Jumping Aragog

October 8th, 2014

Halloween is a few weeks away and just a heads up, it's on a Friday so traffic WILL BE UKU-CRAZY!

Anyways, walking down da garage ramp at work, I open da door and kinda spock out in da corner of my slant eye something moving creepily fast against da painted white wall. Once I was able to track it down I shmall kine froze to comprehend wat da heck it was crawling horizontally towards me on da wall.

It was da freaky kine brownish gray daddy long legs on steroids kine spider! Ho, I no like dat kine and it gives me da hibby-jibbys so I quickly shift away from da wall letting go of da door and I seen da buggah JUMP right at me towards my backpack!!

Wassup Wit Dat!

I couldn't tell if he made it on my bag or not so I swung it my off my shoulders to check it out. A'ole. For watevah reason, I decided to "see" if it was somewea near da door. No ask me why. It's one of those things wen people tell you stay stink but go smell 'em anyways kine. I walk back towards da door and saw dis:

So then I was thinking, I wondah if they was..... then I was thinking how da heck do they do it anyways? :roll: Then I was thinking wat if it was going to eat 'em instead cause da buggah was about fifty times biggah?? No ask me wat spiders eat, I just stay sharing wat da heck was going through my head.

So then of course like in all da scary movies kine wea you yell at da screen saying "don't do it! Don't open da door you idiot!" I did. Slowly too. I wen look left. Nada. I wen look right. A'ole. Then I was thinking, "OH $H!T!!" Was it ABOVE me??? All I could think of was da old "Caveman" movie wea da spider is on da guys face so of course like da idiot dat I am look up still.

Whew. It wasn't planning a sneak peek-a-boo attack.

Then as I turned to release da door I saw dis (cue da music):

Da buggah nevah make 'em. Too bad so sad.

Still give me da hibby-jibby's though.

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Show Proof

October 6th, 2014

I'm not surah if it's my time clock winding down or if it's just wat "makule" kine people do but wen something comes up dat I think (feel) happens infrequently, I wanna check it out now cause who knows wen dat chance - or opportunity - may come again.

Last week Friday I mentioned about da International Space Station (ISS) coming into view in our Hawaiian skies so I was kinda excited to check it out.

Once I got home from work after 6pm, I had my Daddy duties to take of and Da Wife wanted to head to PearlRidge so my window of opportunity was short considering da ISS was flying by at 7:11pm. Luck would have it dat getting da rugrats ready and packed was right about da time of da fly ovah so as Da Wife was handling dat, I started to grab my equipment.

Camera, check. Tripod, ch..... uh, I swear it was right hea!!! Wea da heck is it? Can't use dat one, dat one is too small.... ah $h!t, fo'get it - gotta chance 'em and hold da camera. I ran upstairs, jumped on da roof and sat there camera in hand. I had no clue wat to look for nor WEA to look but I knew to look south so I focused on da southwest side scanning back and forth and a couple of times thought I saw it but a'ole.

I then checked my phone to see wat time it was and it was supposed to there. I looked up and voila! There it was! In da clear starry night amongst da twinkly glows of da universe, there was a UFO. Ok, so it wasn't a UFO but da ISS!

I started to snap away and was wondering why da heck my camera was flashing back at me. Crap, was my battery charged? Yup, 70%. Ai-goo........ no mo' memory card.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Oh well, das how I roll. :roll: So I just sat back and enjoyed da view. It was actually pretty neat to see as it flying nearly directly ovah my hale and would have made such unreal pictures as it crossed just undah da moon - very picturesque. It's quite a different feeling wen just experiencing rather than viewing it through a camera lens which I am usually behind documenting. Dis time I was able to check it out and at least I knew I had three more times to catch it before it's gone.

So like da lolo dat I am, I get my okole up 10 hours latah at 4:45am Saturday morning to catch da second sighting at 5:04am and having no clue as to wat settings to use I was able to only catch a few shots considering it was only in view for three minutes. My tripod was ready dis time. :razz:

4:45am sitting on a cold wet roof

In case you don't know, it's da "dash" with da shutter open for five seconds.

