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Early FGF

August 25th, 2016

Just wanted to share dis video dat was sent to me which I couldn't stop laughing. While we're taught not to have enjoyment at da expense of oddahs, wen done in good fun its pretty funny when everyone is a good sport.

No pee your pants.... while you buss out laughing! 😆


August 23rd, 2016

On da radio dis morning, I heard something dat kinda made me scratch da coconut shell. I didn't hear da full segment and I'm more than likely missing some information but based on da bit dat I 'heard', da State was meeting on how to warn and notify da public about da zika virus.

Now I don't know about you but I would like to know immediately about any (potential) virus outbreak dat could affect da general public whether it be a single case or contained to a specific area especially considering if da symptoms are not immediately displayed. Furthermore, if da source is something we are all exposed to - such as a mosquito - it would be prudent dat those who want to take precautions are able to do so.

Now about dat meeting, I'm still shaking my head cause if they need to meet on how to warn/notify da public, how did they accomplish da "notification" of da Hepatitis A outbreak? Now please don't say it's a City - State thing.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Are there really guidelines on when to notify da public? 5, 10 or 25 confirmed cases? Hospitalization? I understand dat panic is definitely something dat no one wants but if it's something dat common folk can do to help prevent something, then why shouldn't we know? If you say it's spread via mosquito, I'd go around da hale and empty pooled watah or if we're heading to an area wea there might be mosquitoes, we could spray some repellent on ourselves. If you say it's shell fish borne, we'd stay away from shell fish. If it was in a certain part of da island, we'd stay away etc.

How many times in our life had we come across da question, "had we known?" But then again, there have been many a times we've asked dat question and done nothing as well but shouldn't dat be 'our' choice?

If anyone knows da 'full story', please share as I'm a bit confused since I only caught a bit of it but then again, government is know to be confusing.

Maybe there should be a meeting about meeting.

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No Be Scared

August 19th, 2016

A couple of months ago while Da Baby was getting his haircut on a mid-morning Sunday, Da Keiki wanted go next door to da McDonald's playground at Moanalua Shopping Center. While we were walking there, she asked for a smoothie from Jamba Juice and me being da 'economist' really didn't feel like dropping $7 for a smoothie. I told her dat we could pick one up at McDonald's aftah she pau play since we had gift cards.

Aftah Da Baby was pau with his haircut, I asked Da Wife to get two smoothies for da rugrats and she came back empty handed.

BL: No more smoothie's? (was thinking morning time they don't serve it)
Da Wife: They're only taking cash right now.
BL: Heh? Wassup Wit Dat!
Da Wife: They said their machines are down and only taking cash.
BL: So no gift cards or credit cards?
Da Wife: Nothing but cash.

Since we manage our expenses - as well as rack up da points - via credit cards, cash isn't something we always have on hand and having dropped tip to da stylist, we didn't have enough to buy one let alone two smoothies.

A few minutes latah, an 'intimidating' lady tapped Da Wife's shoulder and I couldn't help but immediately notice da tat's on her arms and a skull on her motorcycle club vest. She gently placed two small smoothie's on our table and began to leave. We immediately offered her our gift card to which she politely refused and aftah thanking her repeatedly and trying to get da monkeys to come down, she left. We nevah look hobo (was wearing a puka-less shirt) so I can't imagine her thinking we couldn't afford it but seeing dat Da Wife entered da playground could probably assume we had keiki.

Once da monkeys took their final laps, they were excited to have smoothies waiting for them. We explained to them wat just happened and Da Keiki asked wea da lady was to thank her to which we further explained that da lady just wanted to help and be kind then left.

On our way out, I was spocking out da parking lot (hoping) for bikes and noticed a gang of them in da parking lot. Once we recognized da lady was still hea, we gave da gift card to Da Keiki and she walked ovah with Da Baby to thank her personally. Her reply, "you're welcome Sweetie."

Let's be real. Most of us already have a perceived idea of 'biker gangs' and it generally involves a mixture of rude, mean and dangerous type of people. Skulls, tattoo's and loud bikes don't help soften da notion so having an 'out of character' moment, was a lesson we couldn't let pass. Maybe cause Da Keiki already has been exposed to tat's and bikes (via me), it wasn't as intimidating to her but it was a touching moment to see da exchange between Da Keiki and da lady.

She rode with da Combat Veterans Association (CVA) and I wanted to give a shout out to them and say Mahalo for showing true colors and da spirit of Aloha!

I didn't ask for a name but upon retrospect, I'm glad I didn't because I think it emphasized a complete random act of kindness from a stranger and once you know a 'name', you no longer are strangers.

Dis moment was classy.... and I'd like to remembah it dat way.

Full Disclosure

August 18th, 2016

Costco and Sam's Club are always fun places to have WWD! moments but there are products too dat will put a chuckle in your mood.

While stocking up on our office snacks, I couldn't help but notice da packaging of a staple for da office:

It may be just me but I found da product name to be quite hilarious. These aren't your normal peanuts. They ain't small, medium or large. They are "SUPER" EXTRA-Large peanuts.

Wassup Wit Dat!

You know it's against all policies dat they can't sell any 'normal' sized product at Costco. LOL

Stay tuned for a Shakanack review coming up. 😀


August 15th, 2016

Back wen I was working at The Advertiser, keeping up with Wassup Wit Dat! was a much simpler and easier time. Now with a full-time+ job, a part-time (feels like anoddah full-time) job, 2 give-me-more-white-hairs-but-still-loving-it keiki, Da Wife, obligations and of course preparing and posting WWD!, it's been pretty demanding all around.

I've slacked in responding to those who spent their time posting a comment, sharing their experience or in classic WWD! fashion, having a smart-okole response. There has been a clear absence of "Da Pidgin Word Of Da Day" and even just welcoming da Lurkahs who may wondah if anybody is 'listening'.

No doubt, I listen. In fact, personally, das da most rewarding part of writing WWD! - just to share and see wat oddah people are feeling - whether it be similar or differing - it's interesting to read about people's reactions.

If you dont' see a post for awhile, please bear with me as I'm still here and wouldn't just leave without notice... unless I don't know dat I'm removed. lol

So I just wanted to at least take care of one slacked thing and welcome properly those who've joined us da last few months (which aren't too many). 😆 😥 Whether you changed your 'name' or not, I missed you da first time (and if I missed you again, my apologies 😯 ) and if you still around, hea's to all da 'new' Lurkahs with of course my wise-okole observation to your handle:

E Komo Mai to WWD!......
mows (you one cow? or you like mowing grass?)
ylea (eh, das at Ward or Ala Moana?)
Rysmama (you somebody's mama)
N (xyz)
Fat Bastard (lol..... laughing to hard to think of anything)
Ino (I no...... like?)
AJ (ajinomoto?)
Dorobo (can't think of anything, still laughing at Fat Bastard)
brian (cool, a real name)
Bee (do you sting?
on_my_turf (whoa, ok, I'll be leaving now)
Kimo (cool, anoddah real name)
silvanblak (ha ha ha, I get it I think... your name is Silva and you like da Raiders right?)
mala (drawing a blank hea)
UH91Alum (self explanatory)
VBall Fan (ditto on da explanation)
JAMES (you Kimo too?)
carlton (Carlton! Sorry, just thinking Fresh Prince)
SS (wea's da rest of da ship name?)

No feel left out to da 'regulahs', I get 'em down but stay choke long.

One slacking job done, da oddah to come..... unless I slack again.... yeah, yeah, Wassup Wit Dat!

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