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Invisibility Procession

February 19th, 2015

Driving into work today, I was rudely greeted with mad kine traffic....... at 11am!

Da Wife warned me there was bad traffic but I had assumed it was near town side - a'ole. It was as soon as I started to exit da on-ramp. Call me sexist, but dis is wea da disconnect is between men and women cause as a guy, I would have said no get on da freeway at all cause traffic is backed up all da way past Pearl City (knowing you would use da on ramp) but women would just say there's a lot of traffic. Ai-goo. :lol:

Cause of da above, I go check Google maps and for da first time it was WRONG! It showed supah clear and then for sure I thought da traffic was closer to town so I go and chance 'em - das why Vegas loves me. Moving at a decent pace considering, I see/feel a car wooooosh by on my right. Then anoddah. Then anoddah. Then anoddah.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat is it about traffic dat makes people think dat just cause get TRAFFIC, they can do watevah they like like drive on da shoulder lane?!? It isn't morning rush hour wen it's allowed so just cause YOU are inconvenienced YOU're allowed? Does da laws cease to exist wen you need it to? And if you late in da first place, isn't dat YOUR fault or shall we all just move on da side like you get one emergency siren?

I had a late start to get to work cause I was taking care of my daughter till Da Wife got home so I was in a hurry already but did I jump on da shoulder lane even though it was so easy for me to do so? Dis huge black Chevy Avalanche thought he owned da road and from all da way from da left lane, he VERY forcibly made his way all da way to da shoulder and zoomed off.

Then it made me chuckle a little - do these people think they found da almighty invisible lane dat all drivers have been deliriously searching for? Have they found da Holy Grail of da roadways dat nobody sees but them? Obviously they not worried about getting pulled ovah for anything cause nobody "sees" them and heaven forbid dat they'd be a vehicle dat actually has to use da shoulder lane for an actual emergency.

Da cause of traffic? Roving pot hole repairs dat have already been publicly announced (I forgot myself) and das to improve da roads for these same maniacs. Go figgah. Surah, it added some time to my commute but das life especially in Hawai'i nei.

Now if there was a way to put pukas in da shoulder lane........


January 26th, 2015

As we were at Waipio Costco Sunday morning doing our weekly grocery pickup, I noticed without fail, vehicles parked along da curb wea obviously it wasn't designated - nor painted with curb parking marks - to do so.

Every week I ask myself, why? Why would you park your vehicle li'dat wen there are literally choke stalls available and not even mad kine traffic or even da need to troll for a stall? Even wen Costco is PACKED, there are still stalls available albeit it is a hike. Da only time truly there aren't any stalls - or people just too lazy to park far - is during da holidays or wen it's pouring.

Have you seen dis red Nissan truck parked there before? We have and wondering if it's an employee.....

And then just to da right of da pic, you see dis........

Wassup Wit Dat!

Please, please, please explain to me da need to park li'dat? Plus making dat turn - I've witnessed it - adds "inconvenience" and those who are not 100% confident in their turning radius makes for some okole quenching stink eye even with da ample space design of da Costco lot.

Dat person could have even parked a few feet back while still wrong, would leave a bit more clearance and visual awareness to da turn to be made. Of all da places to do dat too, it's at da apex of a tapered lane making it da narrowest point of da lane.

Ai-goo da clueless lolo.

But I guess by da looks of da buss up Nissan, it not going mattah if you bump or scrape it up a little.... it surah as heck ain't making it look worse.

Classic Gotta Be (Only) Me

November 10th, 2014

Going through life as da King of WWD! moments, it's been a "quiet" few weeks thus da lull in actual WWD! postings but as I kept contemplating wat to blog about, BAM! it hit me.

Well, da sirens did at least.

Already being late in dropping off da rugrats dis morning as well as being reeeeeaaaaallly late for work, Da Wife has been taken out by illness since yesterday and well wen da rugrats out numbah you two to one, it makes for a rough night and even worse morning.

Leaving for work was totally clockwork normal (besides being choke late): load up da backpack, open da garage door, start da bike, roll it down da driveway in reverse, sit there for just a bit to warm it up a little, head check da street so I no get run ovah and let momentum take da bike down to da cross street letting it warm up still.

Wen I get to da cross street, do a double take so I no get run ovah and roll da throttle still going not more than 15 mph to gradually warm up da engine.

It couldn't have been more than fifty linear yards from my driveway and I hear "womp womp" and see strobing blue and whites.

Crap, I'm being pulled ovah.... Wassup Wit Dat!

HPD: You know why I pulled you over?
BL: No ma'am. (although I was thinking she was checking to see if I was riding a stolen motorcycle - it has happened before)
HPD: You rolled past a stop sign.
BL: Oh....Ohhhhhh.
HPD: You have your license?
BL: Yes. (taking it out of my bag) Sorry about that. I'm just a little late for work.
HPD: Where do you work?
BL: Why? You looking? (jus' joke, I nevah say dat but just checking to see if you reading. lol)
HPD: (probably profiling me at dis point) You didn't see me behind you?
BL: No ma'am.
HPD: I know these are surface streets and you're on a motorcycle but it's still a stop sign.
BL: I understand, sorry.