Dis one at 10 seconds

At 30 seconds da pic got a ovah exposed and washed out. :sad:

15 seconds wasn't so bad but da ISS was moving away from me :sad: unlike Friday night wea it was moving ovah/towards me.

Da last attempt before it vanished (20 seconds), I tried zooming in but could only guess wea it was as looking through a viewfinder searching for a manini dot was like finding a grain of Hawaiian salt in a bucket of squid luau.

Sadly, I was determined to get it right latah dat night but guess wat? It POURED and da sky was blanked by da ominous clouds as was Sunday too - just da lucky tides of WWD! I guess.

At least I was able to show (enough) proof.

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Curious Poll

October 3rd, 2014

Happy Feel Good Friday!

Just curious as to what internet "stores" do you check out and/or buy regularly from? I know we probably discussed dis at one point in time but things change evah so rapidly in dis electronic day and age.

I haven't been on eBay in about a year and found myself purchasing a few small things in da past few days for a friend's wedding and boy has dat site changed.

Just purchased some things from Nike.com as well - nevah have before - for da same wedding and you know wat I found out? They have a "live chat" feature so I was asking about da return policy and stuff and decided to ask if had "kama'aina discount" and guess wat? She actually told me to hold on and in a few minutes gave me an online promo code to use for 10% off! How cool was dat - doesn't hurt to ask yeah? :razz:

Amazon is a lifesaver in terms of comparing prices locally and online as well. It's kinda mind boggling dat da majority of da time Amazon wins and I'll place an order cause it's usually free shipping but buyer beware in dat sometimes it's not sent by Amazon and you have to read da item description carefully since sometimes da reason for da lower price is dat it's an "older" version. I did notice a little link they provide though - not sure for wat specific items they do it for - but it says "Newer version found" and you click it and it takes you there. Wat was I looking at? A double stroller. :roll: Yeah, das how dis faddah rolls. :lol: And guess wat on top of dat? It was actually CHEAPER!

Wassup Wit Dat!

Anyways, enjoy da beautiful day we have today! Da sun is out, da sky is blue and we got some of our trades back! For those who are into astronomy kine stuff or just like looking at da stars, there's supposed to be da International Space Station sighting da next few days:

Fri Oct 3, 7:11 PM 5 min 56° 10 above SSW 28 above ENE
Sat Oct 4, 5:04 AM 3 min 62° 62 above SSW 10 above SSE
Sat Oct 4, 8:01 PM 2 min 15° 14 above WNW 14 above NNW
Sun Oct 5, 7:12 PM 4 min 30° 27 above WNW 10 above NNE

So no get all para's and start claiming you saw one UFO eh? :lol: I'll try my hand at night photography and see wat I can muster up.

Take a moment to enjoy life and da beauty we're surrounded by everyday but struggle to take da time to "notice" it - I stood on da side of da street while taking Da Keiki and Da Baby out for an early evening stroll a few weeks ago and paused for dis.........

Shoots! Have a grrrrrrreeeeeeaaaat Feel Good Friday everybodies!

Got You Now - Revealed

October 1st, 2014

Damn you bamboohouse808!!!!

I seriously thought I got Da Hui and it was already da second day and then you... you show up all know-it-all.

LOL :lol:

Nah, jus' joking. You too good and I'm kinda surprised not too many oddahs wen get 'em.

Hea's da real pic:

And E Komo Mai Benjy to WWD! for dropping in and guessing! We got anoddah suckah into da WWD! Hui! :lol:

Got You Now

September 29th, 2014

So with a brand new segment to WWD! started earlier dis year Sept.12, 2011 (ho wow lau lau dat was long time ago!), Da WWD! Hui has been pretty damn good about guessing da "Wat Dat?" pics.....

But I think I got you guys now! :evil:

There has been at least one person to have always guessed right but dis time I really think I got you guys now so go try 'em go try 'em go try 'em go.

I got you now huh? :lol: