Human Nature

August 5th, 2014

Survival is an instinct dat we all have but lies on such a broad spectrum of extremes. There are those who are minimalists, those who overstock and then those who flat out hoard.

Evah since Da Baby came around, I haven't watched any tv (dvr is completely full) and any news I catch is from da radio if/wen I listen to dat too since I rely mostly on mp3's.

Then I barely hear through da radio dat we expecting a direct - near direct - hit of double whammy hurricanes.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Not one, but TWO! How crazy is dat?! We live in a tropical paradise but we all know it's a mattah of wen, not if, dat these natural disasters going strike and unfortunately we got two aiming for us with a vengeance.

I hope all 23 of you reading WWD! are taking precautions to ensure dat you got at least da basic supplies to last a few days: watah, toiletries, flashlights and batteries. Make surah you got your blankets and sheets washed, fill up containers with watah in case da plumbing goes out or gotta bocha outside.

But most of all, NO HOG CHEESE!

We went to Sam's Club last night to avoid da mad rush towards da end of da week and pick up a case of watah, paper towels and toilet paper and I saw people strolling out with cartfuls of watah - waaaaay more than they needed among oddah things dat you know they were ovahstocking like a nuclear war was going to happen and going to be trapped undahground for months.

I was amazed to see people's true human nature become exposed and their perspective of their own survival come to light. There were ohana's dat just pau work late rushing in with their keiki in tow to come to empty pallets yet da carts standing in da long a$$ lines had more than enough for their own biosphere utopia.

For me, it was saddening to see how selfish people can be wen it comes to "survival" and yet we are not in dire straits. Even wen past hurricanes have hit, we weren't in famine. Even wen Hana Road was literally "broken" and unable to enter or exit, people were able to keep on.

C'mon people's! I'd like to think people of dis great state, these great islands dat we were brought up a little different. A lot more heart than oddahs sharing all da aloha we can pour especially during times like dis. Have we succumbed to lose da title of "kama'aina"?

Well see in da next few days............

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Back To School Traffic

August 4th, 2014

Is it just me or does back to school traffic breed in multiples people who shouldn't be on da road?

Riding in to work today, it was all backed up cause one Tacoma decided to take out dis motorcyclist before da Aiea Heights overpass. There was glass all ovah but luckily da motorcyclist was on his feet and ok and da truck nevah look too buss up about a 100 feet further down da highway from da motorcyclist.

And to think.... I would have been "there" if I left on time too! For watevah reason, I was taking pictures of completed t-shirt jobs which I could have done aftah work but decided to do it before I left home.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Then of course - dare I say funny.... or bachi - had one accident directly across da median west bound on H1 cause from wat was speculating on da radio, dat Tacoma was rubbah necking da motorcycle accident going east bound, spun out and got turned sideways. Go figgah.

Now had two accidents backing up traffic to Kauai and Lana'i cause people get all kine nuts wen it comes to back to school traffic.

Wat is it about back to school traffic dat brings out da worse in people? How come gotta get all pupule out there? If you late, you late. Tailgating and weaving doesn't get you there hours faster and there is absolutely no one to blame wen you late....... unless you decide to drive a big rig with a load too tall and hit an overpass.

'Nuff said

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Go Guess 'Em Go

July 30th, 2014

Back in da day - ok, a handful of years ago - there was a local kine game quiz dat was brought to my attention and with permission from da creator Tracy Nishibun, I was sharing them with Da WWD! Hui. I haven't heard or seen new ones but I'm surah they are out there.

I'll have to dig through da archives but hea's one to get you started.


You probably seen 'em at least once by now but always fun to see if you can get 'em all again yeah? FYI - da spelling is kinda technical so if you misspell it, no panic eh.

Geez, I get so much reviews to post too (WWD!) but just don't have da time right now so stay tuned. I'll try and post one a week for da next few weeks cause I starting to fo'get wat happened already so until then, have fun with da quiz and let us know wat you stuck on if you no get 'em all.

Hey, it's Hump Day Wednesday and we all need something to get us ovah da hump. Plus I stay itchin' for a long ovahdue trip back to da 9th island..... anybody get buddy passes? :wink: :wink:


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Bettah Not Lose It

July 29th, 2014

In da last blog, I showed a picture of dis:

Da closest guess was by M noting, "you used your phone".

Very close but no cigar.... da two malahini used their phone as I mentioned I witnessed them. :razz:

Wat I observed them do was kinda funny yet sad yet scary. They literally were trying to pay with their phone and no, there's no app for dat.

If you noticed the screen dat LOOKS like a phone above the dollar bill slot, not the small screen but da BIG one, they were holding up da back of their phone against da screen as to "transfer" information.

Well I gotta say actually dat we're behind of da times in terms of utilizing da full capabilities of today's technology. I remembah reading waaaaaaaay back in da day wen picture phones were extremely limited and da screens were still green - or orange - and still flashed "digital" numbahs, dat in Germany, they were rocking their Nokia's and their ability to use their phones to pay vending machines and at select vendors for merchandise.

About 15 years latah, it is growing hea now but not so much wea you can use your phone directly per say but, yes, there are apps dat will "record" your gift cards wea you don't have to have it physically but just "show/scan" your phone so you always have it instead of lugging around all dat plastic or even forgetting it at home and feeling all sick cause you knew you had a gift card but totally forgot about it.

Wassup Wit Dat!

I'm surah there's a merchant or two dat is trying out da pay by phone method like da soda machine but I can only imagine da security measures in da U.S. preventing da full blown ability to do so. In contrast, it has been easier to use your phone to ACCEPT payment though via Square or Intuit or da half dozen or so makers willing to take a cut for processing. How much more safer is dat? Or even now, paying ANYONE via Paypal is second nature to millions of people.

Back to da soda machine. I felt sorry for those two cause it was an EXTREMELY humid day dat day and they looked like they really wanted dat drink. Whether they were just trying to get a free drink from da advertisement or not, they held up their phone to da screen a few times and sadly, no soda. Wat made it more difficult was da screen was angled in such a way dat it was difficult to read especially with da glaring sun behind them so they did wat any oddah normally parched person would do........ they kept trying! :lol:

They held their phone dis way and dat. Higher. Lower. Landscape. Portrait. Hovered it. Pressed it. Angle down. Angle up. Angle left. Angle right.

It was almost as if they were getting punked.

As Da Wife was giving me da "hurry your okole up" look, it dawned on me dat wen - and it is wen, not if - da day comes wen our phones will replace our wallets, will people still be losing their phones? You go into ANY wireless carrier store and there will be at least one person buying a new phone cause they lost it - will dat be da case knowing dat you got your ID, "money", gift cards, contacts etc stored away all on a slimmer than a toothpick device dat you "upgrade" every few years?

Now I know some of you will not succumb to da "cool phone" genre but wat if it offered you all da perks of having a wallet but not carrying one - would you fall into da dark side? Wat do you tink about being able to pay with your phone? Wat do you tink about going to craft fairs and seeing your favorite goodie vendor swiping your card into THEIR phone or tablet? Why is it easier to see your card swiped into a strangers phone but not using your own phone to pay? Are/Would you be willing to forego carrying a wallet in lieu of just your phone?

Hmmmmmmm........ just food for thought today as you desperately search for your checkbook. :grin:

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Can You Spock 'Em?

July 26th, 2014

Saw dis Coke machine a few weeks back at Waikele Outlet and was trippin' out but not really. It all changed wen I saw two people trying to do wat they were trying to do......

Can you spock out wat I did?

If you do, da first person to get it right, I'll buy you a soda... or watah.