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Is It Just Me Or..........

July 14th, 2014

There are a LOT more murder's happening in da 808?

Get choke stabbings happening wen no mo' gun for shoot 'em with?

TheBus stay way ovah their quota of running ovah people?

Convicts and criminals in custody...... are escaping too easily?

Most - not all - politicians just "look" crooked?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat else you got?

People Just Don't Like You

December 14th, 2013

Banks must tink I'm either going to rob them or be of da criminal element cause most times I go in there, I get da "treatment".

Well, not in a bad way but if I not going out to wea I gotta wea nice kine clothes, I'm usually wearing shorts, t-shirt, slippahs and a hat or visor. Today wasn't any different... but was.

Standing in line at the Hawaii USA FCU in Aiea, I watch people - as I normally do anywea - and wait my turn listening for, "next in line please".

TELLER: How can I help you today? (Or something to that effect)
BL: I need to make a deposit please. (give her my account number and ID)
TELLER: (Starts to enter da deposit then gives me a quick side eye glance) Could you please remove your hat?
BL: Sure (although I was wearing a plain Oakley visor)...... but you didn't ask the guy you just helped to remove his.
TELLER: I didn't help anyone with a hat.
BL: You just helped him two people ago not more than five minutes before. He was wearing a big camouflage sun hat da kine hunters or da military kine guys wear with the cinch cord hanging down. ** saying to myself - "maybe was TOO camouflage"** :roll:
TELLER: I didn't notice. I'm usually pretty good about that.
BL: Really? You didn't notice his huge hat? I'm just asking to be fair is all.
TELLER: Sorry, guess I missed it..... is there anything else I can do for you?

Really? Not even I'm sorry but just sorry dat you missed it?

Wassup Wit Dat!

I totally get banks asking to remove your hat and sunglasses and I do my best to accommodate before reaching da teller by putting my shades on my head, tilt my hat a little higher so my face is CLEARLY visible and look at several cameras directly and smile (yes, I really do dat) but really, why should I remove my hat? It's part of my dress, just like how wahines wear accessories, but until they upgrade their stupid cameras, it doesn't mattah cause you can nevah see da face clearly anyways!

How many times have they shown da person robbing a bank and you can't even tell if it was your dog sliding a note to da teller demanding money? In dis day and age of technology, you should be able to count how many white hairs are on your head from all their cameras in da bank yet alone be able to see a non-pixelated photo of a robber.

As I hop into da car and tell Da Wife wat just happened, she puts it simply..........

"Peole just don't like you".

Geez, thanks Babe. :lol:


November 13th, 2013

Last night Da Keiki shows me a receipt her teacher sent home with her and me working in Finance I gravitate towards da numbahs and I couldn't help but do a rough calculation: numbah of students times da amount we pay every month = HOLY GUACAMOLE! Cha-ching!

But of course get all da kine logistics of salaries, rent, insurance, blah blah but da net amount, I'm guesstimating, is still high. Then I was tinking about da amount we pay for Da Baby's sitter and WHOA! Das a good "net amount" too!

Sometime I wondah wat kine of businesses make da most money? Besides da kine "professionals" dat have gone to school for uku-million years like lawyers and doctors, who makes a considerable amount of money per hour? In da Pearl City Wal-Mart area near Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union, there are impromptu "vendors" which I'm surah are there illegally but no one has "complained" so they continue to set up shop there tents, chairs, road signs and all.

Anybody who drives da "Wal-Mart" road knows these people all too well. Da two who are there religiously every weekend are da "cold li-hing mango lady" and da "huli-huli chicken guy" (outdoor barbeque pit, cooler and all!). There's a third dat is there frequently as well, "pastele and rice". Once in awhile there would be "challengers" taking up prime City & County space like a "homemade toy guy", "puppy sale" or some kine of fundraising attempt.

No rent, no overhead....... hmmm, sounds pretty lucrative - or at least profitable enough to do it - if you don't mind da time you spend doing it.

Now get these "steam car wash dudes" in Pearl City and Aiea and I can't even imagine 1) having steam to wash da car and 2) dat it would be a money maker considering there are two to three people dat has to split da fee. I would tink you'd have to average three to four vehicles an hour just to pay for da labor and four to five an hour just to buy a plate lunch aftah dat.

I once heard dat those hot dog vendors like Woody's are actually one of THE most lucrative businesses out there making easily into da six-figure mark annually. Da hotdogs aren't cheap but six-figures annually off of a processed meat? :lol: :shock:

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat kine of low-key businesses have you seen dat you wondah if it's lucrative or not? Wat street vendors are "regulahs"? Have you evah pulled ovah to buy anything from them?

