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July 20th, 2016

I love my Niners but can you guess wat all these have in common.......

8 stars
24 hours
Forget Me Not
Under 2 cents an acre
Wolly Mammoth

If you do guess, let me know 'how' you got your answer.... and no using Google, Bing, Yahoo and watevah search engines you can get your hands on eh?

Coming or Going?

April 17th, 2015

Da weekend is finally hea and all I wanna do is...... not think.

I figgah some of you might feel da same so I get one game for you. You not going win any prizes but I stay building/training your eye for WWD! moments and how my 'awareness' stay pupuple kine noticing things dat 'normal' people probably wouldn't give a second thought to. 😀

So go check 'em go check 'em go check 'em go and tell me wassup wit dis view.... you might have to zoom to see it. 😉 😉

And Ocean Lover, try wait a few before you jump in eh? 😆

Happy Feel Good Friday to da WWD! Hui! 😀

I'm Not Alone - Revealed

March 12th, 2015

Ok, ok, so it was impossible to decipher wat da heck I could see wit da naked eye but your guesses was pretty eye popping as well.

Hea's a little zoomed up view:

Ok, so you still no can see but there are da three buoys on da right side of da channel, take a look just above and a little to da right side of da middle buoy, there's an itty bitty barely noticeable tiny speck.

As I was taking a break and admiring da view, I couldn't help but notice dat in my near entire view of da South Shore from Ewa to Diamond Head, it was raining and only raining in one spot. It was a little odd to see dat type of action at dat time of day at dat location plus it was fairly sunny and not really a rain expected day.

I was thinking to myself, "boy would it suck to be in dat rain" considering dat it wasn't raining anywhere else. And wat do I see slowly making its way out? A boat!

Ha ha ha - Wassup Wit Dat!

I busted out with a chuckle cause at dat moment I could only imagine dat whoevah was on dat boat was saying da same thing dat runs through my mind all da time - lucky buggah you. 😀

Truth be told, dat actually happened to me once as well. I was tako diving with a friend's dad many many moons ago in K-Bay and as we headed back to da boat, it started to pour. I swear it was sunny just moments ago and aftah we loaded up and started to make our way in getting "rain stung", we "exited" da lone rain cloud and viola! Sun all around. SMH, WWD!.

Thought for da day.... A promise is a cloud, fulfillment is da rain.

Can You Spock 'Em?

February 4th, 2015

During da holidays, I posted a pic of a gift basket (Click hea to see da full basket) with local ties but upon reading one of da ingrediments on da back, was thrown aback by one in particular...... can you spock 'em? And yes, da ingrediment is pronounceable and da snack is "krackas".

I nevah seen dat ingrediment before and naturally da first thought in my coconut shell was "Wassup Wit Dat!"? Still intrigued by it, I did look it up and glad to see dat it was harmless but still wondered why dat particular ingrediment was needed since there were oddahs on da label dat appeared to do da trick.

There are tons of oddah products out there too dat use weird and "off" ingrediments dat really make you say WWD! like anti-freeze (propylene glycol) in ice cream, icing, sodas and artificial sweetners.

Check out dis list of some ingrediments found in our everyday foods ( Numbah four cracked me up and totally relieved dat those are NEVAH my first, second or third choice of flavahs! 😆

Traces of arsenic in food are nothing new. The potent human carcinogen arsenic has been known to turn up in everything from rice to cereal to juice, and most recently German researchers found traces of it in beer, noting some levels found were more than twice than what is allowed in drinking water. Traces of arsenic can actually be found in both beers and wine that are clearer in colour. That's because they will have been filtered to get rid of plant matter and leftover yeast; most people don't want to drink a cloudy pinot grigio after all. To filter, beer and winemakers use diatomaceous earth, a natural product that contains iron and metals; hence the arsenic. Want less arsenic in your drink? Opt for drinks that are unfiltered.

Human hair
Amino acids are your body's building blocks, and while they can be good for your health, not all amino acids are created equal. L-Cysteine – an amino acid used to prolong shelf-life in products such as commercial bread – can be found in duck and chicken feathers and cow horns, but most that's used in food comes from human hair. It has been reported that most of the hair used to make L-Cysteine comes from China, where it's gathered from barbershops and hair salons. You can avoid L-Cysteine by buying fresh bread from a local baker, as it is not an additive in flour. Steer clear of fast food places such as McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts and Burger King too, who all use L-Cysteine as an additive.