Boy wat a start to a glorious morning huh? Da officer did exercise compassion and understanding of da situation while reminding me about traffic signs as she let me go. She was in no way condescending nor power tripping - just doing her job in a very professional manner.

I was just shaking my head (inside my head of course) as I was thinking wat are da odds dat I've been living there for almost a decade and NOBODY stops fully at dat stop sign - in fact, nobody does a complete stop unless absolutely necessary at any of da six stop signs in my area! And having an actual squad car roaming our street? About da same odds I'd hit MegaBucks.

No, it absolutely does not excuse my action but I was just thinking it's a one in a million and I was dat one. Ai-goo. :roll:

And wat do I see as I head out to da main road? Three failure to "stop", one red light runner, one crossing a SOLID white line and a jay walker.

Totally Wassup Wit Dat! yeah? :lol: :lol:

Have you evah gotten pulled ovah? Was it an "everybody else was doing it" infraction at a common spot? Or was it like me dat everybody does it but just at dat right moment, you were got caught? Were you evah given chance... but still do it at dat location?

Go figgah but all I can do is shake my head cause I know my counter has reset and it'll (hopefully) be a long time before dat millionth lucky strike comes back around.

Who's Him?

September 24th, 2014

Whether it be bumpah stickahs or t-shirts, a lot of da slogans/catch phrases we "proudly" wear and display is an indication of who we are as an individual - especially if it came as a gift. For instance, I got two T&C shirts as gifts years ago dat I still wear today: "Yakamashi" and "I Not Late" - both of which I will not deny I am.

It's amazing dat we will proudly display who we are so loud visually but wen in public interaction - or wen no one's looking - it would almost contradict wat's so boastfully "said".

I was telling Da Wife a few weeks back I nevah understood why so many vehicles on da road had da window stickah "HEKI" (backwards 'K') on them. I nevah heard of it nor knew of any outfit by dat name so it was always a mystery to me every time I saw it. I was tinking of all da acronyms I could think of until one day by da hand of God slapping my coconut shell dat dat stickah.....

HEKI (assuming backwards 'K') = HE > I = HE is greater than I

Yeah, pun intended. :lol:

Basically, every vehicle with dat stickah is confirming their association with God and da practices dat go along with it...... right? I mean, if you're letting da entire world know dat your belief in God is greater than you, you not only are a God fearing human, you must live by your respective religious rules too no?

So it puzzles me as why some of those "HE>I" drivahs are so fake! And no, it's not only them but it's about da association they claim to have to God dat makes it so.... ironically funny. Isn't God's will - in da most minimalist sense - to love one another, care for each other, respect etc but seeing one shaking da one fingah Aloha while tailgating anoddah or parking crooked (two stalls) scream contradiction?

No get me wrong, my family is HEAVILY religious and I've been brought up dat way but my actions, if following a way of life, would run parallel with those beliefs as best I could. Perfect we all are not but when you "say" you are 24/7, it's kinda disheartening to witness actions proving oddahwise.

So it was a trip wen I was driving behind a Mercedes 5-class trying make his way into a lane. "His" signal was on but anyone dat has driven on da Pearl City Wal-Mart road knows dat 1) it's hellishly BS, 2) only one lane goes straight and got da "cutters" who make/force their way in last second as if it was da Lunalilo on-ramp and 3) no one like let you in knowing all dat wen they was waiting their turn.

Haven't noticed it yet? Well, no more da "HE>I" stickah but check out his license plate.

No one let him in and instead of turning left as traffic indicated, he just went straight as if it was a dedicated lane and I'm surah (couldn't see dat far aftah we turned) he "made" his way ovah into da lane. It would have taken him no more than two more minutes to get to da same place had he turned with traffic. :roll:

Now if dat isn't a slap in da face to "Him" I dunno wat is.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Now I dunno who "HM" is but I'm only guessing da vanity plate is saying "(LIV-4HM) = Live For Him". I can't imagine "Him" being a law breaking okole, can you? :lol:

Just to be clear, "HE > I" is just for co-relation purposes and nothing against those who have dat stickah on their vehicle(s)... unless you one of those who say one thing and do anoddah. It goes da same especially for someone driving a company vehicle, you REPRESENT wat you "saying".

And yes, I do have only ONE stickah on da outside of my truck window.......

"RELAX - This Ain't The Mainland"

And yes, I do drive li'dat..... most times. :razz:

Film This Fat Boy!!!

September 17th, 2014

We've all heard of road rage and it's naturally gotten worse as we as society has gotten more violently brave behind da barrier confines in da mega-ton framed steel box we freely enter not consciously aware dat it's a trigger for dissociative identity disorder.

