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Wrong Message

April 25th, 2016

Wea can you see temptation dangle in front of people and see who bites da forbidden fruit whether oddah people watching or not?

Give up? Costco of course, hands down!

Fo' realz, Costco. Take a look at da parking situation wea certain curbs are painted red or wea there aren't even any stalls - people still park and make their own stall. Take a look at da free samples should be one - two tops - per person but once da tray of seven pieces are served, da person with his/her claw's hovering in front takes five. In fact I witnessed a guy take two, stand behind da demonstrator, gulp it down, go back, take two more, stand behind da demonstrator, pau dat and then go back take some more for 'da road'. Ai-goo.

For some reason, maybe it's cause people frequent Costco so much, that it's become their second hale and think everything there is 'their's'. That is a fact of life that da more comfortable you are in a situation or location, your guard is lowered and you're more 'free'. I get dat, but wen does displaying manners and doing wat's right go out da window?

As we were trolling for a parking space at Kapolei Costco, Da Wife spotted an open stall and upon pulling in she says,

"Look at that dog in the cage in the car." Naturally I'm look around and say, "Wea?" and naturally she say's "Right in front of you."

Aftah I park da car, I see da dog in a caged kennel pacing back and forth in da car. Da first thought in my mind is 'WWD!' leaving your dog in da car, windows all up in da middle of da day wea da car must feel like da Sahara by now.

Then I notice da engine running and was thinking, 'oh, maybe somebody stay sitting inside'. A'ole. S/he left da keys in da ignition, engine running and da a/c on thus da windows being fully closed.

You can barely see something dangling through da glare but it was in full view to see not only da keys but dis as well...

You know wat's da kicker? Check out da 'message' for everyone to see:

You love your lab but have no issues leaving him/her in a caged kennel alone with a running car? Can you imagine dat picture on a billboard for da AKC?

Wassup Wit Dat!

I told Da Wife I wanted to get into da car and move it to anoddah parking spot but she said it would be bachi amongst oddah things. Wat if a thief trolling da parking lot saw dat? How do you explain to da police - or your insurance - dat you willingly left da keys in da car and da engine running with a "pet" in da back? I don't know what's worse - leaving a family pet like dat or bringing one in to a place you're not supposed to?

Thank goodness da car was gone by da time we got back but still, hopefully no one witnessed dat message in plain sight.

$5.50 Or Free

February 1st, 2016

I can safely assume at least 98% of da WWD! Hui drive no?

We all remembah dat glossy orange bordered booklet full of pictures and multiple choice questions with da 'nostalgic' cover of H1 near University in da early 80's we passed along to family, friends and by da time it came back was all buss up.... but was still around somewea.

Many have forgotten da "rules of the road" and da very Q&A's we needed to know in order to obtain da PRIVILEGE of obtaining a driver's license. So be da case of dis frickin' idiot who didn't understand wat dis meant:

For those needing a refresher, it means "Merge" or "Merging Traffic Ahead".

And for those needing an in depth refresher it means dat those on da right hand side will be merging with da main road soon. Let me ask you dis, who has da right of way wen you see dat?

I'll let it simmer for those who are guessing right now.

Heading underneath da viaduct aftah work, I was in da left lane of da two lane road heading West knowing dat da lane will merge into one soon. As I approach da merge, dis lolo rolls up on da side of me (going about 35mph) and then inches his way just ahead of me as da lanes were merging. Once I seen dat he wasn't going to merge properly, I tapped my brakes to slow and avoid being a smooshed petroglyph.

Once da lanes opened up, I roll up along side him and suggest to him to take a driver's ed course cause he just blew through a merge and almost took me out! He proceeds to tell me (pointing to an imaginary sign) dat it was a "Merge".

Wassup Wit Dat! No f'in $%!t it was a "merge"!

BL: "Yeah Brah, it was a merge, YOU have to YIELD!"
IDIOT: "No, I don't.... YOU have to!"

I couldn't believe dat he just said dat. Funny thing is dat there's actually an "IGNORANCE" section in da Hawai'i Drivers Manual and da first of five noted "bad" driving categories is "Failing to yield to pedestrians or other vehicles having the right of way."

