Let It Begin

August 10th, 2015

If you got any more testosterone left in you - no offense to Viagra users :lol: - you know wat da "Hall Of Fame Game" signifies: FOOTBALL SEASON BABY!

Da madness of chest bumping, fist 'pounding', old school but will nevah die high fiving and of course some sort of multi-thousand calorie 'snack' gulped down with 'light' beer will be in full tilt within a matter of weeks.

Let's not forget about da side office pools, 'unofficial' pride betting for lunch or dinnah and with da sign of da times now, Fantasy Football - wea all of a sudden everyone is an 'expert' football analyst.

It'll be madness by the end of August through early February for da NFL and through early January for da NCAA.

I'm just waiting to collect from my friend who's coming/visiting back home at the end of August from Seattle. He needs to wear a 49er jersey EVERYDAY for a week, post it on Facebook and take me out to an all you can eat sushi dinnah all cause da Shehawks lost the Super Bowl.

Winnah winnah sushi dinnah. :grin:

You ready for dis..... or you need a Viagra refill?

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Sign Of Da Times

August 7th, 2015

Right on national TV at a Presidential debate.

You tell me Wassup Wit Dat!.......... I'll chime in latah.

Four Times In Fifteen Minutes

August 5th, 2015

No, das not how long I "last" but aftah riding into work dis morning I couldn't help but question as to how Hawai'i driver licenses are not only issued but maintained.

As I left da hale and approached a busy intersection, a lone vehicle held up traffic on a popular road all because dat driver nevah 'know' da rules of da road.

On a two way street with a green light both ways, right hand turning vehicles have da right of way.... ALWAYS! Left turning vehicles (opposite direction) must yield.... ALWAYS!

But dis lolo stopped, held up traffic all da while horns are 'politely' honking trying to urge him/her to go but to no avail so da rest of us just sucked it up and waited till it was our turn to go again.

Then not more than thirty seconds latah on da Pearl City H1 on ramp I'm on da main lane dat has a YIELDING lane to merge with da one I'm on. I see da rush coming and I'm a click ahead with my spidey-sense tingling. As I'm already into my lean, I noticed da leading vehicle wasn't slowing down to observe da YIELD while da vehicles behind were. Luckily I conserved some lean angle to accelerate as she nearly clipped my rear tire. As soon as I'm upright, I give her a piece of my mind but to no avail.

Now rolling along near da zip mobile hale, da zip mobile traffic needs to merge into H1 traffic and I honestly have to say having traveled dis road for ovah a decade every business day, da majority of zip mobile traffic could care less and just 'push' their way in as soon as H1 comes into view without a care dat they are to 'yield' cause they are changing lanes.

As da lanes are just about to connect, there's a Rav4 driving on da left side of me in da zip lane. I'm checking her out to see wat she's going to do and spy her through her passenger side mirror. She checks her rear view mirror ONLY then veers into my lane causing me to brake and avoid. I flash my lights, rev my engine and honk my weak a$$ horn only to have her just wave to say.... 'thank you'??

I pull alongside her and point my finger to my eyes indicating to look/check and she just smiles.

Wassup Wit Dat!

OMFG! Geez, wat a morning and then as I'm turning into da office street, I have my signal on and stop. Da truck behind me is on my tail inching closer to 'hint' to me to move but kinda hard wen get people crossing da street no?

Wat kine people are on da road these days? How come nobody knows da 'rules of da road'? And before da handful of people tell me to stop riding, I know how to ride so how come you no tell people not to drive? If drivahs learn and understand da (basic) rules of da road, imagine how much more pleasant driving would be?

But dat would be too much to ask no?

Stay tuned for a WWD! concept......

Sweat Shop People

July 28th, 2015

If you've nevah been inside Fisher Hawaii in Kakaako, you don't know wat 'real' shopping is.

First, it's a warehouse with no windows, no a/c and no circulation oddah than a few fans placed at certain locations to help spread da sweltering heat infused with bodily odors dat no one should bear.

Especially during da back to school rush, there are hoards of people with keiki of all ages grabbing all kine school supplies and you see all walks of life checking off their list while tolerating da intolerable sauna of da warehouse. It's actually quite a spectacle and I am amazed dat either OSHA or da Department of Labor hasn't been called in cause I cannot imagine how one can work in conditions like dat all day being dat they are not classified as manual labor.

