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Full Disclosure

August 18th, 2016

Costco and Sam's Club are always fun places to have WWD! moments but there are products too dat will put a chuckle in your mood.

While stocking up on our office snacks, I couldn't help but notice da packaging of a staple for da office:

It may be just me but I found da product name to be quite hilarious. These aren't your normal peanuts. They ain't small, medium or large. They are "SUPER" EXTRA-Large peanuts.

Wassup Wit Dat!

You know it's against all policies dat they can't sell any 'normal' sized product at Costco. LOL

Stay tuned for a Shakanack review coming up. 😀

Hawaii's GOAT

August 10th, 2016

Not sure if many of you know da acronym of "GOAT" but it translates to "Greatest Of All Time" and to have dat distinction, it's saying a lot. Based on accomplishments and time served, it's a 'title' dat is deservedly earned and bestowed not only by peers but by fans, critics and people around da world. Nationally you'll hear dat term associated with da likes of Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Babe Ruth. It is a debatable title with passionate arguments, so it's definitely not a dime a dozen recognition.

While usually coined for athletes and sports teams, it's also been used for other 'occupations'. In Hawai'i, our tradition, our culture, our history has strong ties to a 'unifying' language, Pidgin. When that 'power' can be used for people to share, enjoy and laugh - das da classic Hawai'i attitude, no PC shibai. Living in Hawai'i, we tend to be a little more intimate of da people who have influenced and helped shape our great state whether in music, hula, sports and even comedy.

Rap Reiplinger is da GOAT of Hawai'i comedy period, imho.

I'll admit I'm totally biased cause das da only Pidgin speaking comedian I literally grew up watching. He actually influenced me dat Pidgin was 'ok' and to laugh and have fun growing up through my elementary years and 'seeing' it on tv was believing it. I still remembah catching Da Bus to da main library and pulling records (vinyl cd's) to listen to him - that was a magical time (I actually went to a library!). He was magnet wenevah he performed and his skits are STILL replicated and performed today in everyday life. If das not GOAT material, I dunno wat is.

Mahalos to Star-Advertiser's very own Wayne Harada for da article below written on his column some time ago.

How many of you have da "Rap's Hawaii" dvd? *Gulp*....... how many of you have it on a vcr tape or beta?? (LOL) And no lie eh! I should have pulled da trigger and bought da dvd a few months ago wen I seen it at Barnes & Nobles. Now I guess it'll be Amazon. 😛 Wat's your favorite scene? And who's going to admit it dat wenevah you even catch a glimpse or hear part of any skit, you immediately join in! ❓

Once my keiki have grown up some (and can 'understand' [some] Pidgin), I am definitely going to share it with them.... you know, so we can communicate.


Reiplinger's inventive comedy has endured. Test your Rap IQ:

1. Mr. Fogarty placed an order for a cheeseburger deluxe from what hotel room (number)?

2. Who is Mits Funai?

3. What was Wendell's known for, and where did he advertise?

4. What is the political party of "Candidate Willie Maunawili"?

5. Whose motto is "You're on your own when you date a tita"?

6. On "Mahalo Airlines," what safety measure is provided beneath the seat?

7. What are the first four names on "Japanese Roll Call"?

8. Who answers the call on "Pilikia Hotline"?

9. What is "not too sweet, not too rancid, but jess right"?

10. Who is Auntie Nelly's braddah's cousin George's nephew's son?


1) Room 1225, on "Room Service"

2) The guy Fate Yanagi is told not to go out with

3) His foot-long laulau, on "The Young Kanakas" soap opera

4) Independent Republica

5) Auntie Nelly Kulolo of "Date-a-Tita"

6) Package of party balloons

7) Tanimitsu, Mitsuyoshi, Yoshimura, Murakami.

8) Telephone repairman

9) Wine, one of the ingredements on "Auntie Marialani's Cooking Show"

10) Officer Medeiros, on "Pull Over"


10 correct: Braddah or sistah, you one genuine Poi Dog.

8-9: Wow, laulau, you still get 'em.

6-7: What, you mus' be one Frank DeLima fan.

4-2: Whoa, you mus' be 4 years old?

All wrong: Ey, you jus' wen arrive from Mainland, or what?

Reach Wayne Harada at

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July 9th, 2016

Wat was da last movie you actually saw in da movie theaters?

Wea You Stay?

July 5th, 2016

Just curious as we all recover from da long weekend and try to gather our bearings.

No need be supah specific but since we, da WWD! Hui and Lurkahs are in da virtual world, Independence Day has da bettah of me to 'see' wea everybody stay in da free world. You can say wat island, state or country to keep da anonymity or just make it up if you like.

So far from wat I recall there has been readers from obviously Hawai'i nei - actually all but Moloka'i and Lana'i I think - but California, Seattle, Illinois, Georgia and New York has been represented and wat trips me out is even across da world from Japan and Korea (South side of course)!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I stay in Pearl City now but grew up in Salt Lake (Oahu), so......... wea you stay?

4th of July Plans?

June 30th, 2016

Just was wondering...........

Wat are your 4th of July plans or suggestions? Obviously there are/should be many events around da island but wat have you heard, going to check out or planning for? Any shopping deals involved?

There are two popular main stays on opposite ends of da island, Ala Moana and Kailua, but is there anything else? We did da all day camp out at Ala Moana before and dat was really fun but choke crowded and tiring. I heard dat now people literally 'yellow tape' their area to kapu their spot and prevent encroachment - Wassup Wit Dat!

We also went to Sand Island to view da Aloha Tower fireworks which was pretty crowded too. I'm surah people crowd Hilton's lagoon and Rockpiles/Bowls area for a prime spot for Ala Moana's show as well.

Do you still go to parades? Are there any out there?

Feel free to share your memories and/or plans - it may help those wanting to try something different....... like me. 😉 😉

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