Guess dat braddah aced dat section of da test. LOL

For those trying to look for your buss up copy of da manual, consider dis a $5.50 gift..... or you could just send ovah a mini plate lunch instead.


And I'm Da *bleep*?

December 16th, 2015

Whether you've lived in da 808 for a short or long time, da one thing dat sucks for everyone is traffic no mattah wat time of day.

Most of us try to plan our commute based on factors such as accidents, rush hour and even specific times of days wea you would take route A if you leave by 7am but route B if you left at 7:03am, right? 😉

One of da biggest help - imho - is da addition of lanes on da freeways. Obviously, da more lanes you have, da more it helps alleviate congestion but da caveat about dat is there are only certain times dat those "extra" lanes are available which I find extremely puzzling.

Take for instance da "new" lane (shoulder) added going Westbound on da H1 to help with pau hana traffic. I guess it's only to help alleviate the congestion for State workahs cause being only open from 3:30p-6:00p seems to accomodate only a specific group of workahs while there are just as many who clock out latah, trust me, traffic no lie.

Personally, my first office job was cool in dat my hours allowed me to leave at 3:30p and I would only catch da "beginning" of pau hana traffic but as my career advanced, naturally, I've had to stay latah. Now I'm not on da road till aftah 6pm and there's still CHOKE traffic!

Why da lane is not open till 7pm - or at da very least 6:30pm - beats da heck out of me. I mean seriously, who does da "studies" to determine wat time da lane should be open? Did they do it during holiday break? Did they not take into consideration it takes on average about half an hour or more just to get to dat point to utilize da "help"? Or was da contract for da study good till only 6pm oddahwise it was an overtime expense?

Doesn't it feel it feel like sometimes those with brilliant ideas/solutions nevah seem to have first hand - and consistent - experience with da problem? :roll:

Last night on da way home, I make my way all da way ovah to da far right lane as I do every night and see dis in my passenger side window:

I immediately check my clock, approx 6:15pm (it's set ahead to fool me dat I'm late all da time - who else does dat? No lie now.) At dis point in da road, you can tell those dat KNOW it's wrong cause they enter da shoulder lane late oddahwise I wouldn't be able to see them change into it and as they pass me, I'm shaking my head in disbelief.

Then I start to ride da shoulder line cause I'm tired of these jerks thinking they "special" and can do watevah they like. They slow down to go "around" me but there was a drivah of a Tory's Roofing flatbed truck, yes, I'm naming names, dat couldn't make it around so wat does he do?

He HONKS his horn at me multiple times.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I roll down my window and yell, "dat lane is closed at 6 o'clock!!" He throws his hand up in da air and as soon as there was enough room gunned it by.

Karma must have been watching cause I noticed latah dat da shoulder lane was stopping. I was hoping dat HPD was there ticketing these people cause I saw a flood of left turn blinkahs on but alas, it was just a stalled car. 😆 It was kinda sweet seeing them come to a complete halt but then you get those same lolo's bullying their way BACK into da 'legal' lane. I nevah budge cause you reap wat you sow.

Sadly, dis "make your own rules" is running waaaaay too rampant. Just cause you see someone else "doing it" doesn't make it right or ok to do it yourself. If you are one of those people dat just no kea, keep in mind all those shootings, terror attacks etc dat we hear about on a daily basis are people who no kea (about you) either.

Hea's anoddah pic about a couple months ago but on a Saturday morning. Rogah, a Saturday and just cause there was "traffic", people decided to make their own lane and drive on da shoulder cause they nevah like be patient to pass da accident below Kaahumanu overpass. :roll:

And to da drivah of dat Tory's Roofing flatbed and all those who still no kea, per da DOT, "Single-occupancy vehicles are allowed, but trucks and buses are prohibited" on da shoulder............. as it CLEARLY states on da big black and white signage.

Unless you can't read or no kea to read.

Still Going Get Lolo's

October 26th, 2015

Mahalos for those who kept checking in with WWD! as I was literally working 60+ hours in each of the past two weeks and I am spent. Hopefully I can get back on track.

Dis blog entry may only be of interest to some although wat I foresee people doing affects all of us on da road.

Da State has finally announced dat an extra lane has been added near da Sears Distribution center along with opening up a shoulder lane on da H1 from da Aiea Heights overpass to da Waimalu/Pearl City off ramp.