You're not drinking straight antifreeze when you down a soft drink, but if your drink of choice has propylene glycol in it you're consuming a compound that's used for everything from antifreeze to cosmetics to pharmaceuticals to electronic cigarettes. Its properties are many, so it's no surprise that chemical companies such as DOW get excited about its potential in the corporate food world. It's also a minor ingredient in Corexit, the oil dispersant that was used after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Fortunately, if you live in the European Union, propylene glycol is not cleared as a general-purpose food grade product or direct food additive.

Beaver anal glands
If you're eating vanilla, strawberry or raspberry ice-cream, you may just be eating beaver's anal and urine secretions. Castoreum, which comes from the castor sacs of male and female beavers, is an FDA-approved food additive popular in ice-creams, and allowed to be called "natural flavouring", meaning you probably don't know that you are eating it.

Fish bladder
A round of beers may sound like the perfect way to celebrate with vegetarian and vegan friends alike, but watch what beer you're drinking. Isinglass is a gelatin-like substance produced from the swim bladder of a fish. It's added to cask beers and Guinness, to help remove any "haziness" from the final product - removing any residue yeast or solid particles in the beer – which means you could end up with a trace of fish bladder in your pint glass.

Coal tar
Many processed foods are known for including a long list of dyes, and many of those dyes are derived from coal tar. Yellow #5, also known as tartrazine, was linked to childhood hyperactivity in 2007 and since then any product in the EU that contains it must also come with a warning label. In the US, however, there is no such regulation. Concern over the food colouring recently prompted bloggers to petition Kraft to remove the dyes from their popular macaroni cheese product.

Breast implant
Chicken McNuggets from McDonald's aren't known for being the healthiest thing on the planet, but they're not really known for being "chicken" either. The nuggets are actually only about 50% actual chicken; the rest comprises synthetic ingredients, including dimethylpolysiloxane, a chemical used in silicone that can be found in Silly Putty as well as breast implant filler.

Boiled beetle shells
Natural Red #4 may sound harmless, but the food colouring – also known as carmine – is made by boiling female cochineal insect shells in ammonia or a sodium carbonate solution. It takes about 70,000 of the bugs to produce one pound of dye. Coffee giant Starbucks got slammed in 2012 for using the additive in their frappuccinos and eventually binned it, but it's a commonly employed ingredient in many foods. The European Food Standards Authority recently included it as an additive to research more. But while some may feel queasy at the thought of consuming bugs, the synthetic alternatives to this natural dye, such as Red #2 and Red #40, are made from petroleum products. Pick your poison.

Rodent hair
Producing food products in an industrial facility is nothing like cooking at home, and certainly a big warehouse space is sure to be home to a few rodents here and there. Maybe that's why the US FDA allows for certain amounts of rodent hair in various products, something they call an "unavoidable defects": one rodent hair for every 100g chocolate, 22 rodent hairs for every 100g cinnamon and five rodent hairs for every 18oz jar of peanut butter. Yum.

Banned in the US and Canada as a food additive but allowed in the EU, borax is also known for making its way into fire-retardant, anti-fungal compounds and enamel. E285, as it's known in the food world, is used to control acidity in products as well as assist in preservation. You'll find it in some caviars – including those imported to the US – as well as various Asian noodle and rice dishes as it adds a firm, rubbery texture to foods.

And now I read dat California drinking water has been contaminated for years by oil rigs being allowed to dump their waste into da aquifers.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I guess we only live once yeah? 😆

SHOUT OUT: I nevah properly welcome da Lurkahs who came out of hiding in da last blog. They posted once or twice before so E Komo Mai to WWD!:

Cook 'Em
st. anthony trojan

Glad you was able to get out of Kahoolawe and join in! 😀

Stumped Me - Any Sherlocks In Da House?

January 7th, 2015

A few weeks ago, I was ragging on a co-worker who had just used da bathroom ahead of me. *** sorry, guess I'm stuck on a toilet theme dis week *** 🙄 😳

While I know he nevah do it (logically deduced dat da time he was in there was "too short"), I had to show him da "proof" I had.

DISCLAIMER: For those who are touchy, sensitive, squeamish, no can handle graphic/real pictures or like to complain about how you're offended by every little thing...... NO LOOK 'DEN!!!

Ok, now dat we got dat out of da way.

Hea it is..............

Ok, maybe I not going show 'em on WWD! cause I not surah if can and no like get in trouble but if you CLICK HEA, YOU CAN. 😀

Now if YOU can tell me Wassup Wit Dat! about da picture, you more sharp than me cause my co-worker was pretty quick to observe something very peculiar about it dat made me say WWD!....... and 😯

You know I observe a lot of shtuff (literally and figuratively) and dis is one dat makes you go, "hmmmmm".

Da "answer" to follow latah.

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