Slippery Slope

January 25th, 2016

For those storm drains closer to da shorelines, we've seen seen 'em all ovah da place. Whether it be a stenciled humuhumunukunukuapua'a or a brass plate embedded in da concrete, it basically says "No Dumping - Drains to Ocean" to which I'm pretty surah no one knowingly will do..... right? If at worse, since it is a "drain", I've seen people empty watah bottles, hydroflasks - basically liquids, hardly evah any hard opala.

So wat happens wen you're further from da ocean? Aftah dropping da rugrats at preschool and da sitters, I was heading back home down a residential street and noticed an older man walking down his driveway carrying a wok. I thought it was an unusual site but thought nothing of it thinking he might be going ovah to a neighbors to share some kau kau until I saw him walk ovah to a storm drain and dump out wat I can assume was cooking oil.

Wassup Wit Dat!

You certainly don't want to evah pour oil down your sink drain mainly because of clogging issues but to walk outside your house, to da curb and pour oil down da storm drain? Now das something I nevah thought I'd see to get rid of da oil.

But then it got me thinking, is it wrong? I mean, we're told nevah to pour engine oil down da storm drain but I nevah heard of cooking oil. It may sociologically wrong - possibly morally - but does being way further from da ocean make it "ok"? It's one of those dat you scratch your head thinking wat da heck is he doing but at da same time asking is it wrong?

Wat do I do? I do da same thing - in theory - as I do wen changing my motorcycle/truck engine oil. Since we keep mostly all of da glass jars dat foods come in (tomato sauce, pickles, etc), they make perfect containers to which I like to add either crumpled up newspaper or used paper towels so it 'soaks' up wat it can instead of just having a jar full of oil. Once full or near full, it goes out with da regulah garbage. One thing to keep in mind dat I do dat once da oil has cooled ovah night. :wink:

There are many oddah uses dat I just read which all involved straining da oil to reuse it - da uses seem very 'logical'. Obviously it can be reused for future cooking but how's about making an oil lamp for those times wen da electricity goes out? You can use it to make soap and even shaving! :shock: I've also read dat since it's a natural, organic (biodegradable) product, it can simply be poured in a corner of your yard. I'm not entirely sold on dat idea.

How do you get rid of oil? Do you reuse it? How many times? Do you have oddah uses for it?

Hmmm, I'm suddenly in da mood for tempura or chicken katsu.

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January 19th, 2016

Weather da storm then see where you lay.........

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Naked Eater

January 13th, 2016

I have to admit, I'm a pretty "clean" eater.

If it's something messy like crab, I don't like da juices running between my fingers or down my forearm and I'll wipe them up as quick as they drip. Shave ice is eaten like I got da Holy Ghost between me and da cup. I'll wipe my mouth da very instant it "feels" dirty or if there are any sauces left on da sides like a clown's mouth.

No even get me started if I splash something on my shirt. :lol:

Maybe it's cause I still remembah small kid dayz wen my mom used to cut up my food into symmetrical sizes and how she used to wrap my Big Mac in a napkin so "cleanly" like one burrito dat da Big Mac nevah fell apart and nevah have too much stuff falling out. Maybe cause I remembah trying not to have my parents feeling shame if I made a mess.

And then I got dis.................

Da conversation actually went like dis:

(went into da garage to get something, Da Wife was in da kitchen)
Da Keiki: Um, Dad. You better get out here.
BL: Why? Wat's going on?
Da Keiki: Just come here.
BL: Are you guys done with dessert?
Da Keiki: Almost..... but I think Da Baby is done.
BL: Already? (was in da garage for less than a minute)

Da Keiki has always been a "neat" eater too but Da Baby...... well, he's definitely not one of "us". I couldn't believe how messy he got in like forty-five seconds and even moreso ALL OVAH his face AND body!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Maybe das why Da Wife knows best and Da Baby actually eats without a shirt and pants at home. :lol LMAO

So wat? You one messy eater? Or get napkin covering your shirt and legs? Or you just have at it and just wait till da end of da meal to clean up? And those dat have/had keiki, you let 'em loose or bring extra clothes? lol

Good thing we get watah hose out back.

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Sucked It Up

January 11th, 2016

Da Keiki had a birthday pah-tay dis past weekend and since I'm da designated pah-tay parent on those occassions wea only one parent can attend, I 'happily' obliged. As with most keiki birthdays, you don't know - if any - much of da oddah parents and even then it's mostly da Mom's who go so being da "Dad", logically it's a few hours of boredom to suck up, check emails and play Boom Beach.

