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Let The Madness Begin

November 26th, 2015

First, Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

Whether you're preparing food for your Thanksgiving lunch and/or dinner, laying out your plan of attack for Black Friday or just waiting for 7 1/2 hours of football to begin, from Da Kwon ohana to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

Now if you getting ready to hit da malls today/tonight.....

Wassup Wit Dat!

Nah, no scade 'em go get 'em but just make surah your ohana is all cool with dat and no fighting, no snaking parking stalls, no shoving, no taking items from someone else's cart wen they not looking, no hiding items in da store cause you like pick 'em up latah and last but not least absolutely, positively....... if it's one awesome deal, no fo'get me eh? :lol:

Be safe and many thanks for being such pupule and faithful WWD! readers! It only keeps going because of you so from the bottom of my heart, Mahalos plenty!

Braddah Lance

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Sunday Best Anticipation

November 23rd, 2015

Thanksgiving week.

Don't those word's just make you giddy? It does for me. It signifies a new "season" of all kine's. It let's us 'know' dat our spirits, mood and outlook - generally speaking - improves and things change for da bettah. There's a lot more optimism but yet in da same breath more head shaking WWD! moments as well. :razz:

People hold da door open for people, you hea more "Please"'s and "Thank you"'s, you witness less road rage and people lean more toward's Sunday best attitudes. And a lot more smile's, definitely more smiles.

For me, da anxiety I feel during dis time cannot be matched. There's so much excitement, anticipation (good and bad) and just bust a loose goodwill kine attitudes flowing about.

Let me count da ways:

Looking for deals
Did I mention grindz?

There's so much going on dat during da holiday's time, WWD! traffic tends to slow down.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Nah, it's all good. People get more pressing things to do and worry about than reading up on a blog. No worries, I get it. :grin:

Does Thanksgiving week mean anything to you? Wen does da "holiday's" start for you - after Thanksgiving lunch/dinnah? Wat's da first thing dat hits your mind wen you hea Thanksgiving? Or dat sentence, "Oh (insert your own expletive lol)! Thanks giving is DIS ThUrSdAy?!?"

Yeah, you nevah know?

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November 16th, 2015

Can you believe it's November already? And I haven't 'fully' blogged in nearly a month!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Can't even begin to say how hectic things has been da past few months but in a nutshell, I can barely stand in my makule age. lol

Just wanted to drop in and say I'm still alive and kickin' and really appreciate those who check back to make surah I haven't fallen off. Hopefully all da hard work I've been putting in will pay off and I can get back to some 'normalcy' in my life.

I should have a Shakanack Review coming up on probably a place most haven't been to in awhile so stay tuned for dat.

Also, a huge mahalos to a faithful Kwonic, 9th Island Girl, for sending me a photo which put a smile on my face.

As I tell my keiki, 'Awesome Sauce!'

And in da infamous words of Ah-nold........ I'll be back.

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Compromise Still Not Right

October 28th, 2015

For those who regularly read WWD! know dat I'm one of those who believe dat we should be celebrating seasons in their season. It's been well documented hea dat every year during da last three months - now four - it's been inching closer and closer to having da "holiday season" actually not evah stopping; or ending depends how you see it.

At da end of September, Da Wife and I started looking for some Halloween decorations at Target and found a plethora of items to check out.

Do you see wat I see? I see, I see? *singing*

Wassup Wit Dat!

I get it dat every retailer needs to get a jump to catch da early profits but September wasn't even pau and get da Christmas stuff up already?

But it has to be mentioned though dat at da very least, Tar-jay has some sort of dignity in having it displayed on da far back corner of da store. I mean literally, da far back corner and not overwhelmingly an entire section either which is surprising.

You all probably have seen holiday stuff pop up already and hopefully nevah check 'em out.... or did you? And I know you all, well except maaaaaybe da makule ones, get da kine camera phone so feel free to snap away and send me da pics to share with da WWD! Hui. :razz:

I was just trying to figgah out how to make a mask out of dis.....

Have a great Hump Day Wednesday!

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Still Going Get Lolo's

October 26th, 2015

Mahalos for those who kept checking in with WWD! as I was literally working 60+ hours in each of the past two weeks and I am spent. Hopefully I can get back on track.

Dis blog entry may only be of interest to some although wat I foresee people doing affects all of us on da road.

Da State has finally announced dat an extra lane has been added near da Sears Distribution center along with opening up a shoulder lane on da H1 from da Aiea Heights overpass to da Waimalu/Pearl City off ramp.

As a Pearl City resident........ HALLELUJAH!

It's literally been a wish/dream come true although it must have taken about 10 years to literally open two lanes from Aiea to Pearl City even though da infrastructure already "allowed" for it. For those who may have "forgotten", da existing far right hand land was actually part of a hugemangeous shoulder lane and was extended to help traffic and why they nevah just add two knowing we got da worse traffic in da nation beats da heck out of me.

But let me bring West bound commuters back to reality specifically those who use da Waimalu/Pearl City off ramp - I'll bet my bike dat still going get those lolo's who use it till da very end and THEN forcibly make their way back across two lanes to get back into da main flow.

Wassup Wit Dat!

All west bound traveling vehicles will be witnesses to those who 1) try to force their way in, 2) those who refuse to let them in, 3) those who "successfully" make it across two lanes in ten feet, 4) those who aren't successful in their first, second and third attempts and sustaining da same traffic mess dat we all grumble about cause all those who are on da new far right shoulder just want to exit H1. :lol:

Case in point da same at da Aiea off ramp but at least dat one get one free lane on da left to go straight through.

Well it is Mumblin' Monday but at least da weather has finally lightened up.