Confusing 'Tone'

October 12th, 2015

In dis day and age of digital conversation, people no talk face to face anymore.

It's such an anomaly dat people can't even look people in da eye wen in person and even moreso feel 'uncomfortable' wen people do. Behind da computah, you can't notice tonal fluctuations, facial expressions nor da evah elusive body language.

As digital evolution has it, wat we have in place now are emoticons to 'express' how one's tone is supposed to come across since we can only literally take it face value. Written sarcasm can't be fully trusted to be sarcasm but you know wen someone is YELLING.

But we are human. We 'read' it as how we perceive da words to be which tends to rub people da wrong way quickly sometimes since, well, we're not face to face.

In business, you need to be especially aware of da ramifications of such 'emotion' whether you know it or not especially if you're a person in position of frequent customer contact and even moreso if you one manager. I was shaking my head at da (redacted) email I recently received:

From: xxxxxxx
Sent: xxxxxxx
To: Lance Kwon
Subject: Address update

Aloha Lance,

Apologize for the multiple responses to your move, but I wanted to double check!!! Did you folks close the Big Island office and move to Oahu or is it still operational and now you’re HQ is Oahu???
Also can you update my info as I have the following in my database for xxxxxxx LLC!
Appreciate the updates and patience :)


Business Development Manager


From: Lance Kwon
Sent: xxxxxxxx
To: xxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Address update

There is a xxxxx Inc. on the Big Island but xxxxxx LLC is a company apart from xxxxxx Inc.

Please remove xxxxxxx as she is with xxxxxxx Inc. The rest are with xxxxxxx LLC.



Aloha Lance,

Appreciate the clarification… both are companies but no longer affiliated???
Have removed xxxxxxx and have her with xxxxxxx, Inc.


You may not have it in caps but when you use three exclamation points in a row along with three question marks in a row, you can't help but interpret dat as 'yelling'. And das coming from a "manager".

Wassup Wit Dat!

And then I started to chuckle cause I was just imagining him if he was standing in front of me face to face saying all dat he wrote above along with wat kine of facial expressions he would have saying things like, "Apologize for the multiple responses to your move, but I wanted to double check!!!"

Picture it for a moment.......... too funny.

Are you an emoticon user? Do you add multiple smiley, sad and angry faces? Wat are your digital pet peeves in regards to "conversation"?

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Survey: 'Healthy' Take Out

October 10th, 2015

Every once in awhile I like to just find out wat everyday people do about a particular subject - today is about "healthy" food tricks.

We all try and eat healthy(ier) but we all know da 'bestest' foods tend not to be healthy at all. From chicken katsu to fried saimin to gravy all, our local kine grindz tend to get da bettah of (most) us.

But those who make a conscience effort in trying to enjoy those kine's of foods still, how do you do it? Da most obvious one - no mattah wat you eat - is moderation and portion control but c'mon, who doesn't go for seconds & thirds at a local kine pot luck or a onolicious buffet? :grin:

Wat you say to dat?

You tinking Wassup Wit Dat! but actually.... Lose Money no? :lol:

Besides denying multiple servings, I've heard of asking for salad dressing on da side, toss salad instead of mac salad, brown instead of white rice, whole wheat/multi-grain instead of white breads, whole wheat pasta instead of white flour based, removing da skin off of fried chicken and even blotting da top of your pizza dry with a napkin to soak up any oil.

Wat do you do wen ordering out? Wat substitutions do you ask for? Wat is one kine of food dat you WON'T substitute for?

Do you still love food?

Gotta Love It

October 8th, 2015

Dis was going to be saved for a FGF post but seeing how I've been so consumed at work needed a quick little pick me up.

I'll be da first one to say dat dis song has been waaaaaay ovah played but it's always fun to see it like dis.......

Now you'd be surprised by how many people were so critical about dis on a popular sporting website as if da world's life depended on it and I couldn't fathom why. One response in particular:

"How is this funny or cute? These kids have been prepped to play football at some level yet as soon as a song comes on they lose control and disregard anything happening on the football field not to mention the fans and I would imagine some parents cheering for it. This is the same mentality we see at least weekly on the news but with higher consequences."