If you see a vertically challenged, wise-okole, round is a shape, pidgin speaking Korean selling kim chee on da side of da road in Pearl City............. saying "Wassup Wit Dat!" is da secret code for Kama'aina discount. :lol:


October 26th, 2013

Wat da heck happen to our 'Bows dis week?

Da Wahine lose in 5 to an unranked team we should have beat. Da Rainbow Warrior football team not even close to being remotely in da same category as "average" aftah losing their seventh straight.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I'm hoping for at least a single win before the season is pau and I guess we can now kiss hosting volleyball regionals here aloha.

I'm tired and need a drink... or a nap hoping dat wen I wake up dis has all been a bad dream.

Hawai'i Sucks!

February 7th, 2013

If you haven't heard by now, Hawai'i not only sucks but we have a lot of crystal meth, our food is junk and we're too slow-motion.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Those were da comments said by actor Scott Caan (co-star on Hawai'i Five-O) on E Channel's talk show hosted by Chelsea Lately. (CLICK HEA to see da interview)

Brah, in case you nevah know, you stay working and living (albeit part-time as long as Hawai'i Five-O is producing) in HAWAI'I! How you going talk stink about da 808 on national tv li'dat?

Wen I first heard about his rant, I was pissed! Then I actually saw da interview and couldn't make heads or tails of it since his words were eeriely similar to da Saturday Night Live skit done last year which was hilarious.

Da host, Chelsea, posed a lot of leading questions - dat he didn't dodge - and I tink wat made it "bad" was dat he was actually telling da truth as he saw it.... although da way he was responding was like smart-okole kine so you couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

His character on Hawai'i Five-O geniunely dislikes Hawai'i as well so it's easy to corelate his "fake" persona wit da real one but da characters he's played in da past - like in Varsity Blues and Ocean's Eleven series - he's a wise crackin' okole too so he must be somewat li'dat as well since he's been typecasted as such and it must be natural for him.

In any case, there's been choke backlash from it and of course Hollywood PR would dictate he kowtow to save his current career in da show.

But heck, dis is da "new" America wea you can say anything, anytime, any how, any way as long as you issue some sort of an apology aftah. Gone are da days of showing some restraint, class or any type of *gulp* dare I say, respect.

Surah we get one meth problem in da islands but wea in da United States DON'T we have some kine of drug problem? Surah our food sucks - at some establishments - but we have a plethora of eateries to please ANY palate. I don't see him losing any weight cause he ain't eating. :roll:

But you know wat? He has got a "right" to his opinions but brah, share your opinions wit your ohana, your co-workers, your agent - not blasting it on national tv wea thousands watch and are influenced by "stars". No mattah how manini you are in Hollyweird, your words still carry a lot of weight.

Aftah spending so much time in da islands, I'm surprised he hasn't caught on dat it's not just da bad mouthing dat kama'aina are upset about, you talking stink about "us" without any justification. Have you witnessed first hand drug use/abuse? And if so, is it prevalant EVERYWEA you go to say dat we have CHOKE crystal meth? So you don't like loco moco's and spam musubi's and mac salad - have you even bothered to ask wea you can get some of da grindz you crave? Have you noticed dat it's "slow-motion" cause we don't have to go fast? People are hea cause we ENJOY life, if we like go a gazillion miles an hour, we'd go to da mainland.

Da aloha dat people have hea goes deep and it's (you heard it hea first cause it's part of my future design) da 808 PRIDE dat we have dat makes us unique. "Aloha" and "Malama" aren't punchlines, it's a way of life and while not every resident believes in it, it is still greatly perpetuated from generation to generation and das wat makes Hawai'i, Hawai'i.... da 808 PRIDE dat we all carry within. We're proud to asscociate oursevles wit "Hawai'i" and not many places can actually mean it wen they say it.

So it "hurts" wen someone, anyone, talks stink about da 808, it's people and da lifestyle. It's something we can't fully explain, it's something that is shared and experienced if you open your eyes and your heart. Some like it, some don't and you know wat WWD! says to people li'dat..... you no like it, GO HOME!

No stay wea you no like be, no caan eat and no caan enjoy yourself - oh wait, you like your job and da pay yeah? You not going give dat up just cause you soooo miserable hea yeah? :roll:

But please braddah, don't evah flash da shaka again cause dat wouldn't be right now would it?