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Remembah 2015

December 29th, 2015

As we age, we tend to fo'get many things and while we may remembah da big moments in life, how's about da not so big things?

I was just thinking while in da "office" da oddah night, "wat happened in 2015?" Really, wat did happen? Personally, I feel like my brain cells have been depleting as each day passes cause I can't even remembah wat I did last week. My memory fades fastah than a fut in da wind and da only triggers I have are faint deja vu moments.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Go try list five things dat has happened to you or any (major) events dat you can remembah in 2015....... and I not talking just last month either. Try see if you worse than me. :razz:

Never Forget

December 7th, 2015

In all dis holiday madness and rush, today will seem like any oddah day for da current - and future - generations.

But for those who are still around and makule enough, have dis day stamped in our coconut shells. It's something we all can share with future generations but as history shows, it diminishes with every passing year and becomes nothing more than a chapter you have to read about in high school World History class.

Personally, I'll never forget da experience I had with a fellow Kwonic, NEO, who blessed us with a personal tour of the USS Missouri. It was surreal like and many a chicken skin moment was had as we took in all da mo'olelo's he had to share and da vast massiveness of da ship. NEO was recently lucky enough to share his mana'o with da NFL which he was giddy about. :grin:

Can't believe it was more than five years ago but click hea to revisit our amazing journey (History You Take For Granted..... Right Under Our Noses).

Also, if you get a chance, check out da Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade which will start at Fort DeRussey and go along da famed Kalakaua Avenue all da way to da Waikiki Shell. One of our faithful Kwonic, King Katonk, has one of his keiki participating all da way from California! Check out da acclaimed Arcadia High School Marching Band (tentatively #57 out of 59 groups).

For those who are unable to make it but still wanted to check it out, it is streaming live at 6pm on Check it out.

Dis date will live in infamy..... as long as we keep it dat way.

Survey: 'Healthy' Take Out

October 10th, 2015

Every once in awhile I like to just find out wat everyday people do about a particular subject - today is about "healthy" food tricks.

We all try and eat healthy(ier) but we all know da 'bestest' foods tend not to be healthy at all. From chicken katsu to fried saimin to gravy all, our local kine grindz tend to get da bettah of (most) us.

But those who make a conscience effort in trying to enjoy those kine's of foods still, how do you do it? Da most obvious one - no mattah wat you eat - is moderation and portion control but c'mon, who doesn't go for seconds & thirds at a local kine pot luck or a onolicious buffet? :grin:

Wat you say to dat?

You tinking Wassup Wit Dat! but actually.... Lose Money no? :lol:

Besides denying multiple servings, I've heard of asking for salad dressing on da side, toss salad instead of mac salad, brown instead of white rice, whole wheat/multi-grain instead of white breads, whole wheat pasta instead of white flour based, removing da skin off of fried chicken and even blotting da top of your pizza dry with a napkin to soak up any oil.

Wat do you do wen ordering out? Wat substitutions do you ask for? Wat is one kine of food dat you WON'T substitute for?

Do you still love food?

Sign Of Da Times

August 7th, 2015

Right on national TV at a Presidential debate.

You tell me Wassup Wit Dat!.......... I'll chime in latah.

Like Father, Like Daughter

May 6th, 2015

As a parent, there comes a point dat you realize dat wat you do - and teach - will have an influence on your keiki. Our very own retired Olympic gold medalist Brian Clay's daughter is certainly no exception.

I can only imagine her witnessing his post Olympic training and must have seen videos of him in competition come up with an (pupule) idea so......... AWESOME dat it'll actually get people to wondah if it was real or not.

Check it out.........

Wassup Wit Dat!

And from wat I saw on dis morning's news, da idea was totally his daughter's and they also did find da tooth!

It must be a guy thing but how frickin' cool was dat? :grin:

How many ways are there to pull a tooth out? From wat I remembah, da tie da string to da door and yank it open or closed nevah work for me. I even tried to rip it out with pliers wen no one was looking but da tried and true method for me was just rocking it back and forth till it was almost horizontal on each side and then it would finally just tear out.

Wat kine method have you used? Wat kine method have you used on your keiki? :shock:

Wen Da Keiki went in to get multiple shots once she turned two, I've always talked (coached) her to be strong and no crying is allowed. I got scolded for da latter part so I 'compromised' and said she could cry for five seconds and she bettah be pau. :grin:

But now aftah watching Brian Clay's daughter stand strong while a javelin is thrown to remove her loose tooth - without a wince or whine - I got a few more years to figgah out a way to rig up a baseball or football cause I no think it would look too good if her tooth no buckle wen it's tied to da back of da motorcycle. :lol:

But there's still no crying aftah five seconds.