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No Capability?

August 31st, 2015

Not surah how many of you live in da Aiea/Pearl City side but yesterday's traffic was just uncalled for.

Aftah driving from Kapolei Costco heading back home shortly before noon, da Pearl City off ramp was all jam up so we decided to go check our PO Box in Aiea.

Big mistake.

We nevah realize was all jam up there too and da radio nevah say anything for choke long time so we nevah know wat da heck was going on oddah than construction.

I going say dis though. How come da City no can send officers to help with da flow of traffic at da bare minimum wen get dis kine traffic stretching way across multiple towns and for miles and endless miles? They can coordinate da traffic to help it flow bettah cause da one thing dat people get disgusted da most about traffic is it NOT moving.

If there's some kine of flow, it is more bearable but wen da traffic lights change multiple times before you can even find room to clear da intersection, das flat out unreal inviting da worse in people to come out.

Bettah yet, instead of paying OT to several dozen officers, why not just pay a handful at watevah control center does da traffic to press some buttons to manage da traffic lights??? I know dis is Hawaii but don't we have dat kine of technology to control da traffic lights? Seriously, we all seen 'em in da movies and da earliest one dat pops into my mind is The Italian Job and dat was back in 2003!

Do we not have dat capability? Dis was yet anoddah case of gridlock with nobody doing anything and wen push comes to shove, people behave in da most selfish ways cause why? They not going get caught and nobody going stop 'em.

Had people driving in da median with OPPOSITE side traffic having da right to their turn but so wat, da jerk off dat got impatient sitting in traffic made up his own rule. Had people cutting in front aftah our entire line was waiting ovah an hour to turn into da Aiea cut off and da drivah in front nevah pay attention and left a small gap which allowed da d!$k to cut in against da several seconds of protesting horns.

See da little runt in front of da van? 😡

There was dis group of wat appeared to be mainland haoles (by da way they dressed) just starting to walk on da freeway. You heard me, da FREEWAY! There wasn't a sidewalk nor pedestrian access from da direction they was coming from and they nevah even walk closest to da side to avoid any vehicles. Granted, we were all stopped and barely moving but I'm just guesstimating they were in a cab and da meter was running way too high so they just decided to take a stroll in on da freeway knowing 1) they nevah care, 2) they were moving fastah than us and 3) nobody could do anything.

Couldn't whip da camera out in time to get da whole group but I guess they were da only ones to obey da signage: "No Stopping or Standing". 😆

My absolute favorite is da guy in one older buss up truck squeezing his way through da center median to ack like he was going to help out a stranded vehicle. Pulls along side of them, probably asked them if they needed help to complete da charade then squeezed/forced his way in front of da line right undah da Aiea cut off pedestrian bridge.

Wassup Wit Dat!

On a side note, da plastic bag ban probably helped save us cause our cooler bags came in handy keeping our frozen/cold stuff - along with full blast a/c - for da nearly THREE HOURS we were inching in traffic.

Know any freelance hackers to access da control center?

T-Bone Hash

August 20th, 2015

As I'm dropping off Da Keiki to preschool, one of da busiest intersections in Pearl City wea many accidents have occurred, our light turns green and like I do at every intersection I check both ways.

Da lanes immediate to me, nada, so I release da brake pedal and da truck naturally rolls forward. Then as I check da opposite lanes, a silver Toyota Tacoma comes making a shallow left turn forcing me to brake avoiding a t-bone crunch.

Just by his turning radius, and da fact dat our light was green, you could tell he was gunning da yellow light and if you've been driving on da roads long enough dat shallow turn ALWAYS comes close to da perpendicular traveling vehicle.

I throw my hands up and mouth, rogah, MOUTHED (cause Da Keiki was in da truck), WTF!?!

And at dat split second to reply he throws HIS hands up and says da samething!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I was so disgusted - and pissed - dat dis mid/late twenty year old even thinks he has an inkling of a case dat he's in da right. Seriously, you gun da yellow light from afar and start to make your turn in da red? If he was sitting in da intersection at da yellow, by all means he has da "right" to complete his turn even at a red light.

Then on da way to work as I'm riding I couldn't help but notice a distinct aroma of....... pakalolo! It's not like smoking it at a park or your home but as you drive? And dat is definitely not da first time I've witnessed a drive by whiff.

Wow! It's days like dis dat I seriously wish there was a remote island we could send all these lolo's to.

With back to school in full swing next week Monday, please be vigilant out there cause there will be many more lolo's dat don't respect and know da rules of da road. They'll be calling you out saying wtf until they wreck, they'll always be right.

Here's hoping they're insured.

Four Times In Fifteen Minutes

August 5th, 2015

No, das not how long I "last" but aftah riding into work dis morning I couldn't help but question as to how Hawai'i driver licenses are not only issued but maintained.

As I left da hale and approached a busy intersection, a lone vehicle held up traffic on a popular road all because dat driver nevah 'know' da rules of da road.

On a two way street with a green light both ways, right hand turning vehicles have da right of way.... ALWAYS! Left turning vehicles (opposite direction) must yield.... ALWAYS!

But dis lolo stopped, held up traffic all da while horns are 'politely' honking trying to urge him/her to go but to no avail so da rest of us just sucked it up and waited till it was our turn to go again.

Then not more than thirty seconds latah on da Pearl City H1 on ramp I'm on da main lane dat has a YIELDING lane to merge with da one I'm on. I see da rush coming and I'm a click ahead with my spidey-sense tingling. As I'm already into my lean, I noticed da leading vehicle wasn't slowing down to observe da YIELD while da vehicles behind were. Luckily I conserved some lean angle to accelerate as she nearly clipped my rear tire. As soon as I'm upright, I give her a piece of my mind but to no avail.

Now rolling along near da zip mobile hale, da zip mobile traffic needs to merge into H1 traffic and I honestly have to say having traveled dis road for ovah a decade every business day, da majority of zip mobile traffic could care less and just 'push' their way in as soon as H1 comes into view without a care dat they are to 'yield' cause they are changing lanes.

As da lanes are just about to connect, there's a Rav4 driving on da left side of me in da zip lane. I'm checking her out to see wat she's going to do and spy her through her passenger side mirror. She checks her rear view mirror ONLY then veers into my lane causing me to brake and avoid. I flash my lights, rev my engine and honk my weak a$$ horn only to have her just wave to say.... 'thank you'??

I pull alongside her and point my finger to my eyes indicating to look/check and she just smiles.

Wassup Wit Dat!

OMFG! Geez, wat a morning and then as I'm turning into da office street, I have my signal on and stop. Da truck behind me is on my tail inching closer to 'hint' to me to move but kinda hard wen get people crossing da street no?

Wat kine people are on da road these days? How come nobody knows da 'rules of da road'? And before da handful of people tell me to stop riding, I know how to ride so how come you no tell people not to drive? If drivahs learn and understand da (basic) rules of da road, imagine how much more pleasant driving would be?

But dat would be too much to ask no?

Stay tuned for a WWD! concept......

Bucking Broncos!

April 8th, 2015

I gotta hand it to da H.A.R.T. guys dat if there was a push to continue da rail, I figgah'd out how they're doing it.

Have you driven on Kamehameha Highway recently or da past few months? Besides da obvious horrendous traffic dat it's causing making you "begging" for anoddah mode of transportation pronto, it's flat out frickin' nutz to drive on dat road unless you got a 4x4 lifted truck with posh suspension.

Consider dis post me saving you..... from screaming obscenities and flushing your face with an unnatural color oddah than a Hawaiian sun kissed tan.

