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March 4th, 2015

It's amazing wat kine people are out there in da anonymity world of social media and it has them coming out in droves.

Recently, Curt Schilling - former Boston Red Sox pitcher, congratulated his daughter via social media (Twitter) for making da Salve Regina University baseball team.

And let da madness begin.

Not only were there da standard congratulatory comments but wat was also posted were lewd and brutal comments even calling for raping his daughter.

Wassup Wit Dat!

It's one thing to say she may not be worthy of a roster spot on a men's team but it's anoddah to say vulgar and very inappropriate things (actions) to someone 1) you don't even know, 2) you don't even remotely have a connection to and 3) really, don't even give an iole's okole about.

It wasn't locker room talk - and I have NEVAH heard locker room talk li'dat for as long as I've played sports - and it's not like it was a high profile school as well. In fact, it's a Catholic school!

Wat kine of sick world are we turning to? Sadly we do see it EVERY single time, EVERY single day - just click on most any article in The pages and you'll see it. People being straight up j@ck@$$es, rude and high makamaka kine hiding behind a self reflecting moniker screen name.

But you couldn't hide from Daddy Schilling.

You really must be one of da biggest lolo's to think dat someone with money and connections wouldn't find you. It was amazing how quickly he was able to locate those who made threatening comments (it came from athletes as well) and how quickly he was able to forward their comments to their employers as well.

At last check, one person was fired from his ticket selling job at da New York Yankees and a college student was suspended awaiting a disciplinary hearing.

Geez, now if only "real" justice was so swift.

I still cannot believe dat (normal) people don't realize - unless you one supah cyber hacker - dat watevah you've said, posted, commented or shared on da internet nevah dies. It's a living legacy dat will tie back to you even aftah you've long gone. And keep in mind too dat many employers have policies in place dat are able and willing to use watevah you've shared "privately" on social media for watevah disciplinary reasons they deem necessary.

Similarly as da coined Vegas term goes, watevah happens on da internet, stays on da internet.... for life.

So who's up to commenting? :grin:

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Shakanack Review: Koa Pancake House

March 2nd, 2015

Dis time I did it right - eat breakfast at a breakfast joint.

Having done a review about a year ago (Shakanack Review: Koa Pancake House) and ordering lunch instead of breakfast, it was da least I could do to at least order wat made them a popular breakfast place.

Da Wife and Da Baby shared a Koa Omelette in which Da Baby nevah waits wen food is placed in front of him

Da Keiki had her go to pancake option: chocolate chips

I had da Eggs Benedict with breakfast potatoes

Da damage

I no get "invited" to sample these places. I no get reimbursed for meals eaten. I no get asked/told by The Honolulu Star-Advertiser to check these places out so wat you get is a legit, straight up review from a local braddah who loves ono kanack kine grindz as much as he loves his beer. :mrgreen:

So hea's da breakdown:


Two Shakas and a Go Figgah

Same as last time: typical no flash, sit your okole down, grind your grindz and pau. Da décor is not a let's take it easy and talk story and for wat it's worth, you won't feel like staying long anyways. It is busy in da morning - as expected - but da tables were still "sticky" and we had to ask for it to be wiped with a rag dat I know wasn't in da most sanitary condition. There isn't a person to seat you and it's almost like you have to call dibs on seats cause you don't know if people standing around are waiting for their food, waiting to order or waiting for a table. Plus, there are people who'll stalk you for a table. :shock:


Three Shakas and Bumbye

Their prices are in line in today's market although I personally think any plate lunch - whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinnah - at $9+ is pricey.

Da Koa Omelette was stuffed pretty good with spinach, mushrooms and meat (portuguese sausage I think). Da Wife did enjoy her choice and Da Baby wasn't complaining either. Simple kine served with two scoops rice but worth da $9? Depends who you talk to and I would only agree if da omelette was biggah or it came with anoddah side.

Da chocolate chip pancakes, well, they are wat they are. At least da chocolate chips was spread out unlike da last breakfast place, pancake & waffles bld. It was also fluffy and light which made it easier to eat considering it's "bread". If you a fancy kine syrup person, bring your own cause they only get one flavah.

Da eggs benedict was surprisingly pretty good. Normally I reserve da benny for da kine fancier kine restaurants as I know they put a little more effort into da hollandaise sauce but aftah glancing at da menu and its prices, thought I might try something different. And yeah, da whole time I was telling myself I was going to regret going "different" but au contraire mon frere, it satisfied my taste buds. It also pleased me dat they weren't frugal with da sauce too as I was able to dip da bland breakfast potatoes in which was da saving grace. For $8.65, it seemed like a good balance of price to portion ratio.

I will say one thing for certain though, I was contemplating da steak and eggs too and totally glad I didn't. I saw it being delivered to two separate tables and talk about manini! You would be sorely disappointed should you be a meat lover.


Three Shakas and Bumbye

I said it in da review last year, stick with da breakfast stuff and you'll definitely fare bettah thus da one bump up from Two Shakas and a Go Figgah to Three Shakas and Bumbye. I still think it'll be a hit or miss with their menu but at least dis time around da choices we made were more on da hit side. Da food is palatable and nothing spectacular to rave about but it's diner kine food. It definitely is not a Kanack type of establishment as aftah I was pau with my plate, I ended up eating a couple more bites of da omelette and finishing off three full pancakes as well and still could have eaten anoddah plate...... but just remembah to order breakfast eh? :grin:

Da Opu Knows

February 25th, 2015

As I finish up a Shakanack Review post, hea's something to get you started - anoddah one of Tracy Nishibun's awesome local kine quiz creations! Keep in mind da answers are very particular so if you spelled it wrong or call it by anoddah name, it not going pick it up.