Basically, you get shmall kine nuts behind da wheel even though you may be da most nicest person in da world wen on foot.

EVERYONE is a "perfect" drivah and wen you not, it's NEVAH about you being wrong - or admitting fault - but da oddah drivah is ALWAYS da okole.

I'm not timid to say I'm one of those types of people but I like to think I'm at least a step above cause wen I'm wrong, I admit I'm wrong and give da look of shame and wave a shaka. Most times da oddah drivah will mutter a few choice words for closure and will at least "accept" da apology but then there are times like recently wea da rage heard around da world has gone viral.

Da video is pretty intense and cause there's language and a minor, I don't know da rules about posting it on da blog so I'm erring on da side of caution to not post it but you can do a quick video search with da key words: Arakaki, Road Rage, Moanalua Shopping Center and you'll get about a million links.

If you haven't seen da video, it's BIG TIME nuts! I'm talking supah crazy!

In a nutshell dis is da he said/she said preamble: da guy (Arakaki) is behind da person *she's definitely not a lady* (Ong) and notices she's looking down as if "allegedly" on her phone. There's a good amount of space in front of her cause she not paying attention so he goes around and "cuts" her off. She accelerates hard and nearly rear ends him. Ong then follows him a long distance from Pearl Harbor area all the way to da Moanalua Shopping Center wea he heads into knowing she is tailgating him.

Then da video shows da rest.

Da actions in da video is extremely disturbing but wat really gets me is dat there are a bunch of people who have got to be more pupule than her actually backing Ong up!

Wait, she's not paying attention, he goes around her, she nearly rear ends him, tailgates him, honking her horn obnoxiously, drives on da oddah side of da road, nearly takes out two cars coming in da OPPOSITE direction, has a minor illegally sitting in da front seat, cursing, yelling, speeding, gets out of her van to confront him, "assaults" him trying to slap his phone down or take it away, screams obscenities, shows her "aloha" with double handed salutes, verbally abuses him, calls him out and all he's done (per da video) was to sit in his truck and not say anything oddah than wen she reached into his truck.

And you wanna back Ong up?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Seriously, wat planet are they from? How can you even say anything she did was justified wen EVERY SINGLE ACTION of her's was not only illegal for da most part but just morally wrong. And of course come to find out she's a RN and a captain in da U.S. Army! :shock: Really? A captain and a profession dat's about compassion and caring?? Ai-goo. :roll: Talk about conduct unbecoming not to mention how many (un)confirmed reports there were of previous outbursts from both her and husband. In dis digital age, you can't hide from anyone who knows how to "search" cause her identity - and background - was found almost immediately once it went on FaceBook.

Let me also point out dat Arakaki says he is fully aware dat using an electronic device while driving is illegal but wanted to document da craziness as he said/she said doesn't hold water. He also is readily and fully accepts any and all consequences for using dat electronic device but says she shouldn't be off da hook either.

Here's a small excerpt from KITV:

Ryan Arakaki told KITV4 News that she tailed him for about five minutes. Then, she shouted at him from her car. Later, she got out of her car and stormed right up to his window.

"You can hear me on the video saying, 'That's assault. That's assault.' But she really didn't care," said Arakaki. "She was pretty much off on the deep end already. She was pretty upset."

"I was super, super angry. I really was angry," said Kimberly Ong. "And, of course, he was taunting me somewhat. So, that obviously made me even more angry. I'm not the most happy about it. But, I could have probably chose some better words to use. I was upset and it's apparent. I don't totally 100 percent regret it."

"What made her upset was she wasn't paying attention and I cut in front of her or changed lanes to get in front of her and she probably looked up, probably stepped on the gas and probably almost rear-ended me and she was upset that she had her son in the car and almost got into a car accident," said Arakaki.

It's against the law to hold your phone and shoot video while driving. Arakaki says he knows this, but wanted to document the incident. He filed a police report Thursday morning.

Police say the case is classified as "unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle." They say most traffic violations have to be in view of the officer. Traffic investigators say they will have to get a statement from the victim and the suspect and the case would be referred to prosecutors.

I mean there's so much wrong about dis whole incident dat a blog cannot cover it all nor do I have da time or energy to do so.

One last thing I wanted to share though is dat HPD says dat da only thing dat Ong would/could likely be charged with is "unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle" wen da video shows a clear case of road rage (if I'm not mistaken, isn't dat a crime?), endangering a minor (sitting in da front seat AND leaving her vehicle with him in it assuming dat da engine was still on too), driving on da wrong side of da road (citation) and I don't know wat else cause just being an @$$ isn't illegal.

But HPD says dat most traffic violations have to be in view of da officer so da video can't be used to dat effect............ but they can use da video of da HPD officer beating his girlfriend and suspend him? So video can only be used for certain crimes or violations?

Wassup Wit Dat!!!

Why even have video "proof" then?

All pau now..... no can prove nothing anyways.