On da way home a couple weeks ago I had to travel on Kam Hwy and nearly ate it - and I was only going straight! Da road is sooooooo bad dat it's a wondah why anyone would still be on it (das da plan, congest oddah roadways and make da existing roadways so bad dat there would be more rail supporters). As I was slowing down anticipating da steel plates strewn accross like Afghanistan land mines, I literally launched from my seat and had I not gripped da handlebars tightly in dat instant, garans-ball-barens I would have huli'd right on da road no doubt.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Dat $h!t woke me up mighty quick and got my heart pounding while I continued to play dodge ball with steel plates. I couldn't believe dat da construction workahs nevah even made an attempt to try and smooth out da "lip". It was like I was in da X Games Super Motocross Freestyle event with every lip I hit I could have done an aerial move and stuck a landing unless I was traveling single digit speed which made vehicles brake erratically and unpredictably creating a supah dangerous combination.

And if you happened to catch a section without metal plates and a launch pad, you'd have to face da pock marked asphalt making you feel like you were in a terrible massage chair. You actually would prefer pot holes to da crap das out there and das saying a lot as we all know our major roads are in disrepair.

But Kam Hwy from Aloha Stadium to Sam's Club is a pathetic joke! And we have to "live" with it for da next couple years till they move onto da next town?

I'm not saying they have to repave every time but at da very least, make 'em as level as you can and pave da area they damaged but not using. I think we citizens deserve dat "courtesy" as I can only imagine how much damage it has caused vehicles dat need to travel dat way everyday. And good luck trying to win a claim.

No wondah there's much more traffic on da freeway and by wea I live cause people tired of putting their ride through da he!! and back.

While there are many who may not travel via Kamehameha Highway, no worries, it's coming to a town near you. Sadly cause I work in town right along da planned route, I no can escape da carnage to be made. For those who have been blessed with dat commute, how you doin'?

Just make surah your insurance is up to date..... I hear demolition derby is making a come back.

Makule + Political (Non)Power = Watevahs

March 30th, 2015

It constantly amazes me at how society just seems to be degrading and it's becoming da acceptable norm. Whether it be an ainokea kine attitude or it's all about me, no one - generally speaking - seems to give a damn. Add to dat, if it was a person in some sort of power position, heaven forbid dat any "inconvenient" rule would apply to them.

Last week I came across a video dat went pretty viral of a 77 year old Washington D.C. delegate, Eleanor Holmes Norton and her awesome parking skills - I'm not saying dat lightly, seriously, it took some skills mind you a 77 year old is behind da wheel. Check it out:

[youtube Z7Ym-kk1tRw]

It seems dat if you're a nonvoting delegate, you're immune to da commoner's rules of da road. No mattah dat da painted lines on da road dictated angled parking, she decided on her own dat it was to be a perpendicular parking spot. Wat many haven't noted or noticed was dat if she parked dat way, she approached from da "wrong" angle! She was coming from da oddah side of da street cause if she was "proper" there's no way in heck da parking would look li'dat.

And da second thing no one bothered to notice was her aide - wat kine aide is dat? He no can even tell her da parking is off but instead gets out of da car to make surah dat she nevah hit da oddah two cars on each side of her and helps guide her in?! Braddah no more da olo's to say da car stay parked "wrong"? Oh wait, I get it. She was right but EVERYBODY else was parked wrong. 🙄 Maybe da aide was in awe dat he gets to be chauffeured around instead of her.

And da kicker? When contacted for comment, Norton’s office claimed that nothing was amiss with the parking job. “After the Congresswoman parked her car, we assessed the cars on either side to see if there was any damage. We could not find any. But we left a note with a business card so the congresswoman could be contacted in case we missed any.”


Uh, not a she's sorry about da terrible parking or da fact dat she's even sorry one iota. So oblivious to da most obvious fact dat she violated parking rules by actually parking out of da stall? You telling me her ENTIRE office - including her handler or campaign manager - didn't see anything wrong?

Oh yeah, I fo'got, commoner rules are for commoners only.......... at least those who give a......

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