And garantee dat there must be some sort of animosity between da ONLY two areas dat actually have a/c: da upstairs office and da office furniture showroom. Da holiday office party conversation must be da same every year wea one side will 'comment' about da conditions and da oddah side just tries to empathize. :shock:

Standing in line is definitely no joke either. If there was an area to have fans, it should be there most certainly during da back to school rush as da lines absolutely do not move. And since there so many items being scanned one by one, it takes an extraordinary amount of time to complete a single transaction.

Yesterday, I went in to pick up a one item and stood in line. Dis (FOB) wahine decided to literally b!t#h da whole time about both da heat and da lines.

(Turns around to me) "Can you believe this? This is just like Vegas."
I just nod.
(Turns around again) "We're not even moving. How come we're not even moving?!"
I politely ignore staring blankly at da bathroom.
(Turns around again) "They really should do something."
I stare at da gazillion pen refills.
She then begins to mutter to herself, "What is this?" (picks up a backpack and just puts it on a rack on da side obviously not where it came from)
Then she removes da label maker from her cart and balances it on da hooks holding da pen refills cause she's questioning why she picked it up.
She then flags down a passing employee, "Why don't you have another line open? These lines aren't moving. This is ridiculous. This heat is killing me!"

Da employee who must have heard dat a million times just had a blank look on his face with no real answer but "I'll check with someone."

I kinda laughed inside and while you know da punch line, all three of us at dat moment just had our own interpretation of 'Wassup Wit Dat!'. :lol:

She was more unbearable than da heat so I was just going to return da lone item I picked up and come back later and thought I'd ask a passing employee if there were oddah registers. He escorted me to da one in da back wea there was only one oddah person in line as if it was a 'secret register' and it even had a water dispenser too! Totally scored!

Wassup Wit Dat! :lol:

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No Make Sense... At Least To Me (Pau)

July 25th, 2015


Once I get da credit card statement and confirming no credits were given I did wat anyone else would have, I called my credit card company.

Aftah a lengthy discussion with them (trust me, da blog isn't long enough to talk about dat) they said they would send ovah forms for me to fill out and return in a few days. A week goes by, a'ole. Anoddah week goes by, a'ole. Then I get a letter that they are going to disregard my dispute because they nevah get a response from me.

Is dis deja vu or something? I immediately call them on da phone and tell them dat I nevah received da forms. Aftah re-explaining da whole situation, he said he'd resend those forms and make a 'note' not to cancel da dispute. I also made surah to add da additional charges dat had come through aftah da inital dispute as well.

Now da fun begins.

I ask him if they'd be able to refuse future transactions from Baseball Express and he said 'matter of factly' dat since I provided them with my credit card information, they can do wat they wanted to. I began to 'argue' dat dat wasn't right. How can a vendor 'freely' make charges on my card if I am disputing charges from them? Is there no way to flag them for my account? Is there no way to 'protect' a consumer from dat?

Wassup Wit Dat!

He then suggested I get a new card to prevent da ONE vendor from making charges on my card in which I replied dat I have so many payment links connected to my card dat dat was an overwhelming inconvenience. He of course said there was nothing else he could do and really gave an attitude about it.

Of course, I wasn't too pleased with our interaction thus far so I clearly expressed my dissatisfaction and dat while I understood he was not a policy maker, I did mention to him dat if as a consumer, why is it extremely difficult for us to get 'protection' wen erroneous and possibly fraudulent charges can be freely made in such a carefree fashion? It is exactly how a person can steal your identity and dat you spend a lifetime trying to fix and defend while these crooks are laughing their okole to da bank.

He then was still kinda sassy and in which I had to put him straight. I calmly told him dat as a consumer, I would expect a financial institution (First Hawaiian Bank) to not only protect their customer but to provide (non)service without an attitude. I clearly stated dat I was expressing frustration at da situation especially since I had already reported it and it is still happening without a follow up from them in a timely manner. It was not directly about him and a person in his department (fraud)/situation should automatically realize wat da customer is going through since they are specific for these cases.

Surprisingly enough he calmed down and apologized a few times for da reminder of da call.

Now only if I could get a live person at Baseball Express to give a piece of my 'real' mind.