Definitely not knowing who da host invited, it was pretty much like a blind date - you don't know much about each oddah but know wat each oddah looks like. While I'm not one to just sit around and do nothing, I was glad dat some genius invented smart phones.... only to have dis lolo being da not so smart person dat he is....... and leave it at home.

Wassup Wit Dat!

We amazingly got to da pah-tay on time, no, not Hawaiian time, so I contemplated pretty heavily whether I should go back.

BL: Ai-yah, I fo'got my phone.
Da Keiki: (kinda sad look on her face and with DAT voice) So we have to go back home?
BL: (suck it up big guy) No...... I'll just go back aftah I drop you off ok?

Da Keiki was pretty excited so I didn't want to disappoint her. We walked to 808 Bounce inside Pearlridge and all it was was an entire room filled with inflatable bouncers which naturally a five year would go nuts ovah. Aftah checking in, I contemplated going back but I asked myself one question..... "wat did people do before phones?"

I sat there watching Da Keiki run amock coming back to drink watah every fifteen minutes. Some oddah parents had oddah siblings watch da little one(s), some had little one(s) to watch themselves, some parents went shopping (no comment on dat one.... for now) and of course, da majority whipped out their phones to occupy their time.

While sitting there with literally nothing in my hands but a bottle of watah and wondering who was going to sit next to/around me as they approached da tables and scanning wea to sit, it was just like any social event wea you don't know anybody...... and without a phone.

It didn't turn out so bad - it nevah does - as I attended a birthday pah-tay last week and half da people were there and one of da parents sat across me and when she wasn't out making surah her keiki's were ok, we talked about da future of our keiki's. Then anoddah parent came by and we had "normal" adult conversations.

How ironic is it dat as parents we constantly preach/teach our keiki to go out and meet people, talk, be social but wen da roles are reversed especially as adults, we clam up like an unshuckable oyster and clueless about da art of conversation?

I imagined dis was how it was about 20 years ago no? Boys on one side, girls on da oddah. :lol: Evah striked up one of those conversation thingy's? Or you just play Tsum Tsum working on level ????

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Surrounded By Water...And Sand?

January 7th, 2016

If you haven't realized by now, we're just a small speck in da Pacific Ocean completely surrounded by watah. One of da things dat makes Hawai'i nei such a wonderful place to live, work and play are da beaches.

I grew up literally on da beach. Believe it or not, shmall kid time I used to live in Sand Island wea my dad built a house next to his auto body shop and my 'neighbor' and I used to hop da fence and were body boarding in mere minutes.

Even though Sand Island was a man made island, I still remembah black specks being in da sand and always left my hands 'dirty'. Da sand was a lot more coarse than wat you see anywea else so it wasn't like da fine sand beaches on da Windward side.

Or at least das wat you think eh?

We take Da Keiki and Da Baby to a "secret" kine beach wea it's now not so secret cause of Yelp, Hidden Hawai'i books and da like but still fairly empty wea you can plop down anywea and not feel crowded or have your personal bubble encroached. Let's just say it's "connected" to an extremely popular Windward side location. :wink:

Besides da ocean, da sand is one of da most appealing factors of a beach if you have keiki cause they going play in it but have you evah wondered wat's in da sand? On da surface, it looks clean and not once have I evah thought dat sand hea in Hawai'i would be something you had to think about.... but alas, dis is WWD! so gotta be something. :grin:

Da Keiki asks me to get a bucket of sand so as da evah loving Daddy, I do.

Da Keiki: Daddy, you need water in there silly.
BL: Well, you nevah say. I'll get some. (while muttering to myself) lol
Da Keiki: Thanks Dad but you got dirty water.
BL: Wait, don't touch it........

Wassup Wit Dat!

I couldn't believe one of da most pristine beaches in Hawai'i was dis, um, dirty! Granted it's not Kailua or Lanikai but it is along da same stretch. I haven't been to either in ages because of da crowds but our "secret" beach didn't look so appealing anymore. It wasn't just one bucket full of sand either. No mattah wea I walked to scoop up, it all looked da same - "dirty" watah exposing da debris laden sand.

To tell you da truth, we nevah think too much of it cause we grew up in da same sand all ovah da island. As long as they weren't ingesting it, it was ok but still, it was pretty disturbing to have made dis "discovery". Have you evah noticed anything about da sand at da beach(es) you go to? Does some feel "cleaner" than oddahs?

And to make mattahs absolutely classic WWD!, aftah packing up da cart and tugging it through about thirty yards of thick sand, I felt something squishy and wet between my toes...... and it wasn't da sand.