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Can You Spock 'Em?

July 26th, 2014

Saw dis Coke machine a few weeks back at Waikele Outlet and was trippin' out but not really. It all changed wen I saw two people trying to do wat they were trying to do......

Can you spock out wat I did?

If you do, da first person to get it right, I'll buy you a soda... or watah.

Paint Found!

June 25th, 2014

Early dis past Sunday morning I decided to take Da Baby and Da Keiki for a little Red Wagon ride to da park and give Da Wife a couple more hours of more than well deserved shut eye.

As I approached da park, I couldn't help but notice all da color. I walked da entire park twice to confirm changes of which I blogged about weeks ago in "Can You Figgah It Out". At dat time, there was a perplexing sight of an ordinary curb but it was painted a pretty bright blue and couldn't figgah out how come only a SINGLE curb? Ran out of paint? No mo' money? Spilled paint and tried to make it pretty?

Da WWD! Hui are common sense people - well, most of us :razz: - and could pretty much conclude dat it was to indicate handicap access at da very least.

Wat about da blind - visually impaired for all you politically crap... um, correct people? How come no mo' da shiatsu kine bumps scattered across da ramp too then? No need be painted yellow cause c'mon, they no can see 'em but how come da handicapped (wheeled, cane and oddah assisted means) gotta be "shown" da slanted curb but da blind just gotta figgah it out for themselves?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Naturally wen there's one WWD!, there are oddahs and I got anoddah "perplexing" mo'olelo dat came out of dis for latah and da sad part? It's da same park.... :roll:

Hea are da pics of all da curbs around da park now dat they found da paint bucket....... well, almost.... you'll see.

Pretty yeah? :razz:

Anybody know Wassup Wit Dat! in dis pic? Go guess 'em go.

Must be da same guys who did da blue..........

Bus Stop numbah 1:

Bus Stop numbah 2 a few hundred yards down da road:

No more white paint

Wassup Wit Dat! :lol: :lol:

And da winnah winnah chicken katsu dinnah.......

I guess somebody was feeling left out dat da curbs all ovah da park was painted..... :roll:

Wat Kine Dat - Revealed

June 4th, 2014

Howzit Howzit!

I hope you had your breakfast already as wat you about to see makes me all ugi.

Have you noticed dat insects, bugs and crawly things seem to have been "evolving" these days? In particular, geckos.

You could say dat da gecko is da official 808 State Reptile and we are definitely not short of 'em. They no longer come in da bright green and evah changing rainbow colors but now in these reptilian gray brownish and even spiny "skin" kine. Uuugggghhh.

It's crazy to see those albino ones too! Wen you stay in one dark place and lift up something and see dat freakishly pale transparent color squirm away you can't help but jump a little. No lie, you do.

As some of you already knew, da "Wat Kine Dat" pic is of a lizard but I've been seeing these "prehistoric" versions kinda take ovah and with those long toes and rough face, I wasn't about to get any closer. :shock:

I was actually tripping out dat someone would actually have da nerve to throw away a used kleenex right on a shrub......

Wassup Wit Dat!

Then of course, I noticed dat da lizard was laying claim to it..... literally.

Have you noticed any oddah insects or crawly thingys evolving? Which bugs creep you out besides da B-52's with their pokey legs?

Wat Kine Dat?

June 3rd, 2014

You guys are always too good wen it comes to dis kine stuff so I made dis one pretty hard - if not difficult.

Try go guess 'em!

Da Chicken Or Da Egg?

April 22nd, 2014

Maybe cause it was Easter coming up but two Saturdays ago Da Wife noticed something coming out of our car's okole. Ok, well not literally but close enough.

DA WIFE: "Most wonderful man in the world, come check this out."
BL: **BL dreaming he was da most wonderful man in da world... waking up** "Wat is it?"
DA WIFE: "You gotta come see it."
BL: "Wat da heck? Is dat an........"


Wassup Wit Dat!

Wen we parked it wasn't there and we weren't gone more than twenty minutes so how/why da heck an egg mysteriously appeared and lay smack dab in da rear of da car as if it was laid by da bumper beats da heck out of me.

I looked up at da tree to da side of us which was bare with no nest inside and it wasn't extremely windy to have caused any branches to sway wildly anyways. No chickens running around nor anybody for dat mattah as it was still early morning aftah leaving da doctor's office so how an itty bitty egg came to rest so symmetrically to da car and da grass area perplexed Da Wife but not me.

C'mon, look who it's happening to? :lol: Dis kine of thing no phase me. I thought it was strange dat it was such a tiny egg though.

Got any ideas how it got there? Let's keep it clean as you wouldn't want egg on your face do you? Please don't feel like you have to scramble to tink of something. And no poaching!

Dat was da last one - couldn't resist. Have an egg-cellent day. Ok, now DAT was da last one.