Just My Luck

September 4th, 2015

Who's not excited for an extended weekend? Football is back on tv (Bows FINALLY won a home opener!), bbq grills are being lit up, beach spots are being "reserved" - ah, da life.

Well in Da Kwon household, day off holidays ring in a different tune. It no mattah wat kine holiday it is, if it's a day off, somebody HAS to be sick. Wen you look at a calendar da first thing you spock out is "wen's da holiday?" and start planning something to do. Wen I look at a calendar, I make surah our meds are fully stocked and ready.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Usually it's Da Keiki or Da Baby with an ear infection or viral illness but dis time it's me. I feel like crap right now but gotta suck it up till at least da afternoon to make surah things are taken care of on my end at work. My cubicle neighbor expresses his sentiment to me to go home but I digress cause I can't 'afford' to. In fact, I can't really remembah da last time I took a sick day and if I did it was probably just for a day at most.

Ahhhh, and there lies da conundrum. You battle to go to work, you can still function but probably not 100% and yet your co-workah gives you stink eye, covers his mouth and tries not to breath all da while saying to go home cause s/he no like get sick.

But wen they sick, they do da same thing. :lol: Or some don't. They could have just a cut on their fingah and it's a stay home day.

So wat to do yeah? I can totally see if you hacking away and sniffling non-stop dat dat might be a sign you should rest but those with PTO - instead of dedicated sick leave days - trying to salvage every hour they can no in case of da 'real' emergency. You prefer sick leave or PTO?

I'm not hacking away but my throat and sinuses are killing me. Got my green tea with three li hing mui floating in there. My Halls is at arms reach and I'm cognizant not to touch anything dat could possibly be touched by oddahs. My anti-bacterial bottle is topped off and I'm holed up in my cubicle - now if only there was a bubble to encapsule my cubicle, I'd be fully set.

Enjoy your extended weekend everybodies and hope you have a great time outdoors weather permitting. I'll be thinking of you.

Sadly it was just a mattah of time for me..... being a holiday and all.

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Increasing Your Odds

September 2nd, 2015

If anyone is evah in Vegas, there's absolutely no doubt dat you would do watevah is humanly possibly to increase your odds of winning right?

Would you knowingly increase your odds of serious injury or death to yourself or oddahs?

Das wat I no get with people who have to walk or run on da streets. Seriously, why would you do dat? I've heard a couple of compelling reasons one of which da street is "softer" or dat it is "flatter" both of which I'll unscientifically disagree.

While da streets are asphalt and sidewalks concrete, it's your shoes dat'll cushion your feet so why not spend da bucks and get a bettah pair? As far as it being flatter, da streets are concaved towards da curb for drainage so you're left leg will ALWAYS be slightly higher than your right adding more pressure to your right leg/foot.

With dat being said, wen you stay on da road, you have to still go AROUND parked vehicles and many people do not even take a peak back. Regardless if you 'hug' da parked car, you still sticking out more than da car.

Now why would you want to risk getting hit by a mirror or heaven forbid, being sideswiped by an inattentive drivah? Why would you want to put your self intentionally in front of harm's way?

Around my neighborhood and da morning drop off of Da Keiki and Da Baby, there's a mix of middle age to makule retirees dat do their morning/afternoon walk or run and half of them are on da road. I've witnessed cars swerving, going around (crossing da center line) and oddahs slowing down to da point da vehicles in da rear braking to avoid a rear end collision.

All cause people no like use da sidewalk.

Wassup Wit Dat!

Why would you increase your odds of getting hurt? I'm a risk taker but I try to position myself wea I got some kine of control, wouldn't you?

Let me put it to you anoddah way. Would you tell your son, daughter, niece, nephew or relative to walk on da road instead of da sidewalk everytime and tell them it's safer?

Up and down my street it is generally just the residents but still my head is on a swivel wen I take da rugrats for a bike ride or wagon pull and ONLY on our street or neighboring street wea I am comfortable to know there isn't much traffic and wen I do see a vehicle we literally get off da road and onto da grassy area EVERY time.

But das just me, I know those odds.

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No Capability?

August 31st, 2015

Not surah how many of you live in da Aiea/Pearl City side but yesterday's traffic was just uncalled for.

Aftah driving from Kapolei Costco heading back home shortly before noon, da Pearl City off ramp was all jam up so we decided to go check our PO Box in Aiea.

Big mistake.

We nevah realize was all jam up there too and da radio nevah say anything for choke long time so we nevah know wat da heck was going on oddah than construction.

I going say dis though. How come da City no can send officers to help with da flow of traffic at da bare minimum wen get dis kine traffic stretching way across multiple towns and for miles and endless miles? They can coordinate da traffic to help it flow bettah cause da one thing dat people get disgusted da most about traffic is it NOT moving.

If there's some kine of flow, it is more bearable but wen da traffic lights change multiple times before you can even find room to clear da intersection, das flat out unreal inviting da worse in people to come out.

Bettah yet, instead of paying OT to several dozen officers, why not just pay a handful at watevah control center does da traffic to press some buttons to manage da traffic lights??? I know dis is Hawaii but don't we have dat kine of technology to control da traffic lights? Seriously, we all seen 'em in da movies and da earliest one dat pops into my mind is The Italian Job and dat was back in 2003!

Do we not have dat capability? Dis was yet anoddah case of gridlock with nobody doing anything and wen push comes to shove, people behave in da most selfish ways cause why? They not going get caught and nobody going stop 'em.