Have fun and no shame share your score. :razz:

Click da link below to begin (Excel file - you may have to "Enable Editing"):


Blind Ouchie

February 23rd, 2015

It's funny how once becoming a parent, you start to "see" things a whole lot differently and couple dat wit being an OCD WWD! magnet, you can only imagine how much dat grows exponentially.

Long ago I was told by a parent of four dat once da numbah of keiki is greater than da numbah of parents, you're in trouble cause simply put, they outnumbah you.

On Sunday, Da Baby needed a long ovah due haircut and Da Keiki noticed a McDonald's playground. Hmmm, guess which one I ended up at?

Dis is one of those times dat having two parents is a blessing cause Da Wife took Da Baby to get his haircut and I took Da Keiki to da air conditioned two and a half story playground. :grin:

Once inside, I immediately start thinking about my hannah-battah days and how we used to play on steel and wood structures in 100 degree sweltering heat drinking from watevah watah hose we could find then going back to running through red dirt patches while dodging pokey land mines.

At least das wat I'm telling Da Keiki wen she gets older to appreciate playing on ginormous structures like dis.....

Holy Guacamole! I couldn't believe da size of dis apparatus and having it air conditioned as well! Da Keiki went nuts so aftah laying a few grounds rules, she was let loose.

I found an open seat, whipped out my smartphone and started to take pictures of Da Keiki running around. Once I got a few good ones and Da Keiki looked comfortable out there, habitually I started da usual "I'm alone in my own little world" of checking email, returning text and playing a few games but caught of glimpse of dis......

Not a one even checking in with their own keiki as they ran, jumped and reenacted their little Lord of the Flies society of who gets to go first.

Wassup Wit Dat!

They were all so glued to watevah was on their precious screen - or da morning paper - dat unless there was a scream, they weren't about to avert their eyes to take a break in watevah game or app they were in. Like having a shot of Crown Royal, I snapped out of it and told myself to pay attention to da reason why we were there - besides a quick check to incoming texts, I was glued to Da Keiki.

It was da funniest thing dat once da wahine in front of me started to put her phone away, her kids came up running to her as if on cue dat she was pau and it was time to go. :shock:

As I watched Da Keiki master her monkey skills and make new friends, I noticed da plentiful of padding surrounding practically every piece of pipe but wat was peculiar about dat padding was how it was being held about - by zip ties!

For those who have worked/used zip ties know dat wen da left ovah strip is cut off, wat's left is a pretty sharp edge thus it's usually either turned away from an exposed area or even taped to prevent scratching or cutting watvah it may come in contact with.

Da structure has been there forevah and I guess by luck no kids have had any serious injury oddawise I'm surah it would have been changed out to something safe like hmmmm, maybe velcro??? :roll:

But then again, I put my smartphone down.

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Invisibility Procession

February 19th, 2015

Driving into work today, I was rudely greeted with mad kine traffic....... at 11am!

Da Wife warned me there was bad traffic but I had assumed it was near town side - a'ole. It was as soon as I started to exit da on-ramp. Call me sexist, but dis is wea da disconnect is between men and women cause as a guy, I would have said no get on da freeway at all cause traffic is backed up all da way past Pearl City (knowing you would use da on ramp) but women would just say there's a lot of traffic. Ai-goo. :lol:

Cause of da above, I go check Google maps and for da first time it was WRONG! It showed supah clear and then for sure I thought da traffic was closer to town so I go and chance 'em - das why Vegas loves me. Moving at a decent pace considering, I see/feel a car wooooosh by on my right. Then anoddah. Then anoddah. Then anoddah.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Wat is it about traffic dat makes people think dat just cause get TRAFFIC, they can do watevah they like like drive on da shoulder lane?!? It isn't morning rush hour wen it's allowed so just cause YOU are inconvenienced YOU're allowed? Does da laws cease to exist wen you need it to? And if you late in da first place, isn't dat YOUR fault or shall we all just move on da side like you get one emergency siren?

I had a late start to get to work cause I was taking care of my daughter till Da Wife got home so I was in a hurry already but did I jump on da shoulder lane even though it was so easy for me to do so? Dis huge black Chevy Avalanche thought he owned da road and from all da way from da left lane, he VERY forcibly made his way all da way to da shoulder and zoomed off.

Then it made me chuckle a little - do these people think they found da almighty invisible lane dat all drivers have been deliriously searching for? Have they found da Holy Grail of da roadways dat nobody sees but them? Obviously they not worried about getting pulled ovah for anything cause nobody "sees" them and heaven forbid dat they'd be a vehicle dat actually has to use da shoulder lane for an actual emergency.

Da cause of traffic? Roving pot hole repairs dat have already been publicly announced (I forgot myself) and das to improve da roads for these same maniacs. Go figgah. Surah, it added some time to my commute but das life especially in Hawai'i nei.

Now if there was a way to put pukas in da shoulder lane........