Wassup Wit Dat!

Geez, these are Pee Wee players that'll take a potty break during a game and dis is most definitely just a practice which any experienced football player would be able to distinguish quickly (choke adults standing all around without ref's would kinda give dat away).

Dis is da very reason "innocence" is lost from da game - playing for da love and having fun doing it is robbed wen at dis age it's all about "fun". Granted, dancing during a live play is not really "football" but it surah looked like a lot of fun to me. :grin:

Anyways, stand up now. I know you want to do it.........

Now watch me whip
Now watch me nae nae
Now watch me whip whip
Watch me nae nae


October 5th, 2015

If you haven't heard or read by now, homelessness in Hawai'i nei is straight up pupule!

And we all have varying ideas - and comments - of how it should be handled going as far as "eradication" to literally building them homes to live in..... for free.

Well, you and I will be paying for it but heck, we've been paying for things we don't even know wat da heck we've been paying for approved by our legislature's so wat's da difference?

Now because of da blowup population around Kapalama Canal and da "homeless sweeps", businesses have screamed for help in controlling it and it was handled pretty quick.

How you ask?

By doing wat da City (not surah if da State was involved) does best; create 'roadblocks' and frustrate da crap out of people. :lol:

They went ahead and built a chain-linked fence around Kapalama Canal and while dat may be fine and dandy, how da heck do you build it...... BLOCKING A FIRE HYDRANT?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Seriously? No one thought dat was wrong? No one could even see dat being 'visually' out of place?

Now I'm just taking a blind somewat educated stab at da whole building process but I would assume there must have been some architect dat drew up da plans marking water, gas, fuel lines etc. A boss to approve those plans. Someone in da City Council to approve those plans dat was approved by da architect firm. Someone at da permitting office to view, inspect and approve those approved plans dat was approved by those who want to build it. Da construction crew to view those plans, inspect da groundwork and layout and begin. Da people digging da holes to place da fence posts along with da people who put up da actual chain link and last but not least, da people who approved da whole project to give final inspection and approval which I would assume would be everyone mentioned above.

So you telling me - and I'm just guessing hea - dat between literally da two, three, four dozen people dat reviewed da plans, da actual building of da project and da final inspection dat NO ONE saw dat something was visually amiss between photo shoots and da media circus?

C'mon, are we as 'civilized' people dat ignorant? I am a soldier of work but if something is blatantly 'wrong' I most certainly do speak up and if there's a possibility of something going wrong, I will at da very least inquire as I recite an old carpenter's proverb: measure twice, cut once.

And looking at da pics online (haven't visited Kapalama Canal recently): how da heck are da landscapers dat da City hires able to cut da weeds if there's no access?

And guess who's going to end up paying for all da mistakes?

It certainly won't be da homeless..... they're too busy laughing their okole's off

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How Da Heck?

September 23rd, 2015

Notice anything?

Still don't see it? (working my incognito tailing skills)

How about now?

Tell me, how da heck is a full fledged adult dog - without any "assistance" badging, vest or indicator - able to stroll right into an establishment dat sells food?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Now I can see if dat person just strolled in without someone checking but dis is Sam's Club wea EVERYONE is "ID'd" before entering so someone had to have seen dat labradoodle and if not at da entrance you can't tell me dat zero employees didn't notice dat.

I'd really like to have brought my pit (God bless her soul) to Sam's (anywea for da mattah) but we all know all heck would have broke loose with some people fleeing as if they just seen a shark while swimming just from da sight of her. Would I have even been able to pass da entrance? I can't imagine why not. :roll:

So why was dis labradoodle able to roam around - loosely leashed - so freely and on "sample day"? Wat if I had a leashed rat? Or a leashed mongoose? Or a leashed pig?

Please explain it to me like I'm a gecko.

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