Had people driving in da median with OPPOSITE side traffic having da right to their turn but so wat, da jerk off dat got impatient sitting in traffic made up his own rule. Had people cutting in front aftah our entire line was waiting ovah an hour to turn into da Aiea cut off and da drivah in front nevah pay attention and left a small gap which allowed da d!$k to cut in against da several seconds of protesting horns.

See da little runt in front of da van? :mad:

There was dis group of wat appeared to be mainland haoles (by da way they dressed) just starting to walk on da freeway. You heard me, da FREEWAY! There wasn't a sidewalk nor pedestrian access from da direction they was coming from and they nevah even walk closest to da side to avoid any vehicles. Granted, we were all stopped and barely moving but I'm just guesstimating they were in a cab and da meter was running way too high so they just decided to take a stroll in on da freeway knowing 1) they nevah care, 2) they were moving fastah than us and 3) nobody could do anything.

Couldn't whip da camera out in time to get da whole group but I guess they were da only ones to obey da signage: "No Stopping or Standing". :lol:

My absolute favorite is da guy in one older buss up truck squeezing his way through da center median to ack like he was going to help out a stranded vehicle. Pulls along side of them, probably asked them if they needed help to complete da charade then squeezed/forced his way in front of da line right undah da Aiea cut off pedestrian bridge.

Wassup Wit Dat!

On a side note, da plastic bag ban probably helped save us cause our cooler bags came in handy keeping our frozen/cold stuff - along with full blast a/c - for da nearly THREE HOURS we were inching in traffic.

Know any freelance hackers to access da control center?

All Cracked Up

August 26th, 2015

Sad to say but Hawaii has been known as da 'ice capital of da world' and while drug use is prevalent no mattah wea you go in dis country, it is one of those things wea only da user can truly help them self.

Wen it hits home, das wea da chaos becomes catastrophic. Well, das for anoddah blog.

How about wen you have no connection to illegal drugs, nevah taken illegal drugs, nevah used illegal drugs and yet all of a sudden..... I'm a drug dealer?!?

Wassup Wit Dat!

Check out these texts I've received since December 2014.

Now I dunno about you but having to deal with texts is one thing but wen they start to call you and leaving messages to bring food, an extra shirt and wat have you, you realize dat they are in a totally different world and only care about one thing: getting their fix.

Alas, da calls and texts have subsided cause I can only imagine dat they weren't getting their fix quick enough.

Sad to say I guess I suck at being a drug dealer. :grin:

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Same But Different

August 24th, 2015

Just like anything else in life, da world - and people - are forevah changing and evolving. Wassup Wit Dat! is no different.

Wen I was an actual employee of The Honolulu Advertiser about a decade ago, blogging - forums in general - was just taking off. WWD! had a niche and it was all about a local boy being 'allowed' to blog local style - pidgin and all. Naturally I wouldn't be able to have da entire blog in pidgin although those who've met me would disagree by da way I talk but you end up getting da essence of it through all da Engrish.

As da 'voice' of WWD!, those who've stuck by WWD! since da beginning - or in its infancy stage - dis nearly decade long journey know dat no punches are held in all kine's of topics. Basically it's things dat I noticed, or more realistically, happen to me personally and as readers, most can relate or just need a laugh or someone to point da fingah to, shake their head and say babooze to.

In dis day and age wea EVERY article, forum and social media has a "comment section", it's evolution dat people will become more bold and some have their true colors come about albeit in cyberspace.

It's pretty cool dat WWD! is still able to have faithful Kwonics (those who read and post frequently), Lanceformers (those who read when they can post once in awhile) and of course all of our favorites, da Lurkahs (those who just read but no like share). :grin:

FYI - those nicknames were actually bestowed upon WWD! by our very own readers (nominated and voted) within a few months of da blog starting and it's stuck evah since which is very cool.

For those who have ventured into dis arena, I sincerely apologize in not 'officially' welcoming you as I have done since, well, forevah but E Komo Mai to WWD! to all those who have braved coming out of Lurkahville and becoming a Lanceformer.

Dis is actually to all our newbie Lurkah's out there as a heads up as to wat WWD! is all about. You'll come to realize dat my mo'olelo's dat I share is not my own, it's yours as well. We've all probably experienced it but luck will have it dat it seems to happen to me more often than most and I'm just willing to share 'publicly'. :lol:

Wen I get da time WWD! also has Shakanack reviews (which I haven't done in CHOOOOKE long time) and even lost da Pidgin/Hawaiian Word of Da Day. :cry: But I'll work hard on bringing those back for surah.

For those who've weathered da changes and stuck with WWD!, much mahalos for your loyalty. It really does mean a lot to me even though I may or may not know it.

Bottom line, WWD! is hea for you to share and enjoy too. For da most part, no 'regulating' is necessary as we are all mature enough to keep dat kine of crap out of WWD!. Surah we get da kine boneheaded responses from time to time but it's neat to see Da WWD! Hui come to da rescue.

I hope to see more and more people post as it is always fun and interesting to interact. As mentioned countless times, while I may not be able to respond to every comment as I used to before, I still do read each and every single one.... and so do oddahs.

While gone are da days of da twenty, thirty, forty+ comments - I'll continue to post until there's no more aloha and I do hope you enjoy WWD! enough to stick around.

P.S. - I still have NOT forgotten those who I owe custom t-shirts to. I have your emails and I will reach out once I'm ready to get those out to you.

Mahalo again and E Komo Mai to all new and 'old'. lol

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