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Guinea Pig

November 24th, 2014

We've all had to be one at one time or anoddah but wen was da last time it was shoved down your throat?

Aftah I was cleaning yard Sunday afternoon, I was putting away my tools near da front door and saw a piece of paper kinda crumpled in between some hand tools. I picked it up and dis is wat was on it:

In case you nevah read da notice, it basically said C&C (City & County of Honolulu) - in "cooperation" with oddahs - was going to lay down road surfacing products to "study" pavement peservation.

While I am honored *sarcasm* they have chosen our specific street, wat da heck is going on - vague information along with damaging side effects?!? Hmmm, let me paraphrase da letter as I understand it:

*** No specific date - it's going to happen SOME TIME between 11/7-12/30/14
Only a two month open waiting period? Why not three? Heck, why even give us a range??

*** We can't park on da street for da majority of da day and you WILL tow any vehicle "illegally" parked and we got a problem to take it up with HPD
Wow, C&C coordination at it's best - HPD will be there lickety-split to tow your ride wen it took them nearly three years to bust down the drug house three houses away.

*** If the product (don't even know which one will be used) is not cured, it stick to your tires and track onto your driveway and leave unsightly stains
So how long does da curing process take? Will the street be closed? Wat happens if our driveway does get stained by a product we don't even know is being applied to our street at watevah day/time we don't know about?

*** Keep our children, pets and vehicles off the treated raodway until it has cured
If that's the case, are you going to shut down the street? Oddahwise, how can you expect vehicles, pets and children to stay off of it? Then, are da fumes harmful? Are there safety precautions we should take like not leaving our windows opened? Are we able to just wash it off with soap and water if we happen to get some flung on us? And wtf are you guys laying down product dat has da potential to cause harm and not even say wat's being used?

*** The notice even makes note TWICE dat da street WILL be damaged if it doesn't properly cure
Then why da heck are da streets left opened???


Why da heck do it on public streets with a possibility of damage and unknown harm if it's just a study? Are our vehicles and lives dat insignificant? Why not lay da product down in a C&C parking lot, close it for 24 hours to "cure" then reopen it? How's about a section of road at UH, LCC or KCC during winter break? I mean there are countless oddah "safer" more adaptable venues than populated housing areas.

You tell me, how da heck do you respond to dis "order"? Forget it being a C&C owned road and all da legalities of it, do you even believe dis method is pono? How da heck can you "experiment" and not even divulge wat's being used?

So now not only are my vehicles and property at risk but my ohana's health too without even knowing by wat product? At least da guinea pigs in da newspaper ads get paid but I guess da taxes I pay aren't enough.....

They got me by my olo's too.

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Wat Da Heck Is Wrong With People?

November 21st, 2014

In dis day and age of evah changing "social media apps", it's absolutely amazing how an app can cause - instigate - so much pilikia.

Amazing aside, it's frickin' ironicly pupule how a scheduled assembly on bullying got canceled because it was, well, bullied.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Das wat happened at Kaiser High School today. A scheduled assembly to obviously share information about bullying was to happen today, Friday, but wind of a new app called Yik Yak (nevah heard of personally) was found to have threatening remarks yesterday leading to da cancellation of da assembly.

How much more messed up can our society be to have dis kine of stuff happen in high school? I've witnessed dis kine stuff in college during mid-terms and finals (bomb threats just so dat ONE idiot could have an extra day or two to cram) but c'mon, in high school?! You gotta be kidding me! And we all wondah why bullying is such a hugemangeous problem dat no one is affected by until they are directly affected - or personally care - about it.

Da app has all kine's of "features" dat I no like even get into but it's a scary app from da details I've read and it's all ANONYMOUS.

It's so frickin' sad dat we as a society have no responsibility for each other yet alone for ourselves.

But I'm sure there'll be an app for dat.

It's behavior multiplied by their environment dat creates and grows dis kine of breed and until we can culture da environment, behavior will nevah change. For da dwindling population of those who still care (all da WWD! Hui) - continue to share da aloha, persevere and continue to do da right thing as much as you possibly can.

There will NEVAH be an app for dat.

Throne Material

November 19th, 2014

It's more a guy thing but anytime a guy heads into da "office" - aka bathroom - his throne is wea "business" takes place, specifically numbah 2 action amongst oddah things.

Whether it be taking da morning paper, crossword puzzle or even a novel to read, it's wea we kill two birds with one stone and are da undisputed Kings of multi-tasking. While times have changed, da media used now might be your phone or tablet so I was rolling wen I saw dis at Ala Moana Barnes & Noble.......

For those who hard of looking or just clueless......

All it reminded me of was da Seinfeld episode (yes, I still love those Seinfeld-isms) wea George had to go numbah 2 and needed "something" to help occupy his time and latah was forced to buy da book cause it was in da bathroom.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

But I was still tripping out dat Barnes & Noble had to put signs out there to let their customers know not to take merchandise in da bathroom. Besides da shoplifting angle, wat kine people would make "house" li'dat? Obviously B&N has witnessed such actions but c'mon people, you do it in your own hale, not in a store especially with merchandise you may just be checking out instead of purchasing.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat B&N should do is put those theft scanners at da entrance of da hallway and if someone even "accidentally" tries to sneak one in everyone would know - shoplifting or oddahwise. :idea:

Bookstores have literally replaced libraries since now every store has a cafe or coffee shop attached to it and many people just "borrowing" books and magazines as they caffeniate away since libraries don't allow for it. But really, is there much difference between sitting down at a table/aisle with possible food/drink spillage, saliva (licking fingahs to turn a page) or hannah-battah transfer compared to da office?