As a Pearl City resident........ HALLELUJAH!

It's literally been a wish/dream come true although it must have taken about 10 years to literally open two lanes from Aiea to Pearl City even though da infrastructure already "allowed" for it. For those who may have "forgotten", da existing far right hand land was actually part of a hugemangeous shoulder lane and was extended to help traffic and why they nevah just add two knowing we got da worse traffic in da nation beats da heck out of me.

But let me bring West bound commuters back to reality specifically those who use da Waimalu/Pearl City off ramp - I'll bet my bike dat still going get those lolo's who use it till da very end and THEN forcibly make their way back across two lanes to get back into da main flow.

Wassup Wit Dat!

All west bound traveling vehicles will be witnesses to those who 1) try to force their way in, 2) those who refuse to let them in, 3) those who "successfully" make it across two lanes in ten feet, 4) those who aren't successful in their first, second and third attempts and sustaining da same traffic mess dat we all grumble about cause all those who are on da new far right shoulder just want to exit H1. 😆

Case in point da same at da Aiea off ramp but at least dat one get one free lane on da left to go straight through.

Well it is Mumblin' Monday but at least da weather has finally lightened up.

No Capability?

August 31st, 2015

Not surah how many of you live in da Aiea/Pearl City side but yesterday's traffic was just uncalled for.

Aftah driving from Kapolei Costco heading back home shortly before noon, da Pearl City off ramp was all jam up so we decided to go check our PO Box in Aiea.

Big mistake.

We nevah realize was all jam up there too and da radio nevah say anything for choke long time so we nevah know wat da heck was going on oddah than construction.

I going say dis though. How come da City no can send officers to help with da flow of traffic at da bare minimum wen get dis kine traffic stretching way across multiple towns and for miles and endless miles? They can coordinate da traffic to help it flow bettah cause da one thing dat people get disgusted da most about traffic is it NOT moving.

If there's some kine of flow, it is more bearable but wen da traffic lights change multiple times before you can even find room to clear da intersection, das flat out unreal inviting da worse in people to come out.

Bettah yet, instead of paying OT to several dozen officers, why not just pay a handful at watevah control center does da traffic to press some buttons to manage da traffic lights??? I know dis is Hawaii but don't we have dat kine of technology to control da traffic lights? Seriously, we all seen 'em in da movies and da earliest one dat pops into my mind is The Italian Job and dat was back in 2003!

Do we not have dat capability? Dis was yet anoddah case of gridlock with nobody doing anything and wen push comes to shove, people behave in da most selfish ways cause why? They not going get caught and nobody going stop 'em.

Had people driving in da median with OPPOSITE side traffic having da right to their turn but so wat, da jerk off dat got impatient sitting in traffic made up his own rule. Had people cutting in front aftah our entire line was waiting ovah an hour to turn into da Aiea cut off and da drivah in front nevah pay attention and left a small gap which allowed da d!$k to cut in against da several seconds of protesting horns.

See da little runt in front of da van? 😡

There was dis group of wat appeared to be mainland haoles (by da way they dressed) just starting to walk on da freeway. You heard me, da FREEWAY! There wasn't a sidewalk nor pedestrian access from da direction they was coming from and they nevah even walk closest to da side to avoid any vehicles. Granted, we were all stopped and barely moving but I'm just guesstimating they were in a cab and da meter was running way too high so they just decided to take a stroll in on da freeway knowing 1) they nevah care, 2) they were moving fastah than us and 3) nobody could do anything.

Couldn't whip da camera out in time to get da whole group but I guess they were da only ones to obey da signage: "No Stopping or Standing". 😆

My absolute favorite is da guy in one older buss up truck squeezing his way through da center median to ack like he was going to help out a stranded vehicle. Pulls along side of them, probably asked them if they needed help to complete da charade then squeezed/forced his way in front of da line right undah da Aiea cut off pedestrian bridge.

Wassup Wit Dat!

On a side note, da plastic bag ban probably helped save us cause our cooler bags came in handy keeping our frozen/cold stuff - along with full blast a/c - for da nearly THREE HOURS we were inching in traffic.

Know any freelance hackers to access da control center?