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Ai-goo.... Let Da Madness Begin

February 9th, 2016

Having landed in da wee hours of da morning, contemplating which minivan to choose from (trust me, it was difficult actually having choices), checking in to da hotel.... did I mention dat there was already a plethora of WWD! moments before we even left da 808. LOL

Classic I tell ya, classic.

Be back soon.

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Traveling Peeves

February 3rd, 2016

As my vacation departure date creeps up, I can't help but feel 'uneasy' even before the vacation begins.

First thing on my list is trying not to forget anything between packing da right clothes, chargers/cables, cameras (rogah, das plural), documents and of course da phone amongst choke oddah things. With dat being said, I started to think about da things dat have been travel irks to anyone dat has evah traveled.

You got of course checking in by which with technology these days you do it online but still have to stand in line to check in your bags... which of course you still got those who are technologically challenged and stand in front of da monitor as if waiting for a Vegas payout.

Then da infamous TSA screening lines. I won't go there but c'mon people.... SHOES come off!

No can bring watah inside so Hydroflasks have been a welcome addition. Then you get da outlet hogs with their 'gear' spread out as if they were NASA coordinating a space shuttle launch.

And then there's da plane.

If you happen to have to sit next to strangers, you hope they don't occupy BOTH armrests or encroach on da property line having da occasional uncomfortable nudge with da apologetic nod. And I used to feel especially sorry for those around crying babies.

Wat kinda gets me though is those who recline their seats and then try to recline them some more by leaning on it hard every so often as if they are bending it further back!

Wassup Wit Dat!

It not only shoves da tray into da passenger in da back, every time they push back it makes da already small space smaller. I read a few months ago dat there are even gadgets dat prohibit da recline of seats in front of you. :lol: Now dat would make for an ugly flight.

Wat peeves you at da airport? Da flight? Traveling? Got any solutions, tips or tricks you live by when traveling?

I'm just hoping I'm not selected for full body search........ it won't be pretty. :razz:

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$5.50 Or Free

February 1st, 2016

I can safely assume at least 98% of da WWD! Hui drive no?

We all remembah dat glossy orange bordered booklet full of pictures and multiple choice questions with da 'nostalgic' cover of H1 near University in da early 80's we passed along to family, friends and by da time it came back was all buss up.... but was still around somewea.

Many have forgotten da "rules of the road" and da very Q&A's we needed to know in order to obtain da PRIVILEGE of obtaining a driver's license. So be da case of dis frickin' idiot who didn't understand wat dis meant:

For those needing a refresher, it means "Merge" or "Merging Traffic Ahead".

And for those needing an in depth refresher it means dat those on da right hand side will be merging with da main road soon. Let me ask you dis, who has da right of way wen you see dat?

I'll let it simmer for those who are guessing right now.

Heading underneath da viaduct aftah work, I was in da left lane of da two lane road heading West knowing dat da lane will merge into one soon. As I approach da merge, dis lolo rolls up on da side of me (going about 35mph) and then inches his way just ahead of me as da lanes were merging. Once I seen dat he wasn't going to merge properly, I tapped my brakes to slow and avoid being a smooshed petroglyph.

Once da lanes opened up, I roll up along side him and suggest to him to take a driver's ed course cause he just blew through a merge and almost took me out! He proceeds to tell me (pointing to an imaginary sign) dat it was a "Merge".

Wassup Wit Dat! No f'in $%!t it was a "merge"!

BL: "Yeah Brah, it was a merge, YOU have to YIELD!"
IDIOT: "No, I don't.... YOU have to!"

I couldn't believe dat he just said dat. Funny thing is dat there's actually an "IGNORANCE" section in da Hawai'i Drivers Manual and da first of five noted "bad" driving categories is "Failing to yield to pedestrians or other vehicles having the right of way."

Guess dat braddah aced dat section of da test. LOL

For those trying to look for your buss up copy of da manual, consider dis a $5.50 gift..... or you could just send ovah a mini plate lunch instead.


Wat Can We Do?

January 27th, 2016

It's been bothering me for awhile now dat no mattah wea we at or wat we're doing - people just no kea (care).

Whether it be something like last night again wea there were a handful of vehicles traveling in da pau hana shoulder lane at 6:30pm wen it specifically states dat it closes at 6:00pm. I'm just hoping da motorcyclist dat was stranded on da side nevah get run ovah as he was waiting for help. Or people who just cut in lines without a second thought dat people are already in a formed line. And how everyone seems to be "wat's in it for me?" kine of attitude.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Call me nostalgic but I enjoy watching a handful of - definitely not all - black and white films wea there was such thing as displaying courtesy and using da words "sorry", "thank you", "please" with meaning instead of something you 'have to say'. Even 'traditional' things as holding da door open for a wahine, waiting for oddahs before you start eating (if they're not running late) and just good hearted gestures are far in between da current 'societal norms'.

How is it dat we have 'evolved' into such a selfish culture? I'm surah we all can agree technology has played a major role (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) but haven't we been raised before all dat nonsense? Haven't we had good and decent parents instill core values, morals and character into us? Why has dat been thrown out da window?

With such a sensitive issue such as excessive force by police (law enforcement) but would it have escalated to dat point if da lay person would just "listen"? Think about it, would law enforcement have to feel like they have to constantly protect themselves if they weren't pushed into dat corner from previous experiences? We all see da online videos of one side - why not show all da videos of wea police are assaulted, shot at, spit on, called into dangerous/precarious situations? Why not show da officers in da hospital with injuries? Oh yeah, da 'alleged' criminals have rights. :roll:

Trying to raise two young keiki, it's sad wen finally Da Keiki is making an honest effort to speak up and look people in da eye saying "please" and "thank you" and in return she doesn't even get a "you're welcome" or an acknowledgment without looking back at her. Sometimes she gets a grin and I have to reassure her dat she made dat person happy as she looks at me as if she did something wrong.

So I challenge all da 11 readers of WWD! to go out today and just do one thing without reward. Go out and do something real instead of watching 'commercialized' videos of good deeds. While we won't go 'viral', we can at least show dat it still exists.

Live it, do it, crave to be pono.

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Slippery Slope

January 25th, 2016

For those storm drains closer to da shorelines, we've seen seen 'em all ovah da place. Whether it be a stenciled humuhumunukunukuapua'a or a brass plate embedded in da concrete, it basically says "No Dumping - Drains to Ocean" to which I'm pretty surah no one knowingly will do..... right? If at worse, since it is a "drain", I've seen people empty watah bottles, hydroflasks - basically liquids, hardly evah any hard opala.

So wat happens wen you're further from da ocean? Aftah dropping da rugrats at preschool and da sitters, I was heading back home down a residential street and noticed an older man walking down his driveway carrying a wok. I thought it was an unusual site but thought nothing of it thinking he might be going ovah to a neighbors to share some kau kau until I saw him walk ovah to a storm drain and dump out wat I can assume was cooking oil.

Wassup Wit Dat!

You certainly don't want to evah pour oil down your sink drain mainly because of clogging issues but to walk outside your house, to da curb and pour oil down da storm drain? Now das something I nevah thought I'd see to get rid of da oil.

But then it got me thinking, is it wrong? I mean, we're told nevah to pour engine oil down da storm drain but I nevah heard of cooking oil. It may sociologically wrong - possibly morally - but does being way further from da ocean make it "ok"? It's one of those dat you scratch your head thinking wat da heck is he doing but at da same time asking is it wrong?

Wat do I do? I do da same thing - in theory - as I do wen changing my motorcycle/truck engine oil. Since we keep mostly all of da glass jars dat foods come in (tomato sauce, pickles, etc), they make perfect containers to which I like to add either crumpled up newspaper or used paper towels so it 'soaks' up wat it can instead of just having a jar full of oil. Once full or near full, it goes out with da regulah garbage. One thing to keep in mind dat I do dat once da oil has cooled ovah night. :wink:

There are many oddah uses dat I just read which all involved straining da oil to reuse it - da uses seem very 'logical'. Obviously it can be reused for future cooking but how's about making an oil lamp for those times wen da electricity goes out? You can use it to make soap and even shaving! :shock: I've also read dat since it's a natural, organic (biodegradable) product, it can simply be poured in a corner of your yard. I'm not entirely sold on dat idea.

How do you get rid of oil? Do you reuse it? How many times? Do you have oddah uses for it?

Hmmm, I'm suddenly in da mood for tempura or chicken katsu.

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