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In Case You Missed It

September 27th, 2014

Well I missed it too but I heard da roooooar of da F/A-18 Hornets scream by my hale so I grabbed da camera with my telephoto lens and climbed da roof to take watevah pics I could.

If you wasn't able to make da show, hea's da best I got from how far I was..... between power lines, utility poles and some trees. :grin:


Naturally of course da one angle I needed to view da show was blocked by a hugemangeous mango tree... WWD! lol

All pau.

Original Facebook

May 20th, 2014

It's funny how blogs are almost one-sided: I write, you read, pau.

Well, da brave ones post a comment - which I SINCERELY enjoy - but really, it's a pretty lopsided affair in dis digital world as da comments don't come flying in as they used to.

Living in da Aloha State, we all know we know somebody who knows somebody dat knows you. If you really tink right down to it, we related - or at least connected I'd say by no more than 10 people! :shock:

Back in da hanabatta days, I tink regardless of generation, we all "signed in" a slang book. You know da one get all kine questions ranging from listing your best friends to your worst school subjects and at least wen I was shmall kid, it was usually in da hard cover black and white composition book.

Which reminds me, we used to color da covers in crayon, then color ovah all dat with a black crayon, then use a paper clip we straightened out as a "pen" to graffiti da cover unveiling da colors - anybody do dat? Sorry, shmall kine Uncle Rodney MLC flashback.

Wen you tink about it.... dat was old school original "FaceBook" action going on eh? We kept in touch, found out wat your friends - and people you nevah know - liked and didn't liked, you could even "ignore" friends by not giving 'em da book and even "text" in da last pages. :lol: Da only thing nevah have was a "Delete" button.

Ah, da memories. But alas, we in da Tech age so let's go digital! Answer, answer some, no answer... watevahs, but you nevah know how your answer may connect wit someone else bumbye you might even be related fo' realz! :lol:

*** Wat school you wen grad? (For da mainland peeps - in case you reading - we talking high school)
*** Wat's your favorite color?
*** You get pets?
*** Wat's your favorite grindz?
*** Wat's your favorite snack?
*** You evah wen beef? Who wen win?
*** Wat was your favorite subject in school (high school or college)?
*** You can swim? Surf? Float?
*** Wat's one show dat you get recording on da DVR?
*** You addicted to anything?
*** How many electronic gadgets do you have on you today?

Da questions kinda general cause we dunno wat kine wackos reading.... well, you gotta be kinda off if you still reading WWD! anyways. :razz: So answer 'em fo' realz or make 'em funny or add your own questions too if you like to keep it going - guarantee I going answer 'em!


Are You A...........

May 5th, 2014

Howzit Howzit!

Just a quick poll...........

Just curious, but generally - not based on situation - are you a doer or a sayer?

One Thing

February 7th, 2014

Fill in da blank:

If there was ONE thing Hawai'i could use right now is..........

Local Kine Survey

August 15th, 2013

Just curious.........

Wat's your favorite go to local kine snack?
Wat's your favorite plate lunch? And from wea?
Wat's your favorite beach?
Wat's your favorite hike?
Wat's your favorite hotel?
Wat's your favorite holoholo island?
Wat's your choice of omiyage to take to wea evah?
Wat brand your slippah?

And da winnah winnah chicken katsu dinnah question.........

Wat local kine kapu do you know/follow?

Feel free to add your own as well. :wink: