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December 5th, 2014

Da holiday is in full swing but I wanted to find out wat is it dat YOU do during da busiest time of da year? Are you a craft fair junkie wea if you don't go to at least one a week you go through withdrawls? Are you da one who makes gifts (sews, glues, etc) to give away? Do you bake like crazy making HECO (or whoevah da heck just bought HECO) happy? Do you attend Christmas parades or go cruising through neighborhoods far and near to view home light show decorations? Do you visit da Honolulu City Lights? Is there a Kapolei City Lights?

Do you have a fake or "live" tree? Do you need da Christmas tree smell?

Answer one, answer all, answer none....... stay one Lurkah - your choice. :razz: :lol:

And in case you don't know, KSSK (92.3 FM) plays 24/7 Christmas music for you Scrooge's out dea. :grin:

Happy Feel Good Friday!

And if you haven't laughed or smiled yet today...... wassah mattah you?

Shakanack Review: pancake & waffles BLD

December 3rd, 2014

It's kine of a rarity dat da ohana actually go out and eat cause da rugrats end up getting ants in their pants so it was a gamble we were taking wen Da Wife wanted to check out a fairly new eatery dat opened up nearby.

pancakes & waffles BLD (breakfast, lunch, dinner) at Waimalu Shopping Plaza

It was pretty packed but da line moved surprisingly steady

Literally BLD

For those who order by picture-phonics

Order your food, grab a table.... no mind dat it's "country" style and make house

Chocolate chip pancakes

Ahhhh, da anticipation..... but Daddy gotta take picture first

Rice, bacon, eggs..... rogah, just rice, bacon & eggs - can't get any more generic than dat

Waffle benedict - a twist on a classic

Da damage

I no get "invited" to sample these places. I no get reimbursed for meals eaten. I no get asked/told by The Honolulu Star-Advertiser to check these places out so wat you get is a legit, straight up review from a local braddah who loves ono kanack kine grindz as much as he loves his beer. :mrgreen:

So hea's da breakdown:


Three Shakas and Bumbye

With da place still having da new car smell, it felt "clean". Da dining area appeared laid out as best as it could be but if it's packed, don't expect to dine in. There are high chairs against da wall for basically a "dine and go" type of thing since you can't sit face to face with your company but da draw back? Da line to order goes right behind your okole. Da table situation is well..... unique. If you're dining in they give you a numbah (pic above) and like da sign says, no be shy and share da tables with strangers... oops, neighbors. We lucked out and had a table of our own but had to wait for it to get cleared off which took waaaaay longer than it should have but wasn't surah if they couldn't handle da traffic or da workers weren't sure of their roles as a couple of them kinda walked aimlessly and nevah "hustle" recognizing a full house. I was still pretty close to my neighbor though.


Three Shakas and Bumbye

Da prices seem to be on da average side for dine in but for take out, it would be considered juuuust a tad high.

Da Keiki had da chocolate chip pancakes which she enjoyed (obviously - wat keiki doesn't enjoy sugar and sugar for breakfast?) but couldn't finish it as it ended up being sugar ovahload. Da pancake was moist but da chocolate chips could have been spread out bettah to even out da bites. Da Wife had da original waffle (whipped cream was $1 extra - WWD! - talk about an absurd profit margin) which was cooked pretty good and moist but $6 for just one regulah flavah plus da whipped cream? Ai-goo :roll: It was tasty though but mo' bettah getting some real food for $7 no? Da Baby had da generic breakfast choice which was nothing special and I had da waffle eggs benedict which was surprisingly good. Da saving grace was da mini waffles it was on instead of da traditional toasted muffin. Da sauce could have been more tasty but not surah how as I felt it was missing an ingredient or two and da potatoes were not seasoned so those who like plain ole' dry potatoes, have at it.

Da damage for da three and a half of us was average but das without any drinks too.


Three Shakas and Bumbye

Da place is worth checking out especially if you're in da mood for something different but don't expect to be "wow'ed" at least with da choices we had. Da prices seem to be on da average side again for dine in but if you take out, can't say it's justified especially if you get pancakes or waffles and it'll end up being soggy wen you eat 'em at home so you get double whammy of paying too much for soggy food. :razz:

I did want to check out da lunch/dinner items so maybe next time as their oddah items sound ono too - especially da ones in da picture-phonics.

If you can get ovah da sharing a table with strangers and trying a new place, definitely check dis place out. Da food was tasty enough but no expect to kanack aftah thus da "mid" rating. Da waffle could have definitely been biggah along with da pancakes but at least they weren't chang with da potatoes even though was dry without seasoning. To put some perspective on it, I ate my plate, more than half of Da Keiki's pancakes, about a quarter of Da Baby's food and few bites of Da Wife's waffles and I could have ate some more fo' kanack......... but not at their price. :grin:


December 2nd, 2014

Ok, try wait, got one shakanack review coming up tomorrow - just putting up da finishing touches.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.... Wassup Wit Dat!

Was going all pupule with da Thanksgiving weekend and da Da Keiki and Da Baby not having school and a sitter last week on Black Friday (btw, anybody score some deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?) then running around finishing errands and slamming as much as we could do in a weekend. Plus I feel like - and moving like one - heavy fruitcake log from all da grindz.

And while we at it, if you picking up some food, feel free to drop some off - might as well continue wat I started. :wink: :wink:

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NOW It's Ok

November 28th, 2014

Black Friday is upon us and let all da Christmas music, lights and festive "gestures" begin!

Hopefully for those who have braved da madness have gotten wat they wanted without too much elbows thrown - I just sat on my okole and was able to get some Black Friday items via online instead..... of course AFTAH Thanksgiving. :grin:

Before you all buck-a-loose, I just wanted to say Mahalos to all those who tune in daily, weekly, monthly wat have you and I sincerely do appreciate it. A BIG Mahalos goes out to those who brave da "wrath of Kwon" (pun for those Trekkies out there) by sharing your comments and scoldings.

WWD! isn't perfect - nor do I claim it to be - but it's just a stocky little braddah sharing his classic misfortunes for those to laugh, shake their heads or just wonder along saying...... Wassup Wit Dat!

So to all those - especially those who have hung around since da inception - I truly am blessed to have you in my "internet" life. Naturally besides being thankful for all our ohana, wat are you thankful for? Have you been a fortunate recipient of good luck which has made you more "thankful" for something you oddahwise wouldn't have been able to? Wat are you most thankful for recently?

If you see me in real life, no scade say wassup cause I no bite..... especially if you're carrying beer. :mrgreen:

Happy Holidays and spock you out next week, next month, wen evah!

Who's Doing Wat?

November 26th, 2014

Ok, so it's da eve of Thanksgiving and we all know by now dat Black Friday is no longer Black Friday as it's already been Black Watevah from at least two weeks ago. From wat I've been hearing, there are way bettah deals happening tomorrow than Friday,

Wassup Wit Dat!

For those who are "traditional", wat are your plans for tomorrow? Are you da cooker? Da eater? Da "Al Bundy" couch slouch? Da football whore? Da go outside and play, come in to eat, go back out to play? Da volunteer? Da chillaxer? Da spock out all da ads you can and plan your route shopper for da madness person?

By da way, I've always wondered wat people cook too? Are you da traditional turkey, stuffing and gravy holiday cooker? Have you done turkey variations like fried, kalua or bbq? Does a special stuffing make its way to da table? Or maybe a special dish dat only comes out during da holidays?

Da Wife is trying something a little different wea instead of buying a whole turkey, we just bought a bone in turkey breast. We were just thinking back to all da times we made turkey for da extended ohana dat da dark meat wasn't always da first choice taken. Plus had gravy and different kine sauces so da meat was nevah "dry". I nevah even knew came li'dat but I'm glad cause I no like da dark meat too much. :grin:

Stay safe out there and enjoy da company around you. Da weather is fantastic - a nice crisp feel - and it totally gets everyone into da mood for da holidays. It's awesome to look up and see baby blue sky, high to no clouds, da shining sun and wispy cool air gracing your face.

Lucky we live Hawai'i, lucky for ohana to share it with - hopefully dis "luck" continues its ripples through da next few weeks of madness.

Happy Gobble Gobble everybodies!