I guess it's really a pick your poison kine of thing.

Going back to da office, I'll admit I log in some multitasking time only at home though - nevah at work and definitely nevah in public but I guess some people just gotta clock in. :razz:

And no bulai Ladies, I bet some of you do it too...... you know, multitasking. :wink:

Although you'll nevah admit, your grin says it all.

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Same Lingering Smell

November 17th, 2014


As I was dropping off Da Baby at da sitter's dis morning I was behind a garbage truck preparing to unload a dumpster. You didn't have to know dat a garbage truck was there if you had your windows down as da aromatics fill da air.

Then wen I was dropping off Da Keiki at preschool had anoddah garbage truck - different company but same smell.

Naturally three times a charm so as I was riding into work, right before you jump off da Nimitz overpass you can't help but flow through an invisible bubble of..... hauna.

Wat is it about garbage dat it all smells da "same"? It comes from different households, different foods, different garbage but yet no mattah wat company, wat area it all smells da same.

Wassup Wit Dat!

It's one of da worst smelling lingering odors there is and I'm pretty surah no one can deny they haven't smelt it before. It sucks wen you driving and stay behind a garbage truck cause once da smell enters your ride, da smell just attaches itself to everything like da suckers on a tako. You only got two options aftah dat, roll up da windows and suck it up (ha ha ha) or leave it open using aerodynamics to swoosh it out while you endure da next eternity desperately hoping it clears before your next inhale. It's just like da Seinfeld episode wea da valet guy had irremovable B.O. :lol:

I no understand how dis one smell can last so long - even longer than one fut. Wen I see one garbage truck and can avoid it, I most definitely do. If I see it far enough ahead, all da windows go up and I move to da furthest lane possible. Have you evah had da "juices" get on your tires and undercarriage? Haaaauuuuuuuna! No joke. Be forewarned do not follow da garbage truck going on ANY incline.

Heaven forbid you even get a drop on your physical self cause it'll call for a scrubbing decontamination protocol like no other. Even then you're only acknowledgement of an all clear is to wat? Smell for it again no? :lol:

Sadly, I have to ride through da Nimitz smell of shame everday, TWICE. In case you don't know, da C&C of Honolulu houses some of their garbage trucks under da underpass right across da Veteran's Hall and I'm not sure if they hose down da trucks there but it wouldn't surprise me if they did. Da most ironic thing about it? I wouldn't have thought da homeless could stand it 24/7 but they still there but das anoddah blog to share latah.

Wat's da worst smell you evah smelled? Is there a smell dat oddahs tink are supah hauna but you don't mind it? How many of you smell your cut toe nails? No lie. Have you evah had a smell dat just wouldn't go away? Wat was your decontamination protocol?

Eh, it's a Monday and it's hauna already.

Oh Fahrvergnügen

November 12th, 2014

It just dawned on me dat it's two weeks and a day (or less depending on wen you read dis blog) till Thanksgiving.


Wassup Wit Dat!

Wea does da time go. No, really. Wea does it go??? I swear it was just Labor Day a couple weeks ago. Ok, maybe a couple months ago but still, it happens EVERY year wea we all do a Haka shrieking double take as mid-November strolls on by and then it hits us like a rubbah slippah right upside yo' head, "oh $h!t, it's Thanksgiving.... then Christmas.... and then New Year's! Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhh!!!" (insert Home Alone Macaulay Culkin's infamous pic hea)

It's like I tell Da Wife though, it's 52 weeks in a year and every weekend dat goes by - whether it was fun, productive or lazy - it's one less to da demise of dat year... and your life. My boss asked me if I was ready for Thanksgiving - not my life's demise - and I told her I still get candy and pumpkins at home so you tell me. :roll:

Dis year I feel like it's going to be like old times wea it's pure madness all ovah in da stores, grocery markets, online practically wea evah you go since many seem to be doing well enough instead of having dat recession ball and chain attached. I wouldn't be surprised to hear of numerous reports of some sort of violence whether it be parking lot road rage or people getting trampled or fighting ovah door busters.

And no get me started about da Christmas stuff up already even at Labor Day! Now das a WTF?! moment which no one seems to have any shame of doing these days. Plus no mo' even Black Friday anymore cause now it starts on Thursday and how dare those stores even start up BEFORE dinner! Now das totally pilau if you ask me. I finally caved in and "accepted" dat they started aftah Thanksgiving dinner a few years ago but now as early as 5pm dis year? Wat about those workers? Unless they volunteered or no mo' any special place to go or do on da "thankless" day, wat kine is dat to make them work - so sad I tell ya.

Have you hit da "oh $h!t" moment yet? Are you getting all ants in yo' pants knowing da days are ticking down? Have you been scoping out da deals already? No lie. Are things going smoothly thus far or you stay popping Tylenol like it's left ovah Halloween candy?

Just a friendly reminder dat it's Thanksgiving soon..... regardless of all da Christmas decorations, products and commercials saying oddahwise.

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