom.

I pulled up along side her window and not even a "sorry, I almost killed you" wave. I indicated to her dat she was crossing a solid line for a few seconds as we traveled down da freeway and then I sped up to keep up wit traffic.

Wat does she do aftah I pull up?

You got it, she crosses into da shoulder lane anyways and as she's behind me, not tailgating but at a reasonable distance, I indicate to her that she crossed da solid line again. It's times like dis dat I wish I had a LED sign on my back to 'politely' say wat my charades can't.

As we approach da end of da shoulder lane wea you either go down to Nimitz or stay on to reenter Moanalua freeway, she changes into da lane dat goes back to Moanalua freeway anyways.


At dis point, I'm just a little puzzled as to why it was so critical dat she be in da shoulder lane wen 1) it wasn't going any fastah, 2) obviously it wasn't an emergency and 3) she could have just stayed in da car pool lane which was a direct feed to Moanalua freeway.

Wassup Wit Dat!

While I know get some readers who going say maybe she nevah know, I gotta disagree cause she had keiki - and more than likely a job - which reasonably leads me to believe dat she must have traveled down H1 more than enough times to realize dat da shoulder can only be entered via one entrance and dat da shoulder lane ends.

While I'll nevah understand da actions of why some people do things dat don't make sense, it made me tink about.................

What's Wrong With People?

August 15th, 2012

Aftah I was pau work and heading to my ride, I immediately noticed a behemoth blocking the space.

If you've read da oddah Road Rage blogs, you know dat I have an irking itch about lolo's who tink they not only own da road but own parking spots and motorcyclists are not an exception.

Dis actually isn't da first time it's happened in "my" garage.

A little background first. You see da oddah two bikes? Well, one scooter and a bike. Yup, there's anoddah bike behind da behemoth and originally those two bikes used to park at da front of da garage in a normal stall. They must have been told to move cause now they were in "my" stall but prior to them moving, they used to hog cheese ONE stall. Da scooter on one side and da bike on da oddah so only two of them could park.

Well, for those who don't ride, you can actually fit FIVE normal sized motorcycles/scooters in ONE stall. Yup, you read right, FIVE.

Anyways, I had to "educate" da oddah two and we've been living in harmony since. We each have our "own spot" and very conscience about da narrow entry/exit we have since there are two massive pillars planted on each side of da stall.

Then comes dis behemoth - already seeing dat there are three oddah bikes in each corner establishing a parking trend - and plops his okole (can't be a wahine dat rides dat monstah) blocking da way out!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I was so irked dat I wanted to just push da bike down :evil: .... but I nevah oddahwise I would nevah be able to get out. I nevah have my Post-Its in my bag so there wasn't a way to leave a love note so I was left just fuming in my helmet. :mad:

It took me awhile as I had to snake my way out and.... I'll just leave it at dat.

'Den on da way home, on da long stretch of Moanalua Rd in between Hoomalu & Hoolaulea St, a frickin' dark green Honda Accord came within a foot of running me into oncoming traffic!

I gunned my engine and da drivah looked in his mirrors and saw me but nevah even say sorry. In fact, he and his passenger was LAUGHING! Yeah, LAUGHING!!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Well, those weren't my exact words.

Da drivah was still checking his mirror as I was gesturing for him to look before changing lanes and da passenger kept looking back and they both continued to crack up. I wanted fo' pound in some respect into these frickin' twinkies! I followed them (well, they were on my route home) and they abruptly turned and gunned away.


Then dis morning on da way to work - besides da illegal twenty-some-wat- vehicles with a single person driving in da car pool lane :roll: - I'm riding along and smell something.

No, wasn't da fut lady. :lol:

Someone was smoking pakalolo while driving!

Wassamattah wit people these days?! Geez, I can see if they were 10 year olds who kinda don't know bettah but these are full fledge ADULTS! They've been around da block and (should) know socially acceptable behavior. Besides dat, don't people have a moral compass anymore? And we wondah why da world is going pupule? It's cause da very core of just being a decent person is being thrown out da window and being replaced with, for lack of a bettah word, evil.

If people keep perpetuating things we hold as bad, how can we expect any good?

Well, my bag is now restocked